Is Wales SIMEON?

Of the five tribes that showed population decreases during the 40 years of wandering, the tribe of SIMEON lost the most -- about two-thirds of the entire tribe (compare Num.1 with 26). They probably migrated to the east coast of Britain where we find the SIMENI (Ortelius 1595). What was left of SIMEON (lit. "Hearing') was later taken captive "unto Halah (Holman), and Habor (Khabur), and Harah (Aria, Ariana, Arachosia, Harat), and to the river Gozan (Gauzanitis, Ouzan R., Cyrus R.)" (1 Chr.5:26). From SAMANGULI Baluchistan and SAMNAN Persia came the SAMNITAE tribe (Ptol.6:14) to Italy and to Gaul (Ptol.2:7) and the SEMNONES tribes to UMBRIA Italy and E. Germany (Ptol.2:10). Tacitus mentions the SEMNONES in Brandenburg. The Galli SENONES took Rome and settled in Umbria. They were the SEMNONES of Germany because Pausanias 1:4 says that the Gauls who took Rome, came from the borders of the Eridanus. The Welsh are called SEMONI in Welsh Triads and Irish literature, and the Fir Bolg who, in Irish mythology, settled in Ireland and Britain had SEMUEN son of Isru (i.e. Israel) as their ancestor. The SAMNITES lived on the west coast of France (Ptolemy 2:7). They named the SAMONIUM Promontory of Crete SEMENCE River France, SEMNON River France and SIMMEN Thal Nieder Valley Switzerland, SIMONBURN Northumbria, SIMONSIDE Mt. Northumbria, SIMONSTAD Norway, SIMONSTONE Lancashire, SIMONSTORP Sweden, SOMMEN Sweden.

Simeon's sons were NEMUEL (or JEMUEL -- Gen.46:10), JAMIN, JACHIN, ZERAH (or ZOHAR -- Gen.46:10), OHAD and SHAUL (Num.26:12-13). NEMUEL became the NAMNETAE and NEMETES of France (Ptol. 2:7-8) and NIMAGNI of Britain (Ortelius). Ptolemy mentions the ZEIRITAE (6:7), ZARATAE (6:14), and ZARIASPAE (6:11) of Persia. The Drangians were called ZARANKA in Darius and SARANGIANS in Herodotus 3:93,117; 7:67. From ZARABAD Persia, Simeon's son ZERAH may have migrated to ZARA Austria. Ptolemy 2:2 mentions the ICENI from JACHIN in east Britain. The SALATERAE (Ptol.6:11) of Persia from Simeon's son SHAUL may have became the SILURES of Wales and SILINGAE of Germany (Ptol.2:10). Ptolemy 2:9 mentions the SALYES of France from SHAUL. He also named the SELE Pass in the Alps. Another son JACHIN named JICIN Austria and JOCH pass in the Alps. JAMIN named the JAMAN Pass and JAMAN Peak Switzerland. OHAD is the CHAEDINI of Western Scandinavia (Ptol. 2:10).

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