Solomon Was "A Little Child" of Twelve
When Crowned King And Ruled From 970-930 BC

First Kings chapter 1-22 Starchart: Clockwise from when "Abishag (Cassiopeia) was very fair, and cherished the (Cepheus) king, but the king knew her not" (1 Ki. 1:4) (red radius) sexually till "Adonijah (Perseus) slew (Aries) sheep and (Taurus) oxen" (1:9) is 40° because David reigned over Israel "forty years" (2:11) "So David (lunar shut eye) slept with his (Gemini) fathers and was (Argo) buried" (2:10) till "Adonijah (Orion) ... exalted himself, saying I will be (solar crown) king; and he prepared (Auriga) chariots ... and fifty men to run before him" (1:5) and "fifty cubits" (7:2,6) or "five cubits" (7:16,23) is 50° from Perseus to Auriga till he "invited all his (Gemini) brethren, and all the (Gemini) men of Judah" (1:9) is 30° because Solomon's provision for one day was thirty measures of fine flour" (4:22). Then "Benaiah (Perseus) ... fell upon" Adonijah so that "he died" (2:25). Then "Joab caught hold of the (two lunar crescent) horns of the altar" (2:28) and (Perseus) "Benaiah ... fell upon him, and slew him; and he was (Argo) buried" (2:34). "At the end of three years" two (Gemini) servants of Shimei ran away (2:39) which corresponds to 30° from Orion to Gemini. Also "Shimei ... saddled his (Aries) ass ... and brought his (Gemini) servants" back (2:40). Since he thereby broke his oath, "Benaiah (Perseus) ... fell upon him, that he died" (2:46). Clockwise from when "Solomon (Cepheus) ... took Pharaoh's (Cassiopeia) daughter" (3:1) till "Solomon (Orion) (solar fire) ... sacrificed and burned (red radius) incense in high places" (3:3) is 50° till Solomon asked for "an understanding (lunar smiling) heart" "to discern justice" (3:9,11) "and stood before the (Argo) ark ... and offered up (lunar) burnt offerings" (3:15) is 30°. "Then came there two women ... And it came to pass the third day (30°) (12 + 12 + 12 = 36) after that I was delivered, that this woman was delivered also". She switched her dead child for my living one (3:18-20). "And the king said, (red radius) Divide the living child in two (lunar crescents), and give half to the one, and half to the other" (3:25). Then the king gave the living child to the mother who objected (3:27). "And Solomon's provision for one day was thirty measures of fine flour" (4:22) "And he spoke three thousand proverbs" (4:32) "thirty thousand men" (5:13) "thirty cubits" (7:2,23) and "three hundred shields of beaten gold" (10:17) -- all correspond to 30°. The total of 80° corresponds to "fourscore thousand hewers in the mountains" (5:15). How do we know there are exactly four red radius lines? Because "twelve thousand horsemen" (4:26; 10:26) "twelve cubits" (7:15) "an hundred and twenty thousand sheep" (8:63) "six score (6 x 20 = 120) talents of gold" (9:14) and "an hundred and twenty talents of gold" (10:10) correspond to the total of 30° + 50° + 40° = 120° requiring four red radius lines. The 240° corresponds either to a "day" (2:37; 3:21) or "year" (4:7; 5:11) or Solomon's "fourth year" (6:1). Notice that David reigned over Israel "forty years" (2:11) and Solomon had "forty thousand stalls of (Pegasus) horses" (4:26), and "forty cubits" (6:17) all correspond to 40°. Clockwise from when Israel passed through the (Aquarius) Red Sea in 1446 BC + 480 years = 966 BC which was Solomon's "fourth year" (1 Ki. 6:1) (480° - 360° = 120°). The house Solomon built was 30° cubits high x 20 cubits wide (20 x 2 = 40°) and 60 cubits long (60 x 2 = 120°). Pegasus is the "cherub" (6:23-32). Hiram (Orion) "made a molten (solar) sea" ten cubits in diameter and five cubits deep and thirty cubits in circumference (7:23) standing upon "twelve (Taurus) oxen" (7:25) (120°).

"The priests took up the (Argo) ark" (8:3) and sacrificed (Aries) "sheep and (Taurus) oxen" (8:5) and brought the ark "under the (Pegasus) wings of the cherubim" (8:6) and "its (red radius) staves" (8:7) with the "two (lunar half-round) tables of stone" inside (8:9). Then "the (Milky Way) cloud filled the (red radius) house" (8:10). Solomon asked God to "Condemn the wicked, justify the righteous, and give both what they deserve" (8:32). The (Cassiopeia black) queen of Sheba came with (Taurus) camels and (red radius) spices and (solar) gold and (star) precious stones. She said, "Happy (lunar smiling crescent) are thy (Gemini) men ... thy (Gremini) servants" (10:8). Solomon gave her "all her desire" (10:13). He got her pregnant. This began the dynasty of Haile Selassie. The Lion of Judah is the national symbol of Ethiopia, and "Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah" is the title of every Ethiopian Emperor. Solomon received each year 666 talents of gold (10:14). True Jewish worshippers also used the first letter in Shaddai ( ). Satan's counterfeit is three Hebrew vavs or 666 (   ) made to look like a Hebrew Shin (Rev. 13:16). How do we know there are exactly four red radius lines? Because a Shin can have either three or four (red radius) strokes. A vav is 6. Solomon's "throne of ivory" was (lunar half) "round behind" with (lunar crescent) armrests "on either side" and (Argo/Cetus) lions stood beside the armrests all overlaid with (solar) gold. "Six (red radius) steps" picture the 6000 years before the Millenium (10:19). "Once in three years" (30°) came the (Argo) navy of Tarshish "bringing (solar) gold, and (lunar) silver, (crescent) ivory, and (lunar black crescent smiling) apes, and (red radius fan peacocks" (10:22). But Solomon's wives all (solar) "burned (red radius stick) incense and sacrificed unto their gods" (11:8). When Solomon died, Jeroboam spoke to Rehoboam saying, "Thy father made our (lunar crescent) yoke grievous ... make ... his heavy yoke ... lighter" (12:4). They came back "the third day" (30°) to hear Rehoboam's reply: "My father ... chastised you with (red radius) whips, but I will chastise you with (Scorpio's lunar crescent stingers) scorpions" (12:14). Then Israel made Jeroboam their king. He (Orion) "made two (Taurus) calves of (solar) gold" (12:28), and (solar flame) "offered upon the altar, and burned (red radius) incense" (12:33). But "men's (lunar white) bones shall be burned upon" the (solar brass) altar (13:2). The (lunar black) "ashes poured out from the altar" are the Milky Way dumped out when the (solar brass) altar is upside down (13:5). Jeroboam's (lunar) "hand ... dried up" (13:4). Then "a lion (Argo) ... slew" the prophet for eating and drinking in a place forbidden (13:20-24) and he was (Argo) "buried" (13:31). "Lay my (lunar white) bones beside his (lunar white) bones" (13:31). "When Ahijah heard the (red radius) sound of her (Cassiopeia-Andromeda) feet, as she came in at the (lunar open) door" (14:6), he said, "Him that dieth of Jeroboam in the city, shall the (Canis Minor & Major) dogs eat; and him that dieth in the field, shall the (Pegasus) fowls of the air eat" (14:11). Abijah (Argo) buried (14:13). "There were also (Orion & Auriga) sodomites in the land, and they (red radius penis) did according to all the abominations of the nations which the Lord cast out" (14:24) including bestiality.

"Abijah" reigned "three years" (30°) in Jerusalem (15:2). Then "in the third year (30°) of Asa, king of Judah, did Baasha slay him" (15:28). Baasha reigned "twenty four years" (15:33) corresponding to 240°. Regarding Baasha's posterity, "Him that dies ... in the city shall the (Canis Minor & Major) dogs eat; and him that dies ... in the fields shall the (Pegasus) fowls of the air eat" (16:4). Zimri (Orion) "burned the king's house over him with (solar) fire, and (Argo) died" (16:18). Omri reigned over Israel "twelve years" (16:23) -- 120°. Then his son Ahab reigned and (Orion solar crowned) took as his wife Jezebel (Cassiopeia) (16:31). Elijah was told to (Argo) "hide thyself by the (Milky Way) brook" (17:3). "I have commanded the (Pegasus black wing) ravens to feed thee there" (17:4) with (solar) "bread and (lunar) flesh" (17:6). Then Elijah traveled to Zarephath and asked a widow (Andromeda) to make him "a little (solar) cake first" and afterwards to feed herself (Pollux) and her (Castor) son (17:13). "The barrel of (lunar white) meal shall be used up, neither shall the cruse of (solar) oil fail" until God sends rain (17:14). Elijah (Argo) "stretched himself upon the child three times" (30°) and he revived (17:21-22). "The word of the Lord came to Elijah in the third year" (30°) to visit Ahab and God would send rain (18:1). "When Jezebel (Cassiopeia) (Perseus) cut off the (Auriga, Orion, Gemini) prophets ... Obadiah took an hundred prophets, and hid them by fifty (50°) in a (lunar dark) cave, and fed them with (solar) bread and (lunar) water" (18:4). Ahab said, "Perhaps we may find (Milky Way green) grass to save the (Pegasus) horses and (Aries) mules alive" (18:5). "The prophets of Baal four hundred (40°) and fifty (50°), and the prophets of the groves, four hundred (40°), who eat at (Cassiopeia) Jezebel's table" (18:19). Two (Taurus) bullocks were chosen and the (Perseus, Orion & Auriga, Gemini) prophets of Baal (red radius) "cut themselves" "till the blood gushed out" (18:28). How do we know there are exactly four red radius lines? Because Elijah said, "Fill four (lunar & solar) barrels with water and pour it on the (Taurus) sacrifice and on the wood" (18:33). This was done three times (30°). Then (solar) fire consumed all and Elijah (Perseus) slew the prophets of Baal (18:40). Then he fled for his life from (Cassiopeia) Jezebel. "And he (lunar eyeball) looked, and behold, there was a (lunar white) cake baked on the (lunar black) coals, and a cruse of (lunar) water at his (Pollux) head" (19:6). "Forty days and forty nights" (19:8) (40°) later he came to a (lunar black) "cave" in Horeb (19:9). "Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel" (19:18; 20:15) (30° + 40° = 70°). The elders of the city, "did as Jezebel (Cassiopeia) had sent unto them ... They (Gemini) proclaimed a fast, and set Naboth (Auriga) on high ... And there came in two (Gemini) men ... and ... witnessed against him ... and (lunar black) stoned him with stones, so that he (Argo) died" (21:11-13). "Thus saith the Lord, In the place where (Canis Minor & Major) dogs licked the (red radius) blood of Naboth, shall dogs lick thy (red radius) blood" (21:19). "The dogs shall eat Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel. Him that dieth of Ahab in the city, the (Canis Minor & Major) dogs shall eat; and him that dieth in the field, shall the (Pegasus) fowls of the air eat" (21:24). Then "Ahab (red radius) tore his clothes, and put (black) sackcloth upon his flesh, and fasted" (21:27). "They continued three years (30°) without war between Syria and Israel" (22:1). There were "four hundred" (40°) false prophets that said Israel would win. But Micaiah mimicked them saying "Go and prosper for the Lord shall deliver it into the hands of the king." Then he said, "I saw all Israel scattered upon the hills, as (Aries) sheep that have not a shepherd ... the Lord hath put a lying (Cetus) spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets" (22:17-23). Ahab then ordered Micaiah put in (red radius bar on solar window) prison till his return in peace (22:27). "So Ahab (Argo) slept with his fathers" (22:40).

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