Proof For Noah's Flood

What Was The Pre-Flood World Like?

According to Carl Baugh, a water canopy created double the atmospheric pressure to what we have today. It blocked UV radiation completely. Lead, concrete and water all stop X-rays, so this canopy prevented X-rays from entering. Super-cooled ice was magnetically held up -- Meisner Effect. The percent of oxygen in the atmosphere was greater than today (78% nitrogen & 21% oxygen is today's level). Breathing pure oxygen gives you more energy which is why there are oxygen bars. The electro-magnetic field around the earth was much greater than today. "Earth's magnetic strength has declined 10% in the last 150 years" (Astronomy and the Bible, Donald DeYoung, p.18). and 40% of its strength in the last 1000 years. Earth's magnetic field is therefore getting weaker, allowing more radiation to get through (In Carl Baugh's model, 5 gauss of DC pulsed electro-magnetic energy were used as opposed to less than one today). This resulted in larger living creatures and longer life. This tripled the lifespan of fruit flies; Pirhanna fish have grown much bigger than normal and the snake's venom has been altered in 4 weeks. Water Moccasins after two weeks in a hyperbaric chamber were not poisonous. Hyperbaric chambers have successfully treated MS, leprosy, cerebral palsey, stroke and autism among other maladies. Professional sports players who have been injured, recover twice as fast in hyperbaric chambers. Wounds heal in minutes rather than days.

Giants Violate the Square-Cube Law

According to the Square-Cube Law, if you double the height, width and length of a human, you increase the surface area only 4 times but you increase the volume he holds 8 times. This is good if a person is living in the arctic and needs to conserve heat. This is bad if he lives in the desert and needs to quickly expell heat. With regard to breathing and digestion, the surface area must be increased in proportion to volume. The intestine is not one big vat, it is a long, narrow tube with a complex surface area to maximize surface area in a given volume. The lung is not a sac, it is a convoluted set of smaller and smaller tubes. Both of these life-sustaining systems pack as much tissue into a given volume in order to better absorb oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, according to this Square-Cube Law, a 20-foot tall giant is impossible.

Furthermore, the mass of the human will be 8 times greater. Thus, leg bones as well as other bones would need to be considerably thicker. This would alter the human form dramatically to accommodate the increased size. The person would no longer look human. But this mathematical reasoning assumes that the atmosphere was the same in the past that it is today.

We see fossils of a 15-foot tall CAMEL near the north pole, huge forests in Antarctica, a DRAGONFLY fossil with a 3-foot wingspan and a hornless RHINOCEROS 18 feet tall and 30 feet long (Nebraska). An 18 inch long COCKROACH, 8.5 foot long CENTIPEDE fossil found in Thueringen Germany. Surface area to volume ratio prohibits that size today but more air pressure anciently allowed it. Skeptics are "willingly ignorant" of this evidence (2 Pet. 3:5). A 2-foot-long GRASSHOPPER, a 60-foot tall CATTAIL. A DONKEY 9 feet tall at the shoulder found in Lubbock Texas. BUFFALO horns found with 12-foot span. Fossils of BEAVERS over 8 feet long. SHARKS were 80 feet plus before the flood. On display at Yale Museum, New Haven, Connecticut is a TURTLE 14 feet long. "Like all reptiles, it grows throughout its life" (Holt Earth Science, 1991, p.293). Therefore, dinosaurs are merely long-lived lizards and reptiles. Amos 2:9 says, "Yet destroyed I the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars, and he was as strong as the oaks" (Amos 2:9). A cedar tree is 35 feet tall. Yes, human beings were "GIANTS in those days." If Noah was at least 12 feet tall, then the ark built by his cubit (fingertip to elbow) would be much bigger than today's reconstructions. The canopy of ice above earth made the gospel message audible since each constellation had a different radio frequency which, like a crystal radio, caused ice crystals to vibrate.

Preflood Artifacts?

Anomalies have been found in coal such as metallic tubes (France), an iron pot (Oklahoma), a 7" bell with a pagan god on top made from a brass and bronze alloy that contained arsenic, sodium and antimony (W. Virginia), a decorative vase of exquisite workmanship, a gold chain, and an iron hammer (Texas) that was forged when .47 sulfur, 2% chlorine and 96.6 % iron could combine as an alloy (due to pre-flood atmosphere). Huge megalithic stone blocks and highly precise stone masonry have been found which we are unable to lift, let alone duplicate even today. An ancient spark plug found inside a stone. Ancient metal springs 1/10,000th of an inch in diameter found in Russia. Coins, pottery and inscriptions from languages unknown found all across the globe indicating worldwide travel. Skeptics are "willingly ignorant" of this evidence (2 Pet. 3:5).

Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory

The pre-flood earth probably had one very large super-continent containing lush vegetation. Seas, rivers and minor mountains. According to the Hydroplate Theory, the pre-flood earth had alot of subterranean water -- about half of what is now in our oceans. This water was in interconnected chambers forming a thin spherical shell about 1/2 mile thick -- perhaps ten miles below the earth's surface. Increasing pressure in the subterranean water chamber stretched the overlying crust just as a balloon stretches when the pressure inside increases. Failure in the crust began with a microscopic crack which grew in both directions at about three miles per second. The crack, following the path of least resistance, encircled the globe in about two hours. As the crack raced around the earth, the overlying crust opened up like a rip in a tightly-stretched cloth. The subterranean water was under extreme pressure because of the weight of the ten miles of rock pressing down on it. So the water exploded violently out of the rupture. Calculations show that all along this globe-encircling crack, fountains of water jetted supersonically over 20 miles into the atmosphere. The spray from this enormous fountain produced torrential rains such as the earth has never experienced before or after. The Bible states that all the fountains of the deep burst open on one day and it describes these events about 4500 years ago which we can now tie together scientifically in cause and effect order as the Hydroplate Theory.

The fountains of the great deep and the expanding steam produced violent winds. Some of the water jetting high above the cold stratosphere froze into super-cooled ice crystals and produced some massive ice-dumps -- burying, suffocating and instantly freezing many animals. The high pressure fountains eroded the rocks on both sides of the crack and even threw up the limey contents of many pre-flood seas. Huge volumes of sediments settled out of this muddy water all over the earth. The sediments trapped and buried plants and animals forming the fossil record. The flooding uprooted vegetation, movingit to regions where it accumulated and quickly became coal and oil by processes we can duplicate in the laboratory today. Experiments show that as erosion widened the rupture, its width became so great that the compressed rock beneath the subterranean chambers sprung upward giving birth to the mid-Oceanic Ridge that wraps around the earth like a seam of a baseball.

The continental plates, the hydroplates, still with lubricating water beneath them, slid downhill, away from the rising mid-Atlantic Ridge. After the massive, slowlyaccellerating, continental plates reached speeds of about 45 miles per hour, they ran into resistances, compressed, crushed, thickened and buckled. The portions of the hydroplates that buckled up formed mountains. Those that buckled down formed ocean trenches. This is why these features are generally parallel to the oceanic ridges from which they slid.

The hydroplates in sliding away from the oceanic ridges, opened up very deep ocean basins into which the flood waters retreated. Every continental basin was left naturally brim full of water producing many post-flood lakes. Each lake that grew from rainfall or drainage from higher elevations, , spilled over its rim at the lowest point of its rim. That eroded the little notch in the rim, allowing even more water to flow through. the notch faster, cutting the soft,flood-deposited sediments deeper. This process accellerated until all the lake's water dumped through a very deep slit forming a canyon. The largest of these was the Grand Canyon. North and east of the Grand Canyon was a huge lake that I have identified and named Grand Lake. Its dumping released more water than is in all five of the great lakes combined. Grand Lake spilled over its rim, eroded its dam, 20 miles south of Page Arizona, catastrophically forming the Grand Canyon within a few weeks.(-- Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory).

As the basalt bulges up in the mid-Atlantic ridge, it's going to get cracks in it and it's also going to slide the superimposing plates away from the bulge. They slide till they run into something else and that would explain the compressed mountains we see. For instance, British Columbia where the mountains are smashed from the end. It's like somebody pushed carpet up against the wall causing it to wrinkle. When the basalt cracked, the water rushed into the crack, cooling it down, and cool rock holds a magnetic field unlike hot rock which loses its magnetic field. Therefore, when they found what they said were magnetic reversals at the bottom of the ocean floor,they wereactually finding the old cracks where the basalt broke which resulted in warmer and cooler areas due to water rushing in -- not magnetic reversals. Those cracks are now probably all full of sediments.

As the plates slid, some plates were sucked under -- called plate seduction. Plates tend to be sucked down. Stir pudding up and it gets a film on top. If you push in on the pudding, it'll sink to the bottom and drag the rest of the sheet with it. Magma from a volcano does the same thing. When it cools down, the lava gets a hard crust and then if it sinks in in one place, it will drag the whole sheet of magma lava with it. This probably also happened during the flood.

The continents are eroding. When it rains, you have landslides, mudslides, erosion, mass wasting, ground creep -- all those things are happening continually. This mud is going to wash into the ocean. Thus, two things are happening -- mountains are getting shorter and oceans are filling in. At the current rate of erosion, the continents are going to erode flat in 14 million years. So the evolutionists have a serious problem. They have to explain two things: Why aren't the oceans full of mud since there are only a few thousand years worth of mud in the oceans? And why haven't the mountains eroded away yet?

There's not much question that plates are moving. But it doesn't prove they've always been moving and it doesn't prove the rate has always been the same as we see today. The continental drift theory is designed to avoid two problems for the evolutionist. 1. The magnetic field is getting progressively weaker and 2. There is very little sediment in the ocean. Therefore the earth is not billions of years old.

The Ark Has Been Found in Turkey

Noah's Ark Facts:

1. It is in the shape of a ship, with a pointed bow and rounded stern and made of wood.

2. The exact length as recorded in the Bible, 515 feet or 300 Egyptian cubits. (Egyptian, not Hebrew, cubit was known to Moses who studied in Egypt and then wrote the Genesis account.)

3. It agrees with the biblical account of the location: "The ark rested . . . upon the mountains of Ararat" Genesis 8:4. (Ararat is the ancient country of Urartu which covered this region.)

4. Lab analysis proves it contains petrified wood.

5. It contains high-tech metal alloy fittings, as proven by separate lab analyses paid for by Ron Wyatt, then performed later by Kevin Fisher. Aluminum and titanium were found in the fittings which are MAN-MADE metals!

6. Vertical rib timbers on its sides, comprising the skeletal superstructure of a ship. Regular patterns of horizontal and vertical deck support beams are also seen on the deck of the ark.

7. Flavius Josephus' says "Its remains are shown there by the inhabitants to this day." This agrees with the fact that there is an occupied ancient village at the ark site at 6,500 ft. elevation.

8. Dr. Bill Shea, archaeologist found an ancient pottery sherd within 20 yards of the ark which has a carving on it that depicts a bird, a fish, and a man with a hammer wearing a headdress that has the name "Noah" on it. In ancient times these items were created by the locals in the village to sell to visitors of the ark. The ark was a tourist attraction in ancient times and today.

9. Recognized by Turkish Government as Noah's Ark National Park and a National Treasure. Official notice of its discovery appeared in the largest Turkish newspaper in 1987. A Visitors' Center (shown above) built by the government to accommodate tourists illustrates the site's importance.

10. Hanging from the rear of the ark to steady its ride were large anchor stones that have been found near the ark and in the village Kazan, 15 miles away.

11. The ark rests upon Cesnakidag (or Cudi Dagi) Mountain, which is translated as "Doomsday" Mountain.

12. Dr. Salih Bayraktutan of Ataturk University stated, "It is a man made structure, and for sure it's Noah's Ark." Common Sense. This same article also states "The site is immediately below the mountain of Al Judi, named in the Qur'an as the resting place of the Ark." (Houd Sura 11:44)

13. Radar scans show a regular pattern of timbers inside the ark formation, revealing keels, keelsons, gunnels, bulkheads, animal chambers, ramp system, door in right front, two large barrels in the front 14' x 24', and an open center area for air flow to all three levels.


Where Does the Ice Age Fit Into The Bible

There certainly was an ice age. There's not much question. Ice came all the way down to Kansas City, Missouri (Extent of Ice Age, Scott Foresman, Earth Science, 1990, p.316). When ice pushes out, it piles up a bunch of rocks in front of it. When the ice moves back or retreats, it's called a terminal morrain. If it pushes the rocks to the side, it is called a lateral morrain. A glacier leaves behind "kettle lakes." Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. It is full of kettle lakes. As the ice melts back, the ground actually lifts up because the weight is gone -- Isostatic Rebound. There is no question those things actually happened. But where does this fit into the Bible?

Estimates are that 5 million mammoths perished in one catastrophe. They were 1. Frozen upright, 2. with undigested food in their moutyhs and stomachs 3. They died of suffocation -- no water found in their lungs but 4. small ice crystals found in their blood indicate they probably froze in less than 5 hours. That requires a colder temperature than 300 degrees Farenheit below zero. In Barrow Alaska a drilling rig drilled into a 300-foot tall tree under the permafrost.

The inverse square law tells us if two objects are attracted to eachother -- like earth and moon -- the force of attraction is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. If you brought the moon in to 1/3 the distance, then the force of attraction between the two objects is 9 times as great. 1/3 inverted is 3/1. Therefore, 3 x 3 = 9. Nine times the gravitational pull. Inverse square laws apply when you're dealing with forces involving gravity, light, magnetism and girls.

Any spinning top behaves in a peculiar way whenever it is struck by anything. If you throw a rock at a spinning top, it will wobble around for awhile (gyroscope) and then it will slowly recover and stabilize -- usually at a new angle or axis. "Scientists studying underwater volcanoes have found evidence the earth may have wobbled like an out-of-balance ball 84 million years ago, relocating the poles and shifting the location of Washington to the tropics." (By Randolph E. Schmid APO Washington MSNBC, Jan. 20, 2000). Today the earth is tilted 23.5 degrees. But was it always that way? Stonehenge is an interesting stone structure. It was built to worship the sun at summer solstice. It tracks the solar solstice shadow. But today stonehenge doesn't line up. The temple of Amen-Ra was drawn by Napoleon's savants in 1798. The colonnade aimed at the summer solostice -- longest day of the year. But it doesn't line up. Same with Eudoxus, etcetera.

The famous Australian astronomer George Dodwell conducted a study of the solstice shadows recorded by the ancients. Eudoxus, Amen-Ra, Stonehenge, etc. The recorded tilt of the earth made a wavy line on the graph that was a match of the wavy line a spinning top makes when struck by an object. It appeared to him that something struck the earth about 4350 years ago (Its A Young World After All by Ackerman) and caused the earth to wobble for several thousand years. Today the earth is stable. The north pole doesn't move much. But a graph of the earth's tilt as recorded by ancient astronomers indicates an impact 4350 years ago (2350 B.C.). Today the earth is tilted 23.5 degrees. This is what causes the seasons. The first mention of cold weather in the Bible is Genesis 8:22: "while the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter ... shall not cease." (after the flood).

Huge polar ice caps came at the time of the flood. Originally God formed the world to be inhabited. But what we have today is uninhabitable in the arctic and antarctic regions.

The moon has craters on it but we never see the moon get struck by anything today. Even Mercury has craters on it. Where did they come from? Canyons on Mars are much larger than Grand Canyon. These canyons were formed in a few weeks according to Scientific American 1998 and MSNBC news on 6-20-2002. There is little or no water on Mars. (Glenco Earth Science 1999, p.649) "Water roaring out of an overfilled lake carved an instant Grand Canyon -- a valley more than a mile deep -- on the surface of Mars 3.5 billion years ago, according to a new analysis of pictures taken by spacecraft. Researchers at the National Air and Space Museum said the flood of water originated from a huge lake --large enough to flood both Texas and California -- that overflowed into a nearby impact crater." (Washington, June 20, 2002, MSNBC) Geologist Ross Irwin said, "When the crater filled up, the water eroded away a ridge-like barrier and was sent rampaging across a plain. Within a short time, a deep and wide gully called Ma'adim Vallis was carved from the Martian surface." A ridge on the edge of the crater gave way, suddenly releasing the flood that carved Ma'adim Vallis, said Irwin. Unlike Arizona's Grand Canyon, which was carved over millions of years by the Colorado River, Ma'adim Vallis was made "within a matter of months, certainly less than a year," said Irwin. The Martian valley has a broad riverbed on its floor, miles in width, in contrast to the relatively narrow riverbed on the floor of the Grand Canyon (June 20, 2002 MSNBC).

When a magnet floats above a superconductor, it is known as the Meisner Effect. A Japanese train operating on the Meisner Effect is suspended on superconducting coils causing magnetic levitation which gives no resistance and no friction. There are comets flying through space. These ice meteors are common in space and are normally -300 degrees to -400 degrees Fahrenheit (Holt, Modern Earth Science, 1983, p.51). An ice meteor flying through space would build up speed because of the inverse square law, as it got nearer earth. As it got going faster and faster, it would break up into a billion ice crystals. Those would then shower down on earth as a super cold snow.

Earth had a very strong magnetic field. At the time of the flood it was probably 15 to 20 times stronger than it is today. The magnetic field is weakening. Earth's magnetic field has lost 10% of its strength in the last 150 years (Astronomy and the Bible, Donald DeYoung p.18) and 40% of its strength in the last 1000 years. (If you go back 25,000 years, the magnetic strength would have been too strong for life to have existed here on earth, because of the heat generated, so evolutionists say it reverses.) The magnetic field would deflect most of the super cold ice crystals to the poles. Super cold ice is easily statically charged. The northern lights are caused because of the earth's magnetic field. The pre-flood world had a layer of ice or water suspended by the magnetic field using the Meisner Effect.

Genesis 10:25 mentions that in the days of Peleg the earth would be divided. Peleg means "divided." Joktyan means "shorten." Peleg was born about 100 years after the flood. He only lived to be 209. His father, grandfather and great grandfather lived to be in their 400s. What was different?

Kent Hovind's Mechanism For Noah's Flood

1. Noah and the animals got safely into the ark. "Come" implies that God was already inside as does "Go out" (Gen. 7:16).
2. A 300 degree below zero Farehnheit ice meteor came flying toward earth and either broke up in space or actually hit the earth first and then broke up. (There is water everywhere in space.) As it was breaking up, some of the fragments got caught and became the rings around the planets, or the craters on the moon, or the craters on some of the planets, and what was left over came down and was splattered on top of the north and south pole. The impact made the earth wobble around for a few thousand years afterward. Either that or the fact that the ice particles settled mainly around the poles caused the earth to wobble.
3. This super cold snow fell mostly on the poles, burying the mammoths standing up. They were flash-frozen. On the New Siberian Islands, they find frozen bobcats, frozen lynx, bison, mammoths, camels, etc. They find coal under the ice in Antarctica where there are no trees. Admiral Byrd found frozen palm leaves near the South Pole.
4. After the earth was hit by the ice meteor, or after the dumping of ice on the north and south poles, the crust of the earth cracked releasing the fountains of the deep (Gen. 7:11). (The pre-flood world had water under the earth also.) The earth broke up into plates at fault lines such as the San Andreas Fault, the New Madrid Fault, etcetera. The water under the crust was hot and came shooting to the surface and continued for 150 days killing everything within a few hundred miles immediately. Everyone drowned eventually but that process may have taken 6-8 months to kill everyone during that flood. Earth's crust is 3-5 miles thick under oceans and 30 miles thick under continents. If you poured a gallon of boiling water into a large aquarium, it would kill all the fish within a certain until the temperature equalized. All over the world, little tiny creatures known as diatoms are found dead in big, thick beds called diatomaceous earth. It takes about 1000 years to accumulate one inch at the bottom of the ocean. When it dries out, they pack it into a special powder called diatomaceous earth which is used for swimming pool filters, detergents, fertilizers, insulation, sound proofing, paper finishes, bricks, paint thickeners, oil dry, insecticides, polishes, cat litter, paint removers, etcetera. In Lompoc California is a diatomaceous earth mine that goes for over 100 miles and is often hundreds of feet thick. "At the diatomaceous earth quarry in Lompoc California, a remarkable discovery was made during mining operations in 1976. Workers at the Dicalcite division of Grefco Corporation, uncovered the fossil skeleton of a baleen whale with trillions of fish fossils also. The whale fossil is standing on end in the quarry and is about 80 feet long. (It's A Young World After All, Ackerman, p. 83). The whale proves these layers were all buried at once. Fossil fish found in the white cliffs of Dover illustrate the same phenomenon. The chalk is 300 feet thick. A 200-foot tidal change every 6 hours and 25 minutes caused the sorting into layers during the flood. Psalm 104:7-8 mentions this tidal action. Genesis 8:23 mentions "going and returning" or sloshing tides. Noah stayed in the ark for six months because of this tidal action and the ground was probably still muddy.
5. The spreading ice caused the "ice-age" effect and the glacier effects we see. The ice age really happened -- at the beginning of the flood. It caused the flood. The ice caps at the poles sent off a cold wave. This cold air hitting warm air caused it to rain, and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. The canopy collapsed. All fountains of the deep broken open in one day. (see Jasher 6:11)
6. Fragments of the ice meteor made the canopy collapse that used to protect the earth. It rained down 40 days. More UV light entered.
7. During the first few months of the flood, the dead animals would settle out and the dead plants would settle out. Once buried, they would become coal if plants and oil if animals. Natural gas deposits also formed during the flood. Those are still found today in huge graveyards.
8. During the last few months of the flood, the unstable plates of the earth would shift around. Some places would lift up forming mountain ranges, other places sink down forming ocean basins. The fact that Mt. Ararat has salt crystals at the 14000 foot level which only form under water, and the fact that pillow lava is also found high on Mt. Ararat which only forms under water, both indicate that this mountain was lifted up from under the water. The runoff from all the mountain ranges would cause incredible erosion in a couple of weeks -- like Grand Canyon.

9. Over the next few hundred years, the ice caps would melt back retreating to their current size. The added water formed the continental shelf. Oceans became deeper, wider and colder as the water level rose. The cold water would also absorb more CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) out of the atmosphere which would allow more radiation to get in shortening the life span of people (Joktan means "Shorten"). Some of the greenhouse protection was removed. In the days of Peleg it finally took effect, the earth was "Divided." Why are unique species such as kangaroos, wombats and koalas only found in Australia? They walked there. Because originally the continents were all connected for the first few hundred years after the flood. Populations spread out across the globe, and became "trapped" on their continents by the rising water. Non-aggressive and less aggressive animals were constantly being pushed to the migratory fringes. They would rather run than fight. While this was happening, the waters were rising up because the ice caps were melting back. All of a sudden, Australia -- which used to be part of the mainland -- was a protected island.

Not only that, there are ancient Egyptian cities discovered under 30 feet of water in the Mediterranean Sea. The sea level was lower at some point in the past. Cities have been discovered under water in Cabo de San Antonio, Cuba (1/2 mile downand Mahabalipuram, India (several square miles) and Bimini Road, Bahamas. The underwater road off the coast of Florida was paved with magnesium oxide. Yona Guni, a city off the coast of Japan, is two football fields wide and about eight stories high. In the north Atlantic are carved rock columns 6000 feet under the ocean. Also, miles of pillared temples, buildings and statues. Wide cdurving boulevards and roads radiating out like spokes from a wheel. Gibraltar was a spillway when the Atlantic got too high. Then Sicily was the next spillway and then the Bosporus. Skeptics are "willingly ignorant" of this evidence (2 Pet. 3:5).

Four of the planets today still have rings around them made of rock and ice (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, etc.). Walt Brown thinks some of the craters on the moon were formed when the fountains of the deep broke open and rocks from earth flew up out of earth's gravitational pull -- drifted around awhile -- and then crashed into the moon. He thinks comets came from earth and water came from Earth to Mars.

Scientists have reported discovering the first set of dinosaur fossils ever to be found in the interior of Antarctica. The fossils are said to be the remains of a plant-eating dinosaur, 25 to 30 feet long, that lived about 200 million years ago in what geologists call the early Jurassic age. The bones were spotted at a small section of exposed rock alongside the mountain, which lies about 400 miles from the south pole (Chris Raymond, "Scientists Report Finding Fossils of Dinosaurs in Antarctica's Interior," Chronicle of Higher Education -- March 20, 1991, p.A11). Also "the discovery of thousands of well-preserved leaves in Antarctica ... enjoyed a near temperate climate." Tropical plant-eating dinosaurs have also been found in northern Alaska. Mammoths are not designed for cold weather.

If the Earth were reduced down in size to a 12" diameter globe, all the world's oceans would only fill about one tablespoon. Oceans average 12,000 feet deep. If the Earth were smooth, the water would be 8,000 feet deep (1.5 miles everywhere). If the earth were shrunk down to the size of a 12" globe, you would not even be able to find Mount Everest by feeling with your fingers. The earth would be rounder and smoother than a Q-ball. If you ever see those globes where you can feel the bumps on them, they greatly exaggerate the mountains. A five-mile mountain on an 8,000 mile in diameter earth is insignificant.

When climbers got to the top of Mount Everest, they found petrified clams -- in the closed position. When a clam dies, it opens. How would you get millions of petrified clams in the closed position on top of mountains all over the world? Mount Everest is quite a way from the beach. Clams don't climb mountains. They were buried alive in huge beds sometimes. Oysters 11.5 feet wide are found in Peru two miles above sea level (Holt, Modern Earth Science, 1983, p.207).

Flood Legends From Around the World.

Southwest Tanzania
Once upon a time the rivers began to flood. The god told two people to get into a ship. He told them to take lots of seed and to take lots of animals. The water of the flood eventually covered the mountains. Finally the flood stopped. Then one of the men, wanting to know if the water had dried up let a dove loose. The dove returned. Later he let loose a hawk which did not return. Then the men left the boat and took the animals and the seeds with them.

The Chinese classic called the Hihking tells about "the family of Fuhi," that was saved from a great flood. This ancient story tells that the entire land was flooded; the mountains and everything, however one family survived in a boat. The Chinese consider this man the father of their civilization. This record indicates that Fuhi, his wife, three sons, and three daughters were the only people that escaped the great flood. It is claimed, that he and his family were the only people alive on earth, and repopulated the world.

Gilgamesh met an old man named Utnapishtim, who told him the following story. The gods came to Utnapishtim to warn him about a terrible flood that was coming. They instructed Utnapishtim to destroy his house and build a large ship. The ship was to be 10 dozen cubits high, wide and long. Utnapishtim was to cover the ship with pitch. He was supposed to take male and female animals of all kinds, his wife and family, provisions, etc. into the ship. Once ship was completed the rain began falling intensely. The rain fell for six days and nights. Finally things calmed and the ship settled on the top of Mount Nisir. After the ship had rested for seven days Utnapishtim let loose a dove. Since the land had not dried the dove returned. Next he sent a swallow which also returned. Later he let loose a raven which never returned since the ground had dried. Utnapishtim then left the ship.

There was a man by the name of Xisuthrus. The god Chronos warned Xisuthrus of a coming flood and told him to build a boat. The boat was to be 5 stadia by 2 stadia. In this boat Xisuthrus was to put his family, friends and two of each animal (male and female). The flood came. When the waters started to recede he let some birds loose. They came back and he noticed they had mud on their feet. He tried again with the same results. When he tried the third time the birds did not return. Assuming the water had dried up the people got out of the boat and offered sacrifices to the gods.

A long time ago lived a man named Manu. Manu, while washing himself, saved a small fish from the jaws of a large fish. The fish told Manu, "If you care for me until I am full grown I will save you from terrible things to come". Manu asked what kind of terrible things. The fish told Manu that a great flood would soon come and destroy everything on the earth. The fish told Manu to put him in a clay jar for protection. The fish grew and each time he outgrew the clay jar Manu gave him a larger one. Finally the fish became a ghasha, one of the largest fish in the world. The fish instructed Manu to build a large ship since the flood was going to happen very soon. As the rains started Manu tied a rope from the ship to the ghasha. The fish guided the ship as the waters rose. The whole earth was covered by water. When the waters began subsiding the ghasha led Manu's ship to a mountaintop.

There is a legend of a flood called the Dreamtime flood. Riding on this flood was the woramba, or the Ark Gumana. In this ark was Noah, Aborigines, and various animals. This ark eventually came to rest in the plain of Djilinbadu where it can still be found. They claim that the white mans story about the ark landing in the middle east is a lie that was started to keep the aborigines in subservience. This legend is undoubtedly the product of aboriginal legends merging with those of visiting missionaries, and there does not appear to be any native flood stories from Australia.

A long time ago, perhaps before the golden age was over, humans became proud. This bothered Zeus as they kept getting worse. Finally Zeus decided that he would destroy all humans. Before he did this Prometheus, the creator of humans, warned his human son Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha. Prometheus then placed this couple in a large wooden chest. The rains started and lasted nine days and nights until the whole world was flooded. The only thing that was not flooded was the peaks of Mount Parnassus and Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus is the home of the gods. The wooden chest came to rest on Mount Parnassus. Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha got out and saw that everything was flooded. They lived on provisions from the chest until the waters subsided. At Zeus' instruction they re-populated the earth.

North America
The Toltec natives have a legend telling that the original creation lasted for 1716 years, and was destroyed by a flood and only one family survived.

Aztec- A man named Tapi lived a long time ago. Tapi was a very pious man. The creator told Tapi to build a boat that he would live in. He was told that he should take his wife, a pair of every animal that was alive into this boat. Naturally everyone thought he was crazy. Then the rain started and the flood came. The men and animals tried to climb the mountains but the mountains became flooded as well. Finally the rain ended. Tapi decided that the water had dried up when he let a dove loose that did not return.

United States
The Ojibwe natives who have lived in Minnesota USA since approximately 1400AD also have a creation and flood story that closely parallels the Biblical account. "There came a time when the harmonious way of life did not continue. Men and women disrespected each other, families quarreled and soon villages began arguing back and forth. This saddened Gitchie Manido [the Creator] greatly, but he waited. Finally, when it seemed there was no hope left, Creator decided to purify Mother Earth through the use of water. The water came, flooding the Earth, catching all of creation off guard. All but a few of each living thing survived." Then it tells how Waynaboozhoo survived by floating on a log in the water with various animals.
Ojibwe - Ancient native American creation story tells of world wide flood.

Delaware Indians - In the pristine age, the world lived at peace; but an evil spirit came and caused a great flood. The earth was submerged. A few persons had taken refuge on the back of a turtle, so old that his shell had collected moss. A loon flew over their heads and was entreated to dive beneath the water and bring up land. It found only a bottomless sea. Then the bird flew far away, came back with a small portion of earth in its bill, and guided the tortoise to a place where there was a spot of dry land.

South America
During the period of time called the Pachachama people became very evil. They got so busy coming up with and performing evil deeds they neglected the gods. Only those in the high Andes remained uncorrupted. Two brothers who lived in the highlands noticed their llamas acting strangely. They asked the llamas why and were told that the stars had told the llamas that a great flood was coming. This flood would destroy all the life on earth. The brothers took their families and flocks into a cave on the high mountains. It started to rain and continued for four months. As the water rose the mountain grew keeping its top above the water. Eventually the rain stopped and the waters receded. The mountain returned to its original height. The shepherds repopulated the earth. The llamas remembered the flood and that is why they prefer to live in the highland areas.