"If You Seek Him, He Will Be Found By You;
But If You Forsake Him, He Will Cast You Off Forever"
-- Saul Inquired of a Medium, David Inquired of God

First Chronicles chapters 10-29 Star Chart: Clockwise from when "The (Auriga, Orion & Gemini) men of Israel fled from before the Philistines, and fell (rotated) down slain in (Milky Way) Mount Gilboa" (10:1) and Saul's "three sons" were slain (Castor, Pollux & Argo) till "the (Gemini) (lunar bow) archers (red radius) hit" (10:3) (Orion) Saul and "Saul took a (red radius) sword, and (red radius) fell upon it" (10:4) and his (Auriga) armor-bearer did likewise is about 360° or perhaps six minutes. Notice "seven days" (10:12) may correspond to 72°; and "three" (11:12,18), "thirty" (11:15,25) and "three hundred" (11:11,20) correspond to 30°.

Clockwise from when "the elders of Israel ... (solar oil) anointed David (solar golden crown) king" (11:3) in 1011 BC. till the Lord "cometh to judge the earth" (16:33) in 2026 AD is 36,432 months (101 laps + 72° more). Each degree is one month making the scale much more accurate than a degree-year scale. Then "David said ... let us bring again the (Argo) ark of our God to us" (13:3) from Kiriath-jearim (13:5). But they used "a new (Auriga) cart" and played (Castor harp) music. But when Uzza (Argo) died for touching the (Argo) ark, David left the ark with Obed-edom for "three months" (13:14) (30°).

Then "Hiram, king of Tyre, sent (Gemini) messengers to David, and (red radius) timber of cedars, with masons and carpenters, to build him an house" (14:1). "And David took more wives at Jerusalem (Cassiopeia & Andromeda); and David begot more (Gemini) sons and daughters" (14:3). "And David (white & black lunar stones -- Urim & Thummim) inquired of God, saying, Shall I go up against the Philistines?" (14:10) The answer was "Go up""and (Orion) David smote them there" (14:11). David commanded them to (solar) burn their gods there "and they were burned with fire" (14:12). "David (white and black lunar stones -- Urim & Thummim) inquired again of God" and was told to "Go not up after them. Turn away from them, and come upon them over against the (Canis Minor) mulberry trees..." (14:14). Then David once again defeated the Philistines. "And David built (red radius) houses for himself in the city of David, and prepared a place for the (Argo) ark of God, and pitched a (red radius) tent for it" (15:1). "And the (Gemini, Orion & Auriga) children of the Levites bore the (Argo) ark of God upon their shoulders with its (red radius) staves" (15:15). "They offered seven (Taurus) bullocks and seven (Aries) rams" (15:26) (72°).

"Michal, the (Cassiopeia) daughter of Saul, looking out through a (lunar) window, (lunar eyeball) saw King David (Andromeda red radius short skirt) dancing and playing; and she despised him in her (lunar black) heart" (15:29). "They offered (solar) burnt (Taurus & Aries) sacrifices" (16:1). "Let the heart of them (lunar crescent smiling) rejoice who seek the Lord" (16:10), "Let the heavens be (lunar crescent smiling) glad, and let the (Milky Way smiling) earth rejoice ... let the (red radius) fields (lunar crescent) rejoice" (16:31-32).

When David suggested building a (red radius) house for God, he was told not to do it (17:4). Instead God explained that he would build David a (red radius) house (17:10) and would build Israel a (red radius) house (17:9). "David took from ... (Hadarezer) a thousand (Auriga) chariots and seven thousand horsemen, and twenty thousand footmen; David also hamstrung all the (Auriga) chariot horses, but reserved of them an hundred (Auriga) chariots" (18:4) (30° + 72° = 102°). "Hanun took David's (Orion, Auriga, Argo, Pollux & Castor) servants, and (lunar half moon) shaved them, and (red radius) cut off their (Andromeda) garments in the (red radius) middle, even to their buttocks ... the men were greatly (red radius) ashamed" (19:4-5). David's sin of a census required either "three years" famine (2 Sam. 24:13 says "seven years") or "three months" defeated in war or "three days" (72° hours) pestilence (21:12) -- each corresponding to 30° or 72°. "There fell of Israel seventy thousand men" (21:14). "Levites were numbered from the age of thirty years" (23:3) (30°).

"Then David gave to Solomon, his son, the (red radius) pattern of the porch of the temple, and of its houses, and of its treasuries, and of its upper chambers, and of its inner parlors, and of the place of the mercy seat" (28:11). "Pure (solar) gold for the (red radius lunar crescent) fleshhooks, and the (lunar) bowls, and the (lunar) cups" (28:17). For the house of God, David contributed, "three thousand talents of gold (30°) ... and seven thousand talents of refined silver" (29:4) (72°). "Then the people (lunar crescent smiling) rejoiced" and "David, the king, also (lunar crescent smiling) rejoiced with great joy" (29:9). "Both riches and honor come of thee" (29:12). Then "all the congregation" blessed the Lord and "bowed down their heads" and "offered (solar) burnt offerings ... a thousand (Taurus) bullocks, a thousand (Aries) rams, and a thousand (Aries) lambs" (29:20-21). Then "they made Solomon ... (solar golden crown) king ... and (solar oil) anointed him" (1 Chr. 29:22) in 970 BC after David's 40-year reign (1 Ki. 2:11) (One lap since 360°/9° per year = 40 years). "Both riches and honor come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all" (29:12).


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