Is ASHER Belgium & South Africa?


The Israelite tribe of ASHER (meaning "Happy") was taken captive "unto Halah (Holman), and Habor (Khabur), and Harah (Aria, Ariana, Arachosia, Harat), and to the river Gozan (Gauzanitis, Ouzan R., Cyrus R.)" (1 Chr.5:26).

Strabo then mentions the AORSI between the Black and Caspian Seas. Ptolemy 3:5 locates the AORSI between the Baltic and the Ural Mts. Ptolemy mentions the OSERIATES in Yugoslavia (2:13). Their sea route from captivity took them first to Chittim. Ezekiel 27:6 mentions that ASHER had a colony in the islands of Chittim which were Cyprus and islands around Italy. Anciently we find that the ASSERINI were a people of Sicily and AESAR, or AESARAS, was a river of Magna Graecia in southern Italy (Ovid's Meta. 15:28). AESERNIA was a city of the Samnites in Italy (Livy 27:12; Sil.8:567). Trojan settlers who camped at the mouth of the Don were called AES or AESIR and named the Sea of AESOV. They became the SVEAR of Sweden. The prologue to the Norse Prose Edda says WODIN or ODIN was descended by eighteen generations from THOR (who ruled Thracia) the grandson of PRIAM, King of Troy. Judah begot Dardanus who's fifth generation descendant was PRIAM of Troy. ODIN migrated from Turkey to a city on the east of the Tanais, called ASGARD, and a country called ASALAND which may imply the city and land of the Asoe or Asians. From there he moved to Jutland, then the Island of Funen, where he built the city of ODENSEE. Then he migrated to Sweden. ODIN'S sons became the kings of Saxland, Westphalia. Frankland, Denamark, Svithiod (Sweden), and Norway. They were known as Sicambrians from Sacae Omri, the Ynling royalty of Sweden from one son called Yngvi, Skjoldungian royalty of Denmark from another son called Skjold, and Franks from Phrygia. These are therefore descendants of Trojan Judah (Teutonic Mythology by Rydberg). The badge of the royal families of the northern nations is the lion, the symbol of Judah. Odin's name is Hebrew "Adon" meaning "Master." He established a supreme council of twelve judges.

Sir Henry Rawlinson said that the Scandinavians are believed to have come from MEDIA. They venerated ASGARD (ASAGARTA) which was a MEDIAN province (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society vol. 11 ch. 6, 61). "The cities of the Medes" (2 Ki. 17:6) were where Israelites were taken captive. A tribe called "ASIR" migrated from ASGARD in ASALAND (otherwise known as European Scythia) to Denmark. They passed from Sweden to Norway and then these ASIR migrated to Britain (Hannay's European And Other RaceOrigins, pp.262-263). Yes, "The merchants of ASHER worked the tin mines of Cornwall, not as slaves, but as masters and exporters" (William Camden's Britannia).

They migrated to Belgium also. ASHER yields "royal delights" (Gen.49:20). Belgium is the world's leading exporter of industrial DIAMONDS and gets its supply from the Belgian Congo. Antwerp firms produce almost 60% of the world's finished DIAMONDS. Belgians also settled in South Africa as Boers, Afrikaaners or Dutch. It is interesting that 80% of the world's GOLD, 76% of its CHROME, 96% of its PLATINUM, 80% of its MANGANESE and VANADIUM and about 45% of its URANIUM are produced in South Africa. Rhodesia also became a colony. Of all the first world, western democracies, South Africa has certainly been criticized most. "In 1961 ... South Africa withdrew from the Commonwealth of Nations due to opposition among that body to apartheid policies ... The United Nations repeatedly condemned apartheid, and many multinational organizations were pressured to withdraw from South Africa" (18:83 Acad. Amer. Encyc.). Moses was worried about ASHER being rejected by his brothers and so said, "let him be acceptable to his brethren."

ASHER's sons were IMNAH, ISHVAH, ISHVI and BERIAH. IMNAH became the MENAPII of Belgium (Ptol.2:8) who gave their name to MONS Belgium. ISHVAH and ISHVI became the SUEVI of Germany (Strabo's map 6). BERIAH became the BURGUNTAE (Beriah Goi) of Germany (Ptol.2:10). BERIAH 'S great grandson was named ROHGAH (1 Chr.7:34) who became the German tribe of RUGII (Bede 5:9). The isle of RUGEN in the Baltic and ROGALAND Norway also are namesakes of ROHGAH.

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