1260 Years of PERSECUTION
By Two "Little Horns"

Who are the two "little horns" (Dan. 7 & 8)? What do they have in common? How much longer will they last? The Papacy and Islam rose contemporaneously. The Papacy began about 610 A.D. and so did Islam. Both have for more than thirteen centuries opposed and blasphemed God and His truth, persecuted His saints, physical and spiritual, defiled His sanctuary, physical and spiritual, and trodden down the holy city, physical and spiritual. Each "little horn" has its own "Abomination of Desolation" standing in the Holy place. One is the "Dome of the Rock" -- or the "Mosque of Omar" -- sitting on the Temple Mount. The other is a bronze statue of "Saint Peter" (Zeus or Jupiter) in Saint Peter's Bascilica (Dan. 9:27; 11:31; 12:11; Matt. 24:15). This article is based on the historicist interpretation of prophecy.

A Day Equals A Year

Now according to Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6, a DAY is a YEAR in prophecy. In Luke 13:32-33, Jesus the Messiah confirmed the day for a year principle by describing his THREE YEAR ministry as "TODAY, TOMORROW and the THIRD DAY." So instead of 1,260 days being three-and-a-half years, we have 1,260 YEARS.

1260 Days Equal 42 Months Or "A Time, Times and Half A Time"

When we compare Revelation 12:6 with 12:14 we find that "a thousand two hundred and three score days" are the same as "a TIME, and TIMES, and HALF a TIME" showing that THREE-AND-A-HALF TIMES equals 1260 DAYS. Thus each TIME must be 360 DAYS. Furthermore, Revelation 13:5 speaks of "FORTY and TWO MONTHS" which also add up to 1260 DAYS or THREE-AND-A-HALF YEARS if we use 30-DAY MONTHS. Revelation 13:5 can be compared to Daniel's "TIME and TIMES and the dividing of TIME" (Dan.7:25) since both verses are describing the same event (also see Dan.12:7, Rev.11:2 and Dan.9:27).

A Third "Little Horn"

Prior to 610 A.D. the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church was the primary "little horn" of Daniel 8. But in 606 A.D., at the eastern Greek capitol, Constantinople's Emperor Phocas decreed the right of Roman Pope Boniface III to headship of all the churches, Eastern as well as Western. This joined the two "little horns" of Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 into one lamb-dragon of Rev. 13:11. By 610 A.D. Islam had begun. Later in 1453 A.D. when Constantinople was conquered by Islam, the Greek Orthodox "Christians" fled west and Islam "waxed great" (Dan. 8:10) over eastern Europe -- becoming the primary fulfillment of the "little horn." Jacob blessed Esau by saying, "Behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above" (Gen. 27) which is why the Turkish Empire became so great. "Edom" has made Palestine "their possession" (Ez. 36:5). The Turks have ruled Palestine for hundreds of years, but have done nothing to improve the land. Turkey has kept it in bondage, desolation and poverty so that Jerusalem and the Holy Land have been a byword -- "an infamy of the people" (Ez. 36:3). "But upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions" (Obadiah 17) in 1917.

A Third "Abomination of Desolation"

The Greek Antiochus Epiphanes adds up to 666 in Greek. Antiochus came from the Seleucid horn of this Greek Empire. The FOUR CONTEMPORANEOUS rulers were Lysimachus, Cassander, Seleucus and Ptolemy. Following their victory over the Persians at Salamis, the union of Greek states was headed by FOUR different states in SUCCESSION, namely Athens (477-404 B.C.), Sparta (404-376), Thebes (371-362) and finally Macedonia after 360 B.C.. His Greek armies took away the Temple furnishings, broke them in pieces and carried them off to their own country. Identifying himself with Jupiter, he sacrificed a pig to Jupiter Olympus and sprinkled PIG'S blood in the Holy of Holies (1 Macc.6:7; 2 Macc.6:2; Ant.12:5:4; 12:7:6).. He placed a statue of himself as Jupiter Olympus on one of the FOUR HORNS of the BRASS altar (Dan. 9:27) in the Jerusalem Temple. There were exactly FOUR BRASS HORNS corresponding to the FOUR HORNS of the shaggy goat and the belly and thighs of BRASS. Antiochus "had sent letters ... unto Jerusalem ... that they should forbid burnt offerings ... profane the sabbath and festival days: and pollute the sanctuary ... set up altars ... of idols and sacrifice swine's flesh and unclean beasts ... leave their children uncircumcised, and make their souls abominable with all manner of uncleanness ... forget the law ... whosoever would not do according to the commandment of the king ... should die.... so they ... drove the Israelites into secret places ... And wherever was found with any the book of the testament ... they ... put him to death.... Howbeit, many in Israel were fully resolved ... not to eat any unclean thing." (1 Macc. 1:41-62). The last true daily sacrifice took place on the 24th of Kislev. The pagan sacrifices began the next day on the "twenty-fifth day of the ninth month" (1 Macc.4:54) involving 'revelry ... and ... offerings" on the "king's brithday" (2 Macc. 6:7) reminding us of December 25th idolatry when most churches put an image of a long-haired Zeus-like savior on a cross in their churches and worship a tree by giving it presents. The Jews were also forced to celebrate the "festival of Dionysus" in the Spring which was very similar to the Easter fertility celebration (2 Macc. 6:7). Antiochus persecuted Jews for 2300 days from Sivan 171 B.C. when the legititmate high priest was murdered till Kislev 24, 164 B.C. Josephus mentions "three years and six months" in Daniel 12:7. See Wars of the Jews, ch. 1, par.1, verses 1-2 (167 to 165 B.C.).

A Fourth "Abomination of Desolation"

It was in 67 A.D. that the Roman army under Cestius appeared before Jerusalem. Soon there was fighting about the Temple itself. The Roman soldiers, placing their shields together in "tortoise-back" formation to protect themselves from darts shot from the wall above, "undermined the wall ... and got all things ready for setting fire to the gate of the temple." This Roman army was standing in this holy place surrounding the Temple and this is what Jesus described when he told the Judeans to flee (Matt. 24:15-20). But how could they flee when surrounded? Josephus says that just as Cestius had the wall undermined and all in readiness for the attack, suddenly, "he recalled his soldiers from the place, and by despairing of any expectation of taking it, without having received any disgrace, he retired from the city, without any reason in the world" (Wars 2:19). The opportunity for the flight of the Christians was that very day. Hence the warning to "not come down to take anything out of his house" or "return back to take his clothes" (Matt. 24:17-18). He can't look like a "deserter." Though the next seige was deferred several years, the time for flight was that day when the Jewish forces rushed from the city attacking the retreating Romans. As the fanatical Zealots came back exulting from slaying the rearguard of Cestius's army, they took possession of affairs in Jerusalem and organized every force for the next attack. Christian believers attempting to get away then would have been given no mercy since the Zealots created and maintained a "reign of terror." Four years later Titus's Roman army returned and he said "I will endeavor to preserve you your holy house" (Wars 6:2). But Christ had said, "There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down" (Matt. 24:2). The destruction of both the first and the second temple were a result of the people’s rejection and disobedience to God. Jesus had warned the Jews before his death that because they rejected him as Messiah, the Kingdom of God would be taken from them and given to another nation bringing forth fruits of obedience (Matt. 21:23), that because the Jews had killed his son and his servants (the apostles), God would send forth his armies to destroy their nation and burn their city (Matt. 22:1-8) and "your house is left unto you desolate" (Matt. 23:28) and "not one stone would be left standing upon another" (Matt. 24:2). Jesus then defined what the "abomination of desolation" standing "in the holy place" was in Luke 21:20: "When ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh" referring back to Daniel 9:26-27 and the army "flood" and "war" that desolates. The Jews had rejected God's hen wings of protection (Matt. 23:27) and so now accepted Rome's eagle wings of destruction (Dan. 9:27). The gold eagle standard and red serpent standard were objects of worship among the soldiers. The emperor's image was also carried and worshipped by the soldiers. Roman legions carried their standards, the EAGLE and the SERPENT (both unclean), into the Temple and sacrificed before them in the traditional Roman manner -- an ox, a sheep, and a PIG (unclean) -- hence "ABOMINATION of desolation." Just as Jews of their prince Messiah destroyed his fleshly temple (John 2:19), so the Roman army of Titus the prince leveled the stone temple to the ground because the gold had melted between the cracks. Thus "There shall not be ... one stone (left) upon another" (Matt. 24:2) by this army "flood" (Dan. 9:26). From Jerusalem in 67 A.D. till Masada in 73 A.D. the war with Rome continued until the Jewish revolt was crushed.

The Solar, Lunar and Prophetic 1260-Year Periods

Since prophecy is symbolic and generalized, it has more than one application. In addition to the 360-day prophetic year found in the Bible, there is a 365.2422-day solar year used by Christian countries and a 354.366-day lunar year used in Moslem countries. To any start date must be added a LUNAR (1222.479 solar years), PROPHETIC (1241.915 solar years) and SOLAR 1260-year period (1260 solar years). Plus there are staggered start and finish times. The beginning and ending dates of historic events are often gradual rather than abrupt. Furthermore, we must look at two or three "little horns" for each scriptural fulfillment rather than just one. Therefore, for all these reasons, instead of speaking about one 1260-year period, we will discuss many.

Why Have 1290 or 1335-Year Periods?

In any 1260 solar-year period, there are 460205 days. In this same 1260 solar-year period there are 15584 lunar months of 29.5306 days producing exactly the same 460205 days within about three hours. In other words, 1260 solar years are a complete lunar-solar cycle -- the sun and moon harmonize without significant remainder. Furthermore 2,520 solar years exceed 2,520 lunar years by75 solar years exactly (Dan. 12:7-12). (i.e. 365.2422 - 354.366 = 10.8762 days x 2,520 years = 27408.024 days / 365.2422 = 75.040 solar years). How did Daniel discover these accurate astronomical phenomena when he had no accurate scientific instruments and when an error of a few seconds in the determination of the true length of the solar year would remove their cyclical character? Only the perfection of modern instuments can demonstrate this phenomenon at all.

When Did The "Times of the Gentiles" Begin (Lev. 26:28; Luke 21:24)?

The first king of the Babylonian Empire represented by the image was Nabonassar who ascended the throne at noon, February 26, 747 B.C. This date has been determined with certainty through a series of exact astronomical observations given by Ptolemy. This is therefore the earliest date from which to measure the "seven times." If we add 1222.5 solar years or 446,503 days, to 747 B.C., we arrive at the fall of Romulus Augustulus, August 22nd, 476 A.D; while 1260 lunar years (or 15,120 lunations) contain 446,502.5 days, so that the difference, if any, is merely one of hours. .Can any thinking mind regard this fact as mere chance coincidence? Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Pagan Rome all fit perfectly within the first 1260 LUNAR years. If we add 2520 SOLAR years to 747 B.C., we arrive at 1774 A.D. when Louis XVI ascended the throne in France in western Europe -- the beginning of the anti-Catholic French Revolution according to many history books. Also on July 21st, 1773, Pope Clement XIV banished Jesuits from the Church and the world by a Bull. In eastern Europe crushing defeats were inflicted on the Moslem Turkish armies in 1774. The Russians surrounded the vizier and his troops near Shumla, in Bulgaria, and dictated terms of the humiliating Peace of Kainardje, by which Russia obtained free navigation of the Black Sea besides large cessions of territory.

The duration of the four kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome, from the era of Nabonassar B.C. 747, to the deposition of Romulus Augustulus and the end of the Western Roman Empire in August 22, 476 A.D., was exactly 1260 LUNAR years (1,222.5 solar years). The interval from the fall of the Western Empire in A.D. 476 to a time 1260 LUNAR years later brings us to 1698 (1,222.5 solar years).. What happened in 1698? The completion of the Protestant Revolution at the Peace of Ryswick in September 20, 1697 (commemorated at the opening of St. Paul's Cathedral on December 2nd of that year) and the Peace of Carlowitz in January 26th, 1699 A.D. The significant date of 1698 bisects the two treaties that limit the two "little horns." By the Peace of Carlowitz Turkey lost Hungary, Transylvania, the Morea, Dalmatia, Podolia, the Ukraine and Azov -- making Turkey no longer a threat to Europe. The Sultan lost nearly half of his European possessions. The Turkish empire has eroded ever since.

The interval from the era of Nabonassar in 747 B.C. to 1774 A.D., the year of the accession of Louis XIV -- the initial date of the French Revolution is 2,520 SOLAR years. or "seven times." The PROPHETIC period ended in 1736 A.D. when war again broke out between the Ottomans and Russia, allied with Austria. The Russians recaptured Azov and won a spectacular success in Moldavia, where General Münnich entered Jassy (1739). However, Austria became alarmed by Russian ambitions in the Balkans and concluded the separate Treaty of Belgrade (1739), in which Russia was forced to join. Russia agreed to demilitarize Azov and not to build a Black Sea fleet

The struggle in western Europe was between Popery and Protestantism. The turning point came in 1697 with the Treaty or Peace of Ryswick and the decline of the "little horn" of the Papacy..It ended the bloody conflict between Protestanty and Catholic nations of Europe, and secured the recognition of Britain's "Glorious Revolution," and of William and Mary as lawful sovereigns of England. The struggle in eastern Europe was between Christianity and Islam. The turning point came at almost the same time in 1699 with the Treaty or Peace of Carlowitz and the decline of the "little horn" of Islam. Is it mere coincidence that both "little horns" begin a clear-cut decline at the end of 1260 years? But there is more. Reuben, Gad and half-Manasseh (1 Chr. 5:26) were taken captive in 745 B.C. If we add 2520 LUNAR years (2445 solar years) to this date, we arrive at this significant date of 1699 A.D. -- Peace of Carlowitz.

If we add 75 years to 1774 A.D. -- or the difference between 2520 lunar and 2520 solar years -- we will add it in two portions, 30 years and 45 years (Dan. 12:11-12). In 1804 (1774 + 30 = 1804). Napoleon was crowned emperor and at the same time degraded the Pope. The Emperor commanded Pius VII to attend the ceremony, obliging the old man to cross the Alps in mid-winter, not to confer a crown, but merely to adorn a ceremony. Napoleon himself placed the crown on his own head, purposely slighting the Pope. Napoleon then forced him to sign a concordat by which he renounced his temporal authority and all claim to Rome for ever, and agreed to reside in France in future, as a salaried servant of the Emperor. The Louisiana Purchase occurred in 1803 as well as Ohio entering the union in 1803. In 1849 (1774 + 30 + 45 = 1849) the Pope had to flee Rome again, driven away by his own dissatisfied subjects. Pius IX was deposed, his prime minister was killed, and an Italian Republic proclaimed under Mazzini. The Roman Nation al Assembly divested the Pope of all temporal power.The previous year of 1848 saw violent anti-Papal revolutions which shook nearly every throne in Europe. Old despotic monarchies were replaced by constitutional governments.California Gold Rush occurred in 1849 also. (In 1848 the U.S. bought from Mexico the southwest U.S.). If we add 30 lunar years to 1698 (29.107 solar years), we arrive at 1727.107. If we add 75 lunar years to 1698 (72.766 solar years), we arrive at 1770.766. If we add 30 prophetic years to 1736 (29.569 solar years), we arrive at 1765.569. If we add 75 prophetic years to1736 (73.923 solar years), we arrive at1809.923. In 1810 Naples expelled the Jesuits

When Was Jerusalem Trodden Under Gentile Feet (Lev. 26:28; Luke 21:24; Rev. 11:2)?

"But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months" (Rev. 11:2).

The four Gentile Empires of Daniel 2 have possessed the Holy Land for a combined total of "42 MONTHS" or 1260 days which symbolize 1,260 years (Num. 14:34; Ez. 4:6): Babylon possessed Palestine for 90 years, from 624 to 534 B.C. Medo-Persia for 200 years, from 534 to 334 B.C. Greece for 304 years from 334 to 30 B.C. and Rome for 666 years from 30 B.C. to 636 A.D. Now 90 + 200 + 304 + 666 = 1,260 SOLAR years. Then when Omar the Turk took Jerusalem in 637 A.D., we add 1,260 more SOLAR years to arrive at 1897 when the Zionist Movement was founded in Basel, Switzerland by Jews of all nations with the object of again settling the Jews in the Holy Land.

Just as the Gentiles "tread under foot" the physical Jerusalem for 42 months (1,260 days), so also they "shall" "tread under foot" the "New Jerusalem" or all TRUE CHRISTIANS for 1,260 YEARS because "HEAVENLY JERUSALEM" is the "ASSEMBLY and CHURCH of the FIRSTBORN" wherever they may dwell (Hebrews 12:22-23). "

Israel Nourished in Wilderness Of Eastern Europe (Dan. 12:7; Rev. 12:6; cp. Rev. 12:14)

"And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days" (Rev. 12:6).

In 721 B.C. Assyria's Sargon II took Samaria and led 27,290 Israelites captive, ending the Kingdom of Israel. Israel was taken "unto Halah, and Habor, and Hara, and to the River Gozan" (1 Chr. 5:26) "and in the cities of the Medes" (2 Ki. 17:6). It "shall be for a time, times, and a half a time; and when he shall have accomplished to SCATTER the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished" (Dan. 12:7) The westward march of Israel from "Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia (Minor), and Bithynia" (1 Pet. 1:1-2; 2:9-10) across the Roman "earth" was possible by holding back the four "winds" of war (Jer. 4:11-13) so Anglo-Saxons, Jutes and Danes could enter the "Isles afar off" (Jer. 31:1,4, 9-11) -- the British Isles. The winds started to blow when Alaric the Goth invaded Italy in 402 A.D. and sacked Rome itself on August 24, 410. In order to protect Italy, the Roman army evacuated the British Isles completely in 410 A.D. Jutes began to arrive in the British Isles in 449 A.D. Saxons began in 477 A.D. Angles started arriving in 507A.D., and were all settled by 540 A.D. Late arrivals were Scandinavians 802 A.D., Danes 866 A.D. and Normans in 1066 A.D. From Israel's captivity in 721 B.C. to 540 A.D. is 1260 SOLAR years. From Israel's captivity in 746 B.C. to 477 A.D. is 1260 LUNAR years (1222.5)

Israel was nourished in "the ISLES AFAR OFF" (Jer. 31:10) where this "virgin of Israel" (31:4) was "gathered" (31:10). This means the BRITISH ISLES. The flight of the woman began with the fall of heathenism (313) and ended with the rise of the Papacy (533-610), a period of less than three centuries. From 540 A.D. to 1800 A.D. she was protected in BRITAIN from this Holy Roman Empire for another 1260 SOLAR years till the seven "Times of the Gentiles" started to run out. "And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent" .(Rev. 12:14).

Also from 722 B.C. until 1799 A.D. is 2520 SOLAR years. During Napoleon's Italian campaign of 1796 to 1797 the power of the Papacy was broken, while in the spring of 1798 the Pope was violently removed from the Vatican, and expelled from Rome, his property confiscated, and his temporal power completely abolished; a Roman Republic being proclaimed in that city on the 20th of March of that year.

In 677 B.C., Esar-Haddon, son of Sennacherib, invaded Judah (2 Chr.33:11) and the remnant of Israel when they were ruled by an Assyrian governor and replaced them with Samaritans (2 Ki.17:24; Ezra 4:2). If we add 1260 years to this date we come to 584 A.D. It was in 582 A.D. when Gibbon says that the Saxon Heptarchy in Britain was established. In 583 A.D. that Pope Pelagius first claimed the Divine attribute of Infallibility. Adding the 2520 years to the date, we come to the fulfillment for Judah in 1844 when the Sultan of Turkey was forced by the Powers to give religious liberty to the Jews 2520 YEARS from the overthrow of Judah. For Israel this invasion fulfilled Hosea 1:6 that said, "I will no more have mercy upon the house of Israel, but I will utterly take them away." As Isaiah 7:8 states, "Within three score and five years shall Ephraim be broken that it be not a people." This was uttered about 742 B.C., making 677 B.C. 65 years later (cp. Hos.1:4). There was left in the nest "none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped" (Isa.10:14). From 677 B.C., we add 2520 YEARS to get 1843, plus one is 1844. One year later, in 1845, the United States annexed Texas territory which included large parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma as well as what is known as Texas today.

Roman Catholic "Little Horn" Persecutes Christians and Jews of Western Europe (Daniel 7) For 1260 Years

1. From 257 to 1517 A.D. Rome Has A "Mouth Speaking Great Things" (Dan. 7:25; Rev. 13:5)

"And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time".(Dan. 7:25). "And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months" (Rev. 13:5)

Cyprian was the last champion of doctrinal independence from Rome. All rivalry after his time was confined to Rome versus Constantinople. Cyprian was the first to express the idea of the Roman Catholic Church having a monopoly on salvation in 257 A.D. This doctrine was not effectively challenged until Luther nailed up his ninety-five Theses on the Wittemberg Church door in 1517 A.D. In the year 257 A.D. Cyprian had a dream in which he was promised one day respite from impending martyrdom. He actually had one year exactly of respite. His deacon who records the story, remarks upon the symbolism of a day for a year as being scriptural (Pontius, Life of Cyprian, sec.13). Now if we add 1260 SOLAR years to 257 A.D. we get 1517 A.D. Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, was the first to teach that "the bishop of Rome was the successor of St. Peter, and that the Church of Rome was entitled to precedence from importance of the city, but not in point of jurisdiction." However, Innocent I, Bishop of Rome, sought to enlarged Cyprian's claim to one of jurisdiction in 402 A.D. by requiring all western churches to conform to the customs of the Church of Rome. Adding 1260 LUNAR years (1222.5 solar) to 257 we get 1479.5. Adding 1260 PROPHETIC years (1241.9 solar) to 257 we get 1498.9.

2. From 312 to 1572 A.D. Christian Witnesses Testify By Martyrdom (Rev. 11:3)

"And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth" (Rev. 11:3)
From the victory of Constantine at the Milvian Bridge, October 28th 312 A.D. to the massacre of St. Bartholemew which began 24th of August 1572 and continued through September 1572, when Huguenots were massacred without mercy, there were 1260 SOLAR years. The Papal Era of Indictions began September 1st, 312 A.D. because Constantine was a Catholic "Christian" and persecuted all other Christians as "heretics." If we add 1260 LUNAR years (1222.5 solar) from 313 when Constantine came to power, we arrive at 1536 when the "Act Against the Pope's Authority" was made law. This Act removed the last traces of Papal power in England, including the Pope's right to decide disputed points of Scripture. The passing of this Act, together with the Act in Restraint of Appeals (1533) and the Act of Supremacy (1534) made it unacceptable for monastic communities, who owed allegiance to parent institutions outside England, to remain. and If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years (1241.915 solar years) to 312 A.D. we arrive at 1555 A.D. The Religious Peace of Augsburg between the Catholics and Protestants in Germany occurred in 1555. which was a victory for the Lutheran cause in Germany. From 1555 to 1773 Jesuits suffered no less than 37 expulsions from nations on account of their intrigues, immoral doctrines and evil practices. Pope Clement XIV in July 21, 1773, banished the Jesuits from the Church and world.

Christ's ministry of witnessing to the world lasted for three-and-a-half years from 27 to 31 A.D. -- a time times and half a time. Therefore it is right that his church should also witness for 1260 days -- or 1260 years. This is not the only 1260-year interval during which they witnessed.

3. From 325 to 1586 A.D. Rome Scatters "The Power Of The Holy People" (Dan. 12:7)

In 325 A.D. at the Council of Nicaea, Christians were forbidden to meet together in houses or gatherings by statute (Eusebius' Life of Constantine book 3:66). Exactly 1,260 SOLAR years from this date we arrive at 1586 when Mary Queen of Scots was convicted and executed for Catholic conspiracy This was the 1260 SOLAR years when the woman fled to the wilderness. (Rev. 12:6,12) At this time the threat of foreign religious domination of the throne of England ended The church came out of the wilderness. If we add 1260 LUNAR years to 325 A.D. we come to 1547 A.D when Edward VI became king of England. He made many anti-Catholic changes in the doctrine and ritual of the Anglican Church. Virgin worship and saint's days were prohibited. Transubstantiation denied. Pictures and crosses removed from the church. Candles, holy water and incense discontinued. Belief in purgatory and prayers for the dead stopped. Clergy allowed to marry. Services in English, not Latin. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years to 325 A.D. we come to 1567 A.D. when Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned in Lochleven Castle prison Scotland June 16 and forced to abdicate and 1-year-old James VI became King of Scotland July 24. In 1568 the revolt of the northern Low Countries began against Philip II, King of Spain.

If we add 1335 LUNAR years (1295 solar years) to 325 A.D. we arrive at 1620 when the Mayflower Pilgrims (Separatists from the Anglican Church) landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

From the year Constantine named the capital Constantinople in 328 A.D., thereby fulfilling 2 Thess.2:7, till the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 A.D., is 1260 SOLAR years.

4. From 529 to 1789 A.D. Justinian's Legal Code is the "Mouth Speaking Great Things" (Dan. 7:25; Rev. 13:5)

In 529 AD, Justinian closed the pagan Philosophical Academy in Athens and introduced legal reforms that favored "Christian" belief and values over pagan ones. He also established the Justinian Code (Codex Justinianus) in 529 AD uniting all valid imperial laws under one and thus founding the base of almost all legal systems in Europe. Justinian's Imperial Code confirms Papal Supremacy. If we add 1260 SOLAR years we arrive at 1789 when the anti-Papal French Revolution began -- returning to paganism. The Napoleonic Code recognizing the rights of man replaced the Papal Justinian Code which did not recognize the rights of man. If we add 1260 LUNAR years, we arrive at 1751 when English troops under sir Robert Clive occupy Arcot India, August 31. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years to 529, we come to 1771 when Spain cedes Falkland Islands to Britain on January 22.

If we add 1290 SOLAR years to 529, we arrive at 1819 when the United States bought Florida from Spain for five million dollars. Also in 1819, Brest's inhabitants expelled the Jesuits. U.S. bought half of North Dakota from Britain in 1818. Indians gave up 1/6 of Michigan by Treaty of Saginaw in 1819.

If we add 1335 SOLAR years to 529, we get 1864 when the massacre of Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians at Sand Creek Colorado occurred. Also in New Zealand the Waikato War ended and the land was confiscated.

5. From 533 to 1793 A.D. The Roman Bishop Had Supremacy

In 533 A.D. Justinian recognized the Bishop of Rome as "head of all the holy churches and all the holy priests of God. The "millenium" of Papal Rome was from 533 A.D. when Emperor Justinian decreed the Bishop of Rome "Head of all the Holy Churches" to 1534 when Parliament abrogated Papal supremacy in England and the British monarch became head of the Church of England. If we add 1260 SOLAR years to this date we come to 1793 when Catholic king Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette were executed. The anti-Catholic "Reign of Terror" (1793-1794) began. November 7, 1793. The Christian religion was abolished in France. The worship of Reason was substituted in its place. The Sabbath was abolished and a ten-day cycle was instituted in its place. (In 1794 through the influence of Robespierre the French people acknowledged a Supreme Being again). If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years (1241.889 solar years) we come to 1774 which was the accession of Catholic Louis XVI -- the starting point of the anti-Catholic French Revolution-- and Maria Antoinette. Remember also that in 1773, a Bull of Pope Clement XIV expelled Jesuits from all Christendom. If we add 1260 LUNAR years (1,222.5 solar years) we come to 1755 when the literary outbreak of infidelity against the "Christian" religion occurred by Voltaire (1694-1778) and later Rousseau (1712-1778) -- 1st vial (Rev. 16) -- incendiary remarks.

If we add 1290 SOLAR years to to 533 we get 1823 when the "Monroe Doctrine" was proclaimed by the U.S.

If we add 1335 SOLAR years to 533, we arrive at 1868. In 1867 the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000 -- or about two cents per acre. Also the Confederation of Canada occurred in 1867. In 1869 the Suez Canal was completed and the U.S. transcontinental railroad was completed.

6. From 536 to 1796 A.D. Italy Was A Catholic Country

In 536 A.D. Justinian's general Belisarius invaded Italy to make it Papal. If we add 1260 SOLAR years we come to 1796 when Napoleon invaded Italy to get rid of the Pope's temporal power. If we add 1260 LUNAR years (1222.5 solar) we arrive at 1759 when Portugal, irritated and wearied by the atrocious crimes and terrible immorality of the Jesuits, expelled them. Also in 1759, British troops chase French out of Masulipatam India on April 8. British fleet occupies Guadeloupe, West-Indies, on May 1. British capture Fort Niagara from French (7 Years' War) on July 25 British beat French forces at Plains of Abrahams (Quebec) September 13 Battle in Bay of Quiberon, British beat French November 20. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC times to 536, we arrive at 1778 when England declared war on France again.

If we add 1290 SOLAR years to 536 we get 1826 when the Straights Settlement occurred. Penang, Malacca and Singapore became part of the British Empire.

If we add 1335 SOLAR years to 536 we get 1871 when Catholic Paris surrendered to the Protestant Prussians. Also in 1871 Vancouver and British Columbia joined Canada.

7. From 538 to 1798 A.D. Church and State Were United

In 538 A.D., Justinian wrote a letter to the Pope offering to unite church and state. The Pope accepted. If we add 1260 SOLAR years we arrive at February 11th, 1798 when Napoleon's general Berthier took Rome and established the Roman Republic February 15th. Pope Pius VI was taken prisoner. The Pope was dethroned by Bonaparte. Rome was seized by the French army. The Pope was removed from the Vatican and expelled from Rome. The Pope found asylum in a convent in Tuscany. Spoils were taken from palaces, convents and rich collections in Rome. A Roman Republic was proclaimed, March 20th, 1798, preceded by enormous and unscrupulous plunder of Papal treasures in Northern and Central Italy. "These shall hate the whore, and make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh" (Rev. 17:16). If we add 1260 LUNAR years (1,222.5 solar years) we arrive at 1761 when the British fleet occupies Belle Britain June 8. 1762, France, irritated and wearied by the atrocious crimes and terrible immorality of the Jesuits, expelled them. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years (1241.889 solar years) we arrive at 1780 when the Battle at Cape St. Vincent occurred: Admiral Rodney beats Spanish fleet January 16.. Also in 1780, the Emperor Joseph II of Austria was the first to really emancipate his Jewish subjects. He opened the schools and universities to them. He allowed them to take degrees in philosophy, medicine and civil law; allowed them to follow any trade or establish manufacturing plants, subjecting them to the same laws as Christians. He permitted them to attend fairs in towns where they didn't reside. He delivered them from the body tax.

If we add 1290 SOLAR years to 538 we get 1828 when eight French colleges expelled the Jesuits. In 1829 both Britain and Ireland expelled Jesuits.

If we add 1335 SOLAR years to 538 we get 1873 when U.S. Marines attacked Panama.
8. From 554 to 1814 A.D. the "Holy Roman Empire" Continues (Rev. 13:5)

In 554 A.D. Italy once more became part of the Roman Empire after three Arian kingdoms were uprooted, the Heruli, Vandals and Ostrogoths (493-554 A.D.). Justinian's Imperial Restoration occurred. Justinian's general Narses reconquered Italy from the Ostrogoths. Justinian's Pragmatic Sanction (554) restored the government and lands taken by the Ostrogoths. If we add 1260 SOLAR years, we arrive at March 31st 1814 when the Allies victoriously entered Paris. Napoleon abdicated unconditionally April 11 and the "Holy Roman Empire" came to its end.. The allies allowed him to rule the island of Elba. Napoleon was the seventh and last head that carried the Papacy. If we add 1260 LUNAR years (1222.5 solar years) to 554 A.D., we arrive at 1776 when the United States of America declared its independence -- a Protestant republic with separation of church and State. Also in 1776, Russia expelled the Jesuits. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years (1241.889 solar years) to 554 A.D. we arrive at 1795 when Napoleon was appointed Commander-in-Chief and France established freedom of worship February 21 "Marseillaise" became the French national anthem July 15. British capture Capetown South Africa September 16.

If we add 1290 SOLAR years to 554, we arrive at 1844-1845 when the United States annexed Texas Territory which included large parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma as well as what is known as Texas today. Also in 1845, Lucerne expelled the Jesuits forever. If we add 1335 LUNAR years (1295 solar years) we come to February 8th, 1849 when the Roman National Assembly divests the Pope of all temporal power.

If we add 1335 SOLAR years to 554, we arrive at 1889 when Rhodes' British South Africa Company (BSA) gains a British mandate to colonise what becomes Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). In 1890, British gained a protectorate over Kenya and Zanzibar in exchange for giving Heligoland to Germany.

9. From 606-610 to 1866-1870 A.D. Revived Gentile Beast Survives (Rev. 13:5)

In 606 A.D. Constantinople's Emperor Phocas decreed the right of Roman Pope Boniface III to headship of all the churches, even of Constantinople, Eastern as well as Western. This joined the two "little horns" of Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 into one lamb-dragon (Rev. 13:11). In 607 A.D. the anglo-Saxon and Lombard kingdoms, last of the ten, gave their submission to Rome. France had been the first to do so in 476 A.D. October 5th, 610 A.D. Phocas was "taken out of the way" (2 Thess. 2) (He died.). Paulus Diaconus and Anastasius ("Historia Ecclesiastica et de Vitis Pontificum" p.ii, ch.3) indicate 606 A.D. as the date of this event; a date memorialized by the Pillar of Phocas (A.D. 607) still standing in the Forum at Rome. If we add 1260 SOLAR years to this date, we arrive at 1866. The temporal power of the Papacy ended when Garibaldi overthrew the Papal kingdom of Italy in stages: Venetia fell October1866; Tuscany fell October 1870. At the Battle of Sadowa on July 3rd 1866, Papal Austria was defeated by Protestant Prussia. The Franko-Prussian War followed. After the disasters of Sedan, Rome was evacuated by French troops. and the Papal government fell, to rise no more. The overthrow of France, Spain, Austria, and other Roman Catholic countries ensued. In 1866, Spain expelled the Jesuits. In 1870, Italy crowned its first king, appropriately named Victor Emmanuel. Garibaldi, that great man of God, said, "The Bible is the canon that must liberate Italy." He paved the way for the complete overthrow of the Papal Kingdom of Italy, in preparation of the general acceptance of Victor Emmanuel as king of Italy. By A.D. 1866-1870, before the victorious armies of Victor Emmanuel, all Papal States had incorporated into the Italian Kingdom. In October 1870, Rome was incorporated into the kingdom of Italy.Italy had come into the hands of its first king since the Caesars. From this time on, the Popes have been confined to the "Vatican City," and powerless to stop the free circulation of the Bible, which has never before been allowed in Rome during the 1260 years. On July 18th, 1870, the same day the Papal decree of Infallibility was published, Catholic France declared war on Protestant Prussia. July 27th Protestant Prussia besought God's blessing on her armies with a day of prayer. Before that year was over, Catholic France was defeated. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years (1241.889 solar years) to 606, we get 1848. when another French Revolution consumed Papal power. French people compelled Catholic Louise Philippe to abdicate. The Pope fled from Rome November 24th 1848, driven away by his own subjects.. The Roman National Assembly divested the Pope of all temporal power February 8th, 1849. One of the Pope's last acts before being made a prisoner was to emancipate the Jews from the degrading Ghetto. On the 17th April, 1848, the walls of the Ghetto were broken down and the 5,000 Jews given rights of citizenship. Austria also emancipated the Jews at this time. Furthermore, in 1848 the Jesuits were expelled from Sardinia, Naples, Papal States, Linz, Vienna, Styria, the Austrian Empire, Galicia and Sicily. The year 1848 was a year of revolutions in Europe. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years to 610, we get 1852 A.D. If we add 1260 LUNAR years to 606, (1222.5 solar years) we arrive at 1828. In 1828 , eight colleges in France expelled the Jesuits (Aix, Billon, Dole, Forculquier, Mont-Morillon, St. Acheul, and St. Ann). In 1829 Great Britain and Ireland expelled the Jesuits. In 1830 French people compelled their Roman Catholic King Charles X to abdicate after three days "War of Barricades" in Paris and victory of the people. Belgium became independent. Papal chair vacant for two months.If we add 1260 LUNAR years to 610, we arrive at 1832. when on August 2, 1,300 Illinois militia defeated the Sac and Fox indians, and ended the Black Hawk War. The Black Hawk were defeated in Iowa. Whites decimated the Indians in the Battle of Bad Axe River, Wisconsin. Black Hawk, leader of Sauk-indians, gave himself up on August 27.

If we add 1290 SOLAR years to 1866-1870 we get 1896-1900 when Ethiopia defeated Italy at the Battle of Adua. The Cook Islands were annexed by New Zealand in 1900.

The 1335 SOLAR years (Dan. 12:12) from 606-610 A.D. bring us first to 1941 when the U.S. entered World War Two and tipped the balance in favor of Protestant Britain to 1945 -- the end of World War Two -- Rome's latest attempt to create a "Holy Roman Empire" as well as Japan's attempt at empire under a Mikado-god. It failed.

Moslem "Little Horn" Persecutes Jews and Christians of Eastern Europe (Daniel 8) For 1260 Years

1. From 610 when Mohammed received a message from "Gabriel" until 1870 A.D. when Russia denounced the Treaty of Paris and began to rebuild a naval presence on the Black Sea is 1260 years (Dan. 12:7).

From 610 A.D. when Mohammed received a message from "Gabriel" until 1870 A.D. when Russia denounced the Treaty of Paris and began to rebuild a naval presence on the Black Sea is 1260 years (Dan. 12:7). In 1899 the Mahdi State fell and the British and Egyptians jointly occupied the Sudan -- 1290 years after Mohammed received a message allegedly given by Gabriel (Dan. 12:11). In 1945 World War 2 ended in the Allies' favor -- 1335 years from when Mohammed received his message (Dan. 12:12).

2. From 622 to 1844 A.D. Moslems "Scatter The Power of the Holy People" By Persecuting Christians and Jews (Dan. 12:7)

"And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished". (Dan. 12:7)

In 622 A.D. Mohammed fled from Mecca to Medina. This is called the Hegira. It was the turning point in his career, transforming him from despised leader of a sect of fanatics to the prince and prophet of his people. If we add 1260 SOLAR years to this date, we arrive at1882 when Great Britain obtained victory at Tel-el-Kebir, bombarded Alexandria, invaded Egypt and established an English Protectorate in Egypt which was part of the Ottoman Empire. If we add 1260 LUNAR years (1222.5 solar years) to this date, we arrive at 1844 which was when Britain and other Christian European nations forced the Sultan to sign the Decree of Toleration which abolished the death penalty for conversion from Islam to Christianity or any other religion (Hatti Hamayoum). This was followed by the erection of the English Church on Mount Zion. It is also interesting that 2520 solar years from 676 B.C. gives 1844 A.D. also. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years (1241.889 solar years) we arrive at 1863-1864. In 1863 Sir Moses Montefiore tried to get the Sultan to promise better treatment to Moroccan Jewry who were in a very poor state. He received a promise and there was a certain improvement in the short term but the Sultan went back on his promises. In 1864 Leon Pinsker wrote Autoemancipation and argued for creation of a Jewish state. By1866 Jews become a majority in Jerusalem. In 1867 Turkey gave Jews the right to own real estate in Israel.

If we add 1290 solar years to 622, we arrive at 1912. This year saw the first Balkan War and the beginning of the final break-up of Turkey's Empire. If we add 1335 solar years to 622, we arrive at 1957 when the Suez Canal was reopened after Egypt blockaded the Gulf of Aqaba and closed the canal to Israeli shipping. Israel, England and France went to war and reopened the canal. Also 1290 lunar years from 622 A.D. is 1873 when Turkey's occupied states of Herzegovenia, Montenegro, Boznia, and Bulgaria rebelled in open war against the Sultan. By 1917 (622 + 1335 = 1917) on the 1335th lunar year, (1295 solar years), Turkey was driven from Jerusalem and Palestine completely by Great Britain's General Allenby and Lawrence of Arabia from November 1917 to the Armistice in November 1918. This period on the Moslem calendar occupied the entire 1335th Moslem year since the Moslem calendar ran from September to September.

Also from 597 B.C. (Captivity of Jehoiachin) to 1848 A.D. (Jewish ghetto emancipation) is 2520 LUNAR years (2445 SOLAR years).

3. From 632 when Mohammed died and the Caliphate was established until 1892 when the Franco-Russian Treaty gave Russia a free hand with respect to Turkey is 1260 years.

From 632 A.D. when Mohammed died and the Caliphate was established until 1892 when the Franco-Russian Treaty gave Russia a free hand with respect to Turkey is 1260 years. In 1922 the Ottoman Empire came to an end and the Sultan abdicated -- 1290 years after Caliphate was established. In 1967 the Israeli Six-Day War was fought and Israel reclaimed Old Jerusalem -- 1335 years after the Caliphate was established.

4. From 634 A.D. when Omar (the "desolator"), who set up the "abomination" known as the Mosque of Omar, succeeded to the Caliphate, until 1894 when persecution strengthened nationalistic sentiment among Christian Armenians leading to the Sassoun Resistance (1894) is 1260 years.

From 634 A.D. when Omar (the "desolator"), who set up the "abomination" known as the Mosque of Omar, succeeded to the Caliphate, until 1894 when persecution strengthened nationalistic sentiment among Christian Armenians leading to the Sassoun Resistance (1894) is 1260 years. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation also played a significant role in arming the people of the region. The Armenians of Sassoun confronted the Ottoman army and Kurdish irregulars at Sassoun, succumbing to superior numbers. The violence spread and affected most of the Armenian towns in the Ottoman empire. In 1924 the office of Sultan-Caliph was abolished by Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) on March 1924. This is confirmed in Daniel 12:11, being 1290 solar years from 634 A.D., -- 1290 years after Omar became Caliph. In 1969 Golda Meir became Prime Minister of Israel -- 1335 years after Omar became Caliph.

5. From 637 to 1897 A.D. Jerusalem Trodden Under Gentile Feet (Lev. 26:28; Luke 21:24; Rev. 11:2)

In 637, Omar captured Jerusalem and all Syria and in 638 a wooden mosque was erected on the site of Solomon's Temple, called the "Mosque of Omar.". This was later rebuilt in stone and called the "Dome of the Rock." The Patriarch Sophronius said to Omar, "Verily this is the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy Place." If we add 1260 SOLAR years, we arrive at 1897 when the Zionist Movement was founded in Basel, Switzerland. The idea was for Jews of all nations to settle in the Holy Land. Jews hold their first Zionist Congress thereby becoming an organized body politic for the first time since their dispersion. Also in 1897 was the Turko-Greek War. The autonomy of Crete was determined by the Great powers. If we add 1260 LUNAR years (1222.5 solar years), we arrive at July 9th, 1860 when there was a Mohammedan Druze massacre of 3,300 Christians in Lebanon and Damascus followed by English and French intervention. Lebanon was placed under a Christian governor and British Protectorate, England and France having a veto on the appointment. Lord Dufferin, British Commissioner, enters Damascus. The Universal Israelite Alliance, whose headquarters are at Paris, was also formed in this year. Its objective was to labor for freedom and moral progress of Israelites and encourage colonization of Palestine. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years (1241.889 solar years), we arrive at 1878. The Russo-Turkish War of 1877 resulted in Russia totally defeating the Ottoman armies in1877, followed in 1878 by British occupation of Cyprus and a Protectorate in Asia. The Berlin Treaty dismembered Ottoman Empire and deprived the Porte of its most important possessions in Europe and bound it to introduce "necessary reforms" signed 13th July 1878

"And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate". (Dan. 9:27)

The office of Sultan-Caliph was abolished by Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk) on March 1924. This is confirmed in Daniel 12:11, being 1290 solar years from 634 A.D., when Omar (the "desolator"), who set up the "abomination" here referred to, succeeded to the Caliphate. Exactly 1290 solar years after the Mosque of Omar was built in 638, Islam was abolished as the State religion of Turkey in 1928.
In 1973 the Yom Kippur War occurred and Israel was victorious -- 1335 years after Omar Captured Jerusalem.

6. From 657 to 1917 A.D. A Divided Islam Scatters "The Power of the Holy People" At Jerusalem (Dan. 12:7)

Nebuchadnezzar's army takes tribute from Jerusalem in 604 B.C. Jehoiakim is taken captive (cp. Jer. 25:1 & Dan. 1:1-2). From 604 B.C. till 1917 A.D. are the seven "Times of the Gentiles" (Luke 21:24; Lev. 26:28) which are bisected by the date 657 A.D. In the time of Ali Bin Abu Talib's reign, ruler of the Islamic Realm, Muawiya bin Abu Sufian was the governor of Syria (Al-Sham), and wanted to separate Syria from the realm, to be independent. At the battle of Seffeen, north of Syria, in the year 36 of the Hijri calendar, (some 657 A.D.), the two sides fought. After this battle there was a split in Islam. Those who supported Ali were called the Shiia'ats who were mostly in Iraq and Iran, and those who supported Muawiya are the Sunies. And so the Muslims were divided into two political factions. If we add 1260 SOLAR years to this date, we come to 1917 and the Russian Bolshevik Revolution which was a punishment on the Moslem Religion which persecuted Jews and Protestants just as the French Revolution (1789) was a punishment on the Roman Catholic Church which persecuted Jews and Protestants. Atheistic Russia destroyed Turkish Islam just as Revolutionary secular France destroyed Roman Catholicism -- each after 1260 years. Also in 1917, Turkey was driven from Jerusalem and Palestine completely by Great Britain's General Allenby and Lawrence of Arabia from November 1917 to the Armistice in November 1918. If we add 1260 LUNAR years (1222.5 solar) to 657 A.D. we come to 1879 A.D. when two new projects developed out of Jerusalem and Safed. In both places small groups of traditionally orthodox Jews decided to try and buy land to set up agricultural settlements. The group from Jerusalem founded Petach Tikvah, while the group from Safed set up a village above the Kinneret called Gai Oni. Both failed quickly, overcome by a host of difficulties. But within a few years both revived because of new settlers who came to the country in the early eighties. Petach Tikvah survived with the same name. Gai Oni changed its name to Rosh Pinah. In 1878 at the Berlin Conference, the wholesale dismemberment of the Turkish Empire occurred. If we add 1260 PROPHETIC years (1241.915 solar) to 657, we come to 1899 Emile Zola wins a new trial for French Captain Alfred Dreyfus, and despite new charges, Dreyfus is aquitted and promoted to Major. Also Theodor Herzl establishes the Jewish Colonial Trust, the financial arm of the Zionist movement in 1899 .

If we add 1290 solar years to this date, we come to May 15, 1948 when Israel became a nation after the British Mandate ended 14 May. After defeating troops from Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan from May 1948 of to July 1949, Israel wins her independence. If we add 1335 solar years to 657, we arrive at 13th September 1993 A.D. when after secret negotiations, Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin signs a peace accord with longtime enemy Yasir Arafat, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Incidentally, from 605 to 1827 A.D. are 1260 lunar years (1222 solar years) from the first religious impressions on Mohammed till the first blow against Turkish power by the independence of Greece. Also from 610 A.D. when Mohammed publicly declared his mission till 1832 when the rebellion of Egypt and its independence from Turkey occurred are another 1260 lunar years.

In summary, from 657 A.D. when Islam divided into Sunni and Shia branches (mostly in Iraq and Iran) until 1917 when Turkey was driven from Jerusalem and Palestine by Great Britain's General Allenby and Lawrence of Arabia is 1260 years. In May 15, 1948 Israel became a nation in a day -- 1290 years after Islam divided in two. The British Mandate ended May 14. After defeating troops from Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan from May 1948 to July 1949, Israel won her independence. In 1993 Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin signed a peace accord with longtime enemy Yasir Arafat, chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization -- 1335 years after Islam divided in two.

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