How To Lose Weight

All organisms increase longevity 30% if caloric intake is reduced 30%. But animals are deliberately made fat with a feed lot. In a feed lot the food is deliberately designed to be MINERALLY-DEFICIENT so that the animals will eat ravenously 24/7. They are given a steady stream of CARBOHYDRATES in the form of corn. That combination of MINERAL DEFICIENCIES along with a steady stream of CARBOHYDRATES is what makes animals FAT and OBESE.

The same is true for humans. For example, "Nobody can eat just one" (Lay's Potato Chips). A full 62% of Americans are overweight because of snack foods. The typical child today eats meals that are low in protein and low in fat but high in CARBOHYDRATE -- and MINERALLY DEFICIENT. They therefore eat ravenously, usually SUGARY or salty foods. Breakfast is 95% CARBOHYDRATE: cereal, orange juice (SUGARY with no fiber) and an apple streudel. In order to lose weight, they must REVERSE the process. They should have eggs, butter and fish. Keto. Tomatoes (more nutrients) rather than fruit (SUGAR). They should SUPPLEMENT with iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, boron, silica, sulfur, selenium, zinc and copper as well as having chromium and vanadium in their diet. Then the cravings for food would go away. They should AVOID CARBOHYDRATES and SUGAR (high glycemic index). It is possible to live entirely without carbohydrates. Keto. Americans eat the wrong kinds of food; they eat too much and too often. They should only eat ONE MEAL A DAY and fast the rest of the time or 8- hour eating window and 16-hours of fasting per day. Forget three meals a day. Hunger is what makes people healthy. Maybe even fast every other day in addition to eating just ONE MEAL A DAY. Lots of GREEN TEA should be drunk. They should eat chicken, fish or egg protein to lose weight. Keto. Lots of green leafy vegetables, bell peppers, zucchini, avocado, cauliflower, broccoli and tomatoes. Stay away from fruits and fruit juices which are SUGARY. Stay away from pasta. The more GRAIN you eat, the more obese you become. Eat protein and fat. Keto. We don't need CARBOHYDRATES. We can make all the blood sugar we need from protein and fat. GIVE UP CARBOHYDRATES (pasta, white potatoes, white rice, white bread, and grains. These are all STARCHES that turn into GLUCOSE in the digestive tract). Only eat fat (olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, grassfed butter, olives, cream, macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans, Brazil nuts; hemp seeds) protein (meat, fish, milk and eggs), and non-starchy vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, avocado, cauliflower, green beans, spinach, cabbage, pepper) and SMALL AMOUNTS of antioxidant fruit low in sugar (cinnamon, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, lemon juice). There are some breads made from almond flour, coconut flour, lupin flour or sunflower seed flour which have almost no carbs. One cup of wheat flour has 96 carbs whereas one cup of almond flour has 10 carbs and one cup of sunflower seed flour has 17 carbs. One cup of coconut flour has 6 carbs. Drink apple cider vinegar (diluted). A word of caution about exercise. Exercise makes you sweat. Sweat loss is mineral loss. This makes you hungrier. "Physical exercise profits for a little while" (1 Tim. 4:8) as long as you SUPPLEMENT. But professional athletes rarely live to be 100. Humans need 90 nutrients: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids. Plants need only 9, and they can get away with just 3 -- NPK. Plants can't manufacture minerals. They get them from the veins in the earth.

In 1935, Clyde McKay proved that you can increase longevity in rats by simply increasing the VITAMIN-MINERAL ratio with respect to each CARBOHYDRATE calorie. That's one reason LOW-CARB diets are good for you. That's why they work to help you lose weight and live longer. The first group of rats lived 2 years with rat pellets. In the second group, rats lived 50% longer with 30% LESS CARBS. In the third group. rats lived twice as long with 60% LESS CARBS. The vitamins and minerals were kept the same in all three groups and the quantity of CARBOHYDRATES was the variable.

The human model that proves this same point is the Hunzas, who were the healthiest and longest-lived people in the world in the 1930s. They had no electricity or indoor plumbing. No doctors or drugs. They lived in a single valley at the 19,500 ft elevation. Nothing grows there. No rice, no potatos, no corn. Very little wheat because of the short growing season. Therefore, the sum total of STARCHY, CARBOHYDRATE intake per day was one tortilla of wheat. Very small. The rest of their food was LAMB, MUTTON, GOAT, CHEESE, and MILK. They cooked in BUTTER. They had a few vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage and carrots. This dovetails into Clyde McKay's model for rats. But where did they get their extra VITAMINS and MINERALS? They took the wood ashes from their stoves and put them in their gardens every morning. Leaves, wood, manure, pulverized animal bones and inedible parts of vegetables as well as wood ashes were composted in pits. WOOD ASHES are the MINERALS that are left when you burn the wood.

Cortisol causes weight gain. Fat people have high cortisol levels and thin people have low levels of cortisol. Therefore, natural ways to reduce cortisol levels include eating dark chocolate, blueberries, strawberries and turmeric and drinking green tea, ashwagandha and resveritrol.

14 Tips To Lose Weight in Just Ten Days

1. Drink Four Cups of WATER per day to cleanse out toxins via urine.
2. Switch to hot Green Tea every morning on an empty stomach instead of Tea or Coffee to cleanse out toxins.
3. Drink hot water with LEMON and honey every morning (or ACV) on an empty stomach.
4. Greatly REDUCE CARBOHYDRATE intake (white rice, white bread, white potatoes, white sugar, etc.)
5. PROTEIN converts fat into muscle so EAT MORE PROTEIN (meat, fish, milk, eggs and butter)
6. INCREASE FIBER intake which reduces bad cholesterol and fills the stomach (juicers eliminate fiber).
7. AVOID MAN-MADE & packaged manufactured food: hamburgers, sausages, pizza, chips, cookies, etc.) which have built-in food cravings -- salt, sugar and fat.
8. Proper EXERCISE six days a week (high-intensity-interval training rather than treadmill-type exercise).
9. Avoid the three white poisons: white rice, white sugar and white salt.
10. Reduce food consumption to ONE-THIRD (one meal a day).
11. If you consume fruit, only consume high water-content fruits with low calories (watermelon, cucumber, and papaya)
12. Take VITAMIN-MINERAL supplement daily. Prefer SPROUTS to snacks since they are rich in nutrients.
13. Not more than one meal a day.
14. No soda pop (sugar) or fruit juice (sugar)

Six Habits Of People Who Stay Fit

1. Wake Up Early (exercise)
2. Eat a great Breakfast (eggs for protein)
3. Drink Water Throughout the Day (with a lemon).
4. Get up and move.
5. Do energizing exercises
6. Walk home

Weight Loss Tips

1. Increase water intake (4-5 liters/day)
2. Hot water with lemon and honey (take every morning on an empty stomach)
3. Increase protein intake
4. Increase fiber intake
5. Switch to green tea instead of tea/coffee.
6. Avoid junk foods (candy, cookies, cake, chips, chocolate, ice cream,
donuts, pastry, muffins, white bread or peanut butter)
7. Proper exercises (skipping, walking, swimming and cardio workouts mostly).
8. Avoid the three white poisons (salt, sugar, rice).
9. Reduce your food consumption (One Meal A Day)
10. Prefer sprouts to snacks
11. Get rid of food craving.
12. Prefer salads to juices.
13. Maintain your sugar level.
14. Ingredients that help (lemon & cinnamon)
15. Walk.
16. Lift more weights. Climb stairs.
17. Drink lots of water.
18. Eat slowly and chew each bite of food.
19. Spend more time outdoors.

Zero Calorie Foods
(they burn more calories than they contain)
(a calorie is a unit of heat. It is the amount of energy needed
to increase the temperature of water by 1°C).
(Daily recommended calorie intake for men: 2500. For women: 2000)
(3500 calories = 1 pound of body fat)

(Reducing your daily calorie intake by just 100 can cut the risk of developing type 2 diabetes,
reduce the risk of heart disease, and ease joint pain)

1. Apple
2. Apricot
3. Asparagus
4. Aubergine
5. Beetroot
6. Blackberries
7. Blueberries
8. Broccoli
9. Butternut Squash
10. Cabbage
11. Cantaloupe
12. Carrot
13. Cauliflower
14. Celery
15. Chili Peppers
16. Cranberries
17. Cress
18. Cucumber
19. Endive
20. Garlic
21. Grapefruit
22. Green Beans
23. Green Tea
24. Honeydew Melon
25. Kelp
26. Lemon
27. Lettuce
28. Lime
29. Mango
30. Onion
31. Papaya
32. Peach
33. Pineapple
34. Radish
35. Raspberries
36. Spinach
37. Strawberries
38. Tangerine
39. Tomato
40. Turnip
41. Watermelon
42. Zuccini

Must Eat Weight Loss Foods

1. Almonds
2. Cinnamon
3. Apple Cider Vinegar
4. Brown Rice
5. Watermelon
6. Grapes
7. Lima Beans
8. Romaine Lettuce
9. Turkey
10. Celery
11. Lemons and Limes
12. Salmon
13. Sweet Peppers

Top Ten Ways To Lose Belly Fat

1. Avoid soft drinks which contain high fructose corn syrup, sugar or artificial sweeteners which contribute to belly fat.
2. Avoid manufactured foods like margarine, processed wheat, soy, corn and vegetable oils.
3. Stop ingesting pesticides (Buy only organic fruits and vegetables. Wash and peel.)
4. Ease up on the grains -- only 1-2 servings per day -- or none at all. (Rice, quinoa, millet, and amaranth)
5. Switch from cow's milk to coconut milk or bone calcium.
6. Drink lots of water.
7. Strengthen your core. One of the best exercises to strengthen your midsection is to plank.
Its like doing a stationary push-up without moving up and down.
8. Avoid grain-fed meat and eat grass-fed meat. Grass-fed meats are naturally high in fat-fighting Omega-3 fats
and Conjugated Linoleic Acid, both found to increase fat-burning all over the body.
9. Increase intake of unrefined organic coconut oil. It has been referred to as a miracle-worker as it is one of the only
foods available that can significantly increase your metabolic rate. This leads to more excess fat burned off the body.
!0. Reduce stress.

Bob Harper's The Skinny Rules
(weight-loss expert and star of NBC's The Biggest Loser)

1. Drink a large glass of water before every meal.
2. Don't drink your calories.
3. Eat Protein at every meal -- or stay hungry and grouchy.
4. Slash your intake of refined flours and grains.
5. Eat 30 to 50 grams of fiber every day.
6. Eat berries every single day.
7. No carbs after lunch.
8. Learn to read food labels so you know what you are eating.
9. Stop guessing about portion size and get it right.
10. No more added sweeteners, including artificial ones.
11. Get rid of those white potatoes.
12. Make one day a week meatless.
13. Get rid of fast foods and fried foods.
14. Eat a real breakfast.
15. Make your own food and eat at least 10 meals a week at home.
16. Banish high-salt foods.
17. Eat your vegetables.
18. Go to bed hungry.
19. Sleep right.
20. Plan one splurge meal a week.

15 Ways To Burn More Fat

1. Stay Hydrated
2. Eat Watermelon
3. Drink lowfat milk
4. Get More Vitamin D
5. Eat iron-enriched foods
6. Fight fat with fiber
7. Drink coffee or tea
8. Eat breakfast
9. Eat the heat -- spicy food (peppers) speeds up the metabolism
10. Drink cold water
11. Stand rather than sit
12. Eat organic
13. Eat more protein
14. Go to bed earlier
15. Don't starve

How To Lose 52 Pounds in a Year -- Do the Math

1. There are about 3500 calories in 1 pound of fat.
2. Every two jumping jacks = 1 calorie burnt
3. 7000 jumping jacks = 1 pound gone
4. 10 sets of 100 jumping jacks each day for 7 days will burn 1 pound.
5. That means in one year, at that rate, you will lose 52 pounds.

Top 10 Belly-Fat-Burning Foods

1. Oatmeal
2. Almonds
3. Olive Oil
4. Eggs
5. Whey Protein
6. Berries
7. Lean Meats
8. Whole Grains
9. Peanut Butter
10. Green Vegetables


Drink Water At the Correct Time

2 glasses of water after waking up -- helps activate internal organs.
1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal -- helps digestion.
1 glass of water before taking a bath/shower -- helps lower blood pressure.
1 glass of water before going to bed -- avoids stroke or heart attack.

Jillian Michael's Recipe For Losing 5 Pounds in 7 Days

Get 60 ounces of distilled or pure water.
Add a tablespoon of sugar-free cranberry juice
Add 1 dandelion root tea bag
Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
Drink the 60 ounces every day for 7 days.

This recipe works because it helps flush out
excess water weight you have carrying around
in your body and ... You could lose more than 5
pounds in 7 days depending on how much excess
water weight you're carrying around.

Flat Belly Tea Recipe

* 1 cup organic hot green tea
* 1tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
* Juice from a lemon half
* Stevia or raw honey to taste

1. Brew 1-2 tea bags of green tea in 8oz of filtered water.
2. Add apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and stevia to taste.
3. Stir and enjoy!

Dr. Oz's Swimsuit Slimdown Drink

1. 1 cup grapefruit or orange or pineapple juice.
2. 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
3. 1 teaspoon honey

Drink before each meal ... breaks down fat cells faster than anything else.

Melt Fat Like Crazy -- Detox Drink

1. a glass of warm water
2. 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
3. a dash of cayenne or chili pepper
4. 1 lemon squeeze

Drink 20 minutes before each meal.




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