British Are Not Of German Origin
F. G. Parsons, D.Sc., F.R.C.S., F.S.A., late President of the Anthropology Section of the British Association, said in a letter to the "Daily Telegraph and Morning Post": " I only want now to deal with this question of head shape because the head contains the brain, and a differently shaped brain leads to differences in mentality and outlook on life.

When, some 20 years ago, there were many German prisoners of war in England, Professor Le Gros Clark, of Oxford, and I were able to examine them carefully. We found that, even in Schleswig-Holstein, their heads were broader and shorter than the English average. That English, fortunately or unfortunately, have received comparatively little Alpine blood in their present country, and my contention is that we cannot claim the modern Germans as kinsmen, in spite of their belief that they are true Nordics. Nor can I think that, with brains so different, we are likely to have the same mental outlook on things or the same moral or sentimental standards" (National Message 30th March, 1938, p. 218).

"Germany is a mixture of Philistines, Assyrians and Romans, traditional enemies of Israel. Hence hereditary animosity of Germans to Saxons has its source in the probability that they are the descendants of Israel" -- Dr. Swaner, editor of German paper Volkserzicher, 1910)

"Anglo-Saxons came from lands lying on the WESTERN shores of the present German Empire.... however ... the Briton and German represent contrasted and opposite types of humanity .... The radical differences in the two forms (of skull shape) leap to the eye. In the majority of Britons -- English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish -- the hinder part of the head, the occiput, projects prominently backwards behind the line of the neck; the British head is long in comparison with its width. In the vast majority of Germans the occiput is flattened as if the hinder part of the head, when still young and plastic, had been pushed forwards and upwards. The peculiarity of the German skull is due to no artificial means; we know that the prominent occiput and flattened occiput are characters that breed true over thousands of years.... Even in the sixteenth century, Vesalius, who is universally regarded as the "father of anatomy," regarded the flat occiput as a German characteristic; but seeing that he was born in Brussels in 1514, it is possible that Teutonic anatomists may now impugn his veracity. We have, however, the evidence of Virchow -- the greatest of German anthropologists. He came, rather unwillingly, to the conclusion that the vast majority of modern German people differed from British, Dutch, Dane and Scandinavian in form of head.... With the exodus of the Franks to France and the Anglo-Saxons to Britain in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth centuries of our era, Germany was almost denuded of the long-headed elements in her population. These were concentrated in the WESTERN shorelands, and in modern Germany it is only in these same lands, forming less than one-fifth of the total Empire, that we find a good proportion of "longheads" amongst the German people. When the Franks and Anglo-Saxons were moving into France and England the great area now covered by the German Empire had been invaded from the east -- from the regions now occupied by the Russians, Poles and Czechs -- by swarms of people with flat occiputs and round heads -- men of the Hindenburg type. History relates that by the end of the sixth century this type had overrun all the area of modern Germany, except the lands along the WESTERN shores. We now know, however, that the permeation of Germany by men of the Hindenburg type did not begin with the break-up of the Roman Empire. In ancient graves of the early iron, bronze and neolithic ages we find the Hindenburg type, showing that the western movement of the flat occiputs had set in thousands of years before the days of the Roman Empire.... The famous French anthropologist, de Quatrefages, regarded the cruelties practised by the Germans in 1870-71 as attributable to their racial origin. Modern anthropologists are not inclined to regard any mental character which can be eradicated by education as a racial trait. The practice of a codified system of "frightfulness" is due to the vicious method of education, not to a vicious racial origin. Yet there can be no doubt that certain aptitudes do belong to certain races and breed true from generation to generation. The flat occiput has never shown any aptitude for the sea. All the races which have commanded the sea -- the Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, Norwegians and British -- have long heads with prominent occiputs. It is remarkable that even at the present day the German navy recruits its crews from the WESTERN shores, where a long-headed element still manages to survive." (Are We Cousin to the German? by Sir Arthur Keith in The Graphic, Dec. 4, 1915, p. 720).

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