You Rewarded Me Good Whereas I Rewarded You Evil

First Samuel chapter 18-31 Star Chart: "the (lunar) soul of Jonathan (Castor) was (red radius) knit with the soul of David" (Pollux) (18:1). Clockwise from when Michal (Andromeda) "may be a (Pisces) snare to him" (18:21) till we see (Gemini) "women answered one another as they played, and said, Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands" (18:7) is "an hundred (lunar) foreskins" (18:25) or 102°. From when "there was a (red radius) javelin in Saul's (lunar) hand" (18:10) till "David (red radius) avoided" "his presence twice" is 102°. Jonathan said, "I will go out and (Gemini) stand by my father in the field where thou (David) art "in a secret (Argo) place" hidden (19:2-3). Clockwise from when "Michal (Auriga) let David (Orion) down through a (solar) window" (19:12) till "Michal took an image, and laid it in the (Argo) bed, and put a (lunar) pillow of goats hair for its head, and covered it with a (red radius or Milky Way) cloth" (19:13) is 30°. "When the (Gemini) messengers were come in, behold there was an image in the (Argo) bed, with a (lunar black) pillow of goats' hair for its head" (19:16). Clockwise from when Saul sent (Gemini) messengers three times (19:21) (3 laps) who all ended up (red radius) prophesying; till Saul arrived at "a great (lunar black) well" (19:22) is a fourth lap. Then "the (solar golden) Spirit of God was upon him also" (19:23) 330° later.

After that David (Pollux) said, "there is but a step between me and (lunar grave) death" (20:3). Then 330° later, "Tomorrow is the (lunar) new moon and I (Auriga) should not fail to sit with the (Orion solar) king at (solar) meat" (20:5). Excuse me by saying, "David might run to Bethlehem ... for ... a yearly (solar burnt) sacrifice" (20:6). On "the third day" (20:12) is 72° (24 x 3 = 72°). Notice "thy (lunar) seat will be empty" (20:18) 30° later. Jonathan told David to hide "by the (lunar black) stone Ezel. And I will shoot three (red radius) arrows on the side of it" (20:19-20). At the new moon gathering, Saul insulted Jonathan by saying, "Thou (lunar) son of the perverse, rebellious (Andromeda) woman" (20:30) "And Saul cast a (red radius) javelin at" Jonathan (20:33) till (red radius) "shame" (20:30,34) and (solar hot) "anger" (20:34) resulted (Orion-Auriga) (72°) till Jonathan (Castor) cried, "Make speed, haste, stay not" to (Argo) David (20:38) is 102°.

David came to the priest and took the (solar golden) showbread "about three days" (24 x 3 = 72 hours) (21:5) (72°) after leaving Jonathan. Then David "escaped to the (lunar black) cave" (22:1). "Saul abode in Gibeah ... having his (red radius) spear in his (lunar) hand" (22:6). The "ephod" (23:9) carried the urim and thummin (white & black lunar stones) and was therefore an oracle. Then "Saul went in" to "a (lunar dark) cave" (24:3) and David (red radius) (lunar crescent) "cut off the (Andromeda; Cassiopeia) skirt of Saul's robe" (24:4) making a mini-skirt. The king of Israel (Orion) pursues after "a dead (Canis Minor) dog" (24:14) with "three thousand chosen men" meaning 30° between them. Then (Argo) "Samuel died" and they "buried him" (25:1). Clockwise from when Abigail (Andromeda) "fell before (Cepheus) David on her face, and bowed to the ground" (25:23) till "Nabal became as a (lunar) stone" (25:37) is 102° or "ten days" later when "he (Argo) died" (25:38). Then Abigail (Andromeda) "became his (David's) (Cassiopeia) wife" (25:42). Later "David (Orion) took the (red radius) spear and the (solar) cruse of water from beside (Auriga) Saul's head" (26:12).

Clockwise from when Saul said, "Seek me a woman (Andromeda) who hath a familiar spirit" (28:7) and she said, "Why ... layest thou a (Pisces) snare for my life"? (28:9) till "Saul fell immediately (Argo) full length on the earth" (28:20) is 102°. Later "David and his men were come to Ziklag on the third day (24 x 3 = 72°) (72°) ... the Amalekites had ... (Orion's torch) burned it with fire" (30:1). "David's two wives (Cassiopeia & Andromeda) were taken captives" (30:5) but he rescued them (30:18). Later "the (Gemini) archers hit" (31:3) Saul so he (Orion) "fell upon" a sword (31:4). One lap from 1051 BC when Saul was crowned gives us 1011 BC when David was crowned (360°/9° per year = 40 years). Saul reigned 40 years (1 Sam. 13:1; NET; Acts 13:21; Ant. 6:14:9) till 1011 BC.


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