John Turns Disobedient to the Wisdom of the Just

Luke chapter 3 Star Chart: Clockwise from "O generation of (Serpens, Drago, etc.) vipers (27 AD), who hath warned you to flee from the (solar) wrath to come?" (3:7) in 2026 AD "God is able of these (lunar and solar) stones (27 AD) to raise up (Hercules, Perseus, Ophiuchus) children unto Abraham" (3:8) in 2026 AD. "The (lunar) axe is laid unto the (Scorpio) root of the trees (27 AD). Every tree, therefore, which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the (solar) fire" (3:9) in 2026 AD. "One mightier than I cometh (Ophiuchus) (27 AD), the latchet of whose (lunar) shoes I am not worthy to (red radius) loose" (3:16) "Whose (club; sword) fan is in his (Hercules; Perseus) hand, and he will thoroughly purge his floor ... chaff he will (solar) burn" (3:17) in 2026 AD.

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