Are Great Britain and
the United States JOSEPH?


JOSEPH (meaning "Adding") named the YUSEF channel while in Egypt (9:40, B2). Later he was taken "away into Assyria, and placed ... in Halah and in Habor by the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes" (2 Ki.17:6). One province in Persia is still called JOSEHEKAN (21:194). The "J" sound was dropped from "JOSEPH" resulting in the ISFAHAN province of Persia (21:194) and ASPASIACAE tribe (20:870d; Strabo 11:513) that named ASOP India (14:376, E6), ASPADANA Persia (14:869d), the ASPABOTA town and ASPASIO mountains in inner Scythia (Ptolemy ch.14) and the ASPIONUS satrapy in Bactria owned by Parthians (5:281). Another tribe of Joseph was the "ARIMASPI" (Her.3:116; 4:27; Brit.2:491c).

Julius Caesar reported the USIPETES crossing the Rhine into Gaul (Gallic Wars 4:1). Tacitus mentions the USIPII on the Rhine. Later we find the USIPETES (Usipes, Usipii) tribe in Flanders (Brit.4:940). In Cumberland is the town of ASPATRIA (9:412, 1B3) and ASPENDEN, Herts. (9:424, 4B3). In France is the ASPE River (3:493a), ASPELT, Luxemburg (3:668, H4), ASPEREN, Holland (13:588, B3), ASPERG, Germany (13:570d), ASPERN Austria (2:767b), ASPET, France (10:778, E6), ASPULL, Lancashire (16:139, C2). All these names could derive from JOSEPH.

God gave "to Abraham and his seed forever" certain special and unique blessings, exclusively. Those blessings are enjoyed exclusively today by the British and Americans. Therefore, the British and Americans must be the seed of Abraham.

Is EPHRAIM England?

In Deuteronomy 33:17 we read that "Joseph ... is like the firstling of his BULLOCK, and his horns are like the horns of a WILD OX." Therefore, Malachi 4:2 says, "You (Israel) shall go forth and grow up as calves (AEGLI) of the stall." Jeroboam was an Ephraimite (of Joseph). "The AEGLE of Samaria shall be broken in pieces" (Hos. 8:6). Joseph had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Jeremiah 31:18 compares EPHRAIM to a BULLOCK (AEGEL). In Hosea 10:11 we read that EPHRAIM is as an HEIFER." The Hebrew word for "HEIFER" is "EGLAH" (#5697 of Strong's). The Massa-getae became known by the two main branches of their race -- EGLAI and ANGAI. The two names were combined to form the name ANGLES. ANGLELAND, we know from the old Angle songs, lay just west of the Gothic empire whose borders extended from Moesia to the Baltic in 325 A.D., and its capital being on the Vistula. When the ANGLES came to Britain, they gave their new home the name ANGELN, even to ANGLESEY. The nickname for the English is "John BULL." The place they had recently left was ANGLIN, in Jutland; we also come across ENGELHOLM in the Cattegat and ENGELN in Sweden. There is a people called by Herodotus the AEGLI, who appeared in Bactria and close to the Sacoe (Herod. 3:92, Rawlinson, app. bk 7, essay 1). They were sometimes known as AGGAI where the first "G" in Greek has the sound of "N", and so the word AGGAI becomes ANGAI. Hannay says their real name was ANGAI. There were Sar-ANGAI and Dar-ANGAI. Hannay suggests both the ANGAI and AEGLI were the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, both derived from ENGLI -- one with a soft "G", the other hard. Two of the places where Israelites dwelt were contiguous, called PARTHIA and BUKHARA, "PAR" is #6499 meaning "a bullock, ox, calf" and "BEKORAH" is #1062 meaning "birthright, firstborn" (of man or beast). That Nestorians are Israelites is proven by Dr. Asahel Grant in his work on the Nestorians. He says, "No sooner is Armenia entered than we come to the river ENGL, a town ANGL, a town and mountain SAKH -- all testifying to the passage by Lake Van of the ENGLS. And in these Armenian mountains are the villages of the Sassun . The Irish name or term of contempt for the hated English is the "Sassanachs." The dynasties of the Arsacid and the Sassun of later Persia and Parthia were Israelitish. The ANGLES, Saxons and Jutes were Germanic tribes living in Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony, and Jutland, together called "OLD ENGLAND" by Bede. When the ANGAI came to England, they formed the kingdom known as EAST ANGLIA. Mercia and Northumbria also absorbed ANGLES (p.166, Langer). Nennius says ANGLES came from Denmark and settled in KENT (p. 22 History Of Britons) . This is where the name ENGLAND came from. ENGLAND is Ephraim -- a heifer or EGLA. The expression "children of the Most High" (Ps.82:6) is translated into the Talmudically authorized Aramaic as "ANGLI." The ANGLI were also known as AEGLI (in Hebrew "bull-calfs") and AEGEL in Hebrew is a nick-name applied to Ephraim. "I have surely heard Ephraim bemoaning himself thus; thou hast chastised me and I was chastised, like an untrained BULL-CALF" (AEGEL) (Jer.31:18). When transcribing Greek into English, remember to transcribe the enga as "n." So γγ would become "ng," not "gg." And γκ becomes "nk," not "gk." A γ (gamma) always becomes an enga ("n" sound) when it immediately precedes another palatal.

The Hebrew name EPHRAIM is almost identical to the English word HEIFER. EPHRAIM was taken captive "unto Halah (Holman), and Habor (Khabur), and Harah (Aria, Ariana, Arachosia, Harat), and to the river Gozan (Gauzanitis, Ouzan R., Cyrus R.)" (1 Chr.5:26) "and in the cities of the Medes" (2 Ki.17:6). In SOGDIANA Ptolemy mentions the AUGALI (6:12) and we later find the town of SEGODUNUM in France (Ptol.2:6). From Ephraim's son ERAN came the names IRAN and ARIANA. Coming to Europe he may have named Ireland --EIRNE. Another son called BECHER gave his name to BACTRIANA. Migrating to N.W. Europe they became known as the BRUCTERI tribe (23:648, C1). TAHAN (Nu.26:35) or TAHATH (1 Chr.7:20) became the DAHAN tribe (21:202d) in DAHAE. Migrating to Europe they were known as TEUTONES (Pliny 4:14). The DAETYCHAE of India (Ptolemy 7:1) and DAUCHITAE of LIBYA (Ptol.4:6) became the DEUTSCH of Germany and DUTCH of Netherlands. From the BARADAN plains of Turkish Asia (5:43d) and BARDSIR Persia (21:188,C3), BERED migrated to BREDA Holland (4:486b), BREDOW Germany (4:487a), BARDOWIECK Germany (3:396d) BARDSEY Island Wales (3:396d)and BORDEAUX France (4:244a). Another brother BERIAH of the BARAAN District Persia (14:867d) can be identified as the BARAEI people of Colchis and Iberia (Aelian. de Anim. 10:22) and possibly the BURGUNDIANS of France. From the SUTLEJ River India (14:376, D5), SHUTELACH crossed through the SHETLIB Pass in Caucasia (23:874, B2) migrating to SHETTLESTON Scotland (24:418, C3) and the SHETLAND Islands above Scotland. LONDON was known to the Celts as CAIR LUD meaning "walled city of ELAD" after another son. ZEBED gave his name to ZUBED Arabia. Migrating to Europe he may have named SABDEN, Lancashire (16:139 (D1). From EZER came ESSERT France (3:667b). "They call their lands after their own names" (Ps.49:11).

A British Company

In Genesis 35:11 God said to Jacob, "a COMPANY of NATIONS shall be of thee." The British Empire was actually a large TRADING COMPANY. Although "BUSINESS" is not the meaning of the Hebrew word, it is a strange coincidence that this "GROUP" of NATIONS should also be a large COMPANY. The Virginia Company harvested TOBACCO in AMERICA; The Hudson Bay Company trapped BEAVER for pelts in CANADA; the BARBADOS Company exported MOLASSES; the East India Company traded in COTTON, SILK, SPICES and SALTPETER from INDIA; the AUSTRALIAN and the NEW ZEALAND Company exported WOOL while the British SOUTH AFRICA Company mined DIAMONDS and GOLD. Britain MONOPOLIZED the shipping and the manufacture of goods in exchange for the raw materials of the colonies. Otherwise the dominions for the most part defended, supported and governed themselves freely. Unlike previous empires which were held together by military might alone, the BRITISH EMPIRE was primarily an ECONOMIC partnership. Never before in world history has there been an empire comprising 13,355,426 square miles, one quarter of the globe and commanding the allegiance of 500,000,000 people or one quarter of the human race by 1940.

Isaiah 9:21 says, "Manasseh, Ephraim; and Ephraim, Manasseh; and they together against Judah." This verse seems to imply rivalry such as the War of the Roses, the Civil War in England, the American War of Independence and the War of 1812. Britain and America have also had their economic rivalries.

Is MANASSEH the United States?

In Deuteronomy 33:17 we read that "Joseph ... is like the firstling of his BULLOCK, and his horns are like the horns of a WILD OX." Joseph had two sons, Ephraim and MANASSEH. Jeremiah 31:18 compares Ephraim to a BULLOCK (AEGEL). In Hosea 10:11 we read that Ephraim is as an HEIFER." The Hebrew word for "HEIFER" is "EGLAH" (#5697 of Strong's). Rawlinson says a people called the EGLI, by Herodotus, appeared in Bactria and close to the Sacoe. Later the MASSA-GETAE became known by the two main branches of their race -- EGLAI and ANGAI. The two names were combined to form the name ANGLES. The ANGLES, Saxons and Jutes were Germanic tribes living in Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony, and Jutland, together called "OLD ENGLAND" by Bede. When the ANGAI came to England, they formed EAST ANGLIA. The majority of Cromwell's Puritans came from EAST ANGLIA. It became the one region of England where Roundheads (Puritans) were at all times the majority over the Cavaliers. This Puritan branch "ram over the wall" (Gen. 49:22) into North America. About two-thirds of Americans who can trace their ancestry to New England are actually from EAST ANGLIA (Weyl's Geography of American Achievement, p.97). Today fifty million Americans claim English ancestry.

In the land of captivity MANASSEH was known as MASSANI, a nation at the mouth of the Indus (Strabo map 12) and MASSAGETAE, a people of Scythia (p.360, Lemprierre) and the MARCOMANNI (Macir Manasseh)

of Bohemia and MARCIANS of Germany. He also migrated west to the MAINZ District of Germany with its MAENUS River,now called the MAIN. Tacitus reported that the Germans descended from MANNUS (Ger.2). Tacitus mentions the USIPII on the Rhine. There are 49 million Germans in the United States today.

The sea migration from Manasseh's "DOR and her towns" (Joshua 17:11) took Manasseh's son MACHIR -- the MACHRYES and MACCURAE -- to Libya (Ptolemy 4:3) and then these DORIANS sailed to Tartessus (Ammianus Marcellinus 15:19) where we find the Port of Menasseh or MENESTHEUS PORTUS (Strabo 2:17) and MINIUS River (Ptolemy 2:5) both in Spain, then to Scotland where we find MACHIR Bay, Scotland and MACHRIHANISH, Scotland and the MacMANUS clan. HELEK (Num.26:30) named HALKIRK Scotland. CALEDONIA may come from GILEAD a son of MACHIR. There are ten million Scotch in the United States.

MANASSEH may have given his name to MASSILIA (now Marseilles) and AMIENS France (11:834) and one of his sons called GILEAD became the GALATAE in Gaul. A son of MACHIR was named PERESH (1 Chr. 7:16) and Pliny mentions the PHARUSI coming from Persia to the Atlas mountains (5:8:46). Did they name PARIS France? MACHIR probably migrated from the MAKRAN Province in Baluchistan Persia (21:188 , CD3) and the city of MARACANDA (Strabo map 12) and became the AMARIACAE (Ptol.6:2) of Asia. Did these people migrate to ARMORICA (Aram Macir) France and then to "AMERICA"? There are thirteen million French in the United States today.

Manasseh's son SHECHEM (Num.26:31) became the SICAMBRI in Gelderland, Netherlands; PERESH (1 Chr. 7:16) became FRISIANS of Holland. GEBER (1 Kings 4:7,13) migrated to Holland as the GUBERNI (Pliny 4:17). Today over six million Dutch live in the United States.

SHEMIDA (1 Ch. 7:19) may have named the SIMODAL River in Norway (12:941b). There are over three million Norwegians in the United States today.

HELEK (Nu. 26:30) may have named HALKIN Wales and HEPHER (Num.26:32) named HAFREN River in Wales. There are almost two million Welsh in America.

JEEZER may have named the JESSORE district in India (15:337a) and the IAZYGES tribe and the JAZZI Mt. Switzerland. Eldad Ha-Dani says Manasseh was in the land of the CHAZARS (Jewish Encyc. 5:91). Maybe the name CHAZAR came from JEEZER. (See Yair Davidy's Lost Israelite Identity and The Tribes for more.)

In Genesis 12:2-3, God tells Abraham, I will make of thee a GREAT nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name GREAT; and thou shalt
be a blessing. And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee, and in thee shall all families of the earth be BLESSED."
This was a birthright promise to Abraham's race. But the UNITED STATES is truly GREAT. Never before has there been a Republic so great with an area of 3,738,395 square miles and a population of 270,029,000 (1998). Together with the British Empire, the English-speaking race at its height controlled one third of the earth and one third of its population. (The earth is 51,340,800 sq. miles.) England established 60 colonies and not one was ever lost during her "golden age" except America to fulfill prophecy: "The children (colonies) whom thou shalt have, after thou hast LOST the OTHER, shall say again in thine ears, The place is too narrow for me; give a place to me that I may dwell" (Isa.49:20).

America was also MORALLY GREAT: Puritans rejected Papal idolatry and the cross symbol. They taught that every man has a right to own a Bible and form his own conclusions about what it says rather than follow a church hierarchy. They believed that government powers were limited by the rights of the individual. "The stern Puritans at Plymouth, imbued with the ... Old Testament, abhorred the celebration of the orthodox holidays. Their worship was on the Sabbath (Saturday), rather than Sunday, and Christmas ... they considered a pagan celebration." (A History Of The True Religion, p.265, Dugger and Dodd). In New England, "Blasphemers and homosexuals faced execution" (p.41, The Rise & Fall of the Br. Empire, by L. James). Puritanical ideals forbade atheists and drunkards from voting or holding office (p. 347, A History of England by Goldwin Smith).

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