Is ISSACHAR Finland and Switzerland?


The tribe of ISSACHAR was taken captive "unto Halah (Holman), and Habor (Khabur), and Harah (Aria, Ariana, Arachosia, Harat), and to the river Gozan (Gauzanitis, Ouzan R., Cyrus R.)" (1 Chr.5:26) "and in the cities of the Medes" (2 Ki.17:6).

A city of Parthia was ISTAKHR (Persepolis) (2:448c). Herodotus 1:125 mentions the SAGARTII (called by Darius ASAGARTA, in the central desert of Persia (cf. Herod. 7:85). Carmania, with the SAGARTIANS, the Utians, and other tribes, formed a satrapy and paid tribute to Darius (Her. 3:93). Ptolemy mentions the SAGARAUCAE in Scythia (6:14). In 76 B.C. we still find the SACARAUCAE tribe in Iran (24:127c). Ptolemy also mentions the SACARA province (6:13) as well as SERICA province (6:16) above India. The SIRACES had migrated just north of the Caucasus Range by the first century from SERICA. This tribe of ISSACHAR migrated to Europe because Strabo places the "Celtic tribe" of SCORDISCI in Thrace and the SCORDISCORUM in Pannonia (Yugoslavia). In Switzerland is the SAGEROU Pass, Alps (26:242, B4) and SCARADRA Pass, Alps (1:744c),

"And the children of ISSACHAR, who were men who had understanding of the TIMES, to know what Israel ought to do" (1 Chr.12:32) indicates that ISSACHAR'S descendants would make CALENDARS and CLOCKS. This is exactly what SWITZERLAND is known for. In addition, ISSACHAR means "Hired for pay" and in Holland there is a proverb, "No money, no Swiss," referring to the time that Swiss men hired themselves out to other nations as soldiers. Some scholars believe the FRIESIANS are Issachar also because many FRIESIANS of HOLLAND were leaders in the fields of MATHEMATICS and ASTRONOMY (Eise Eisinga; the three Roelofs brothers; Sied Rienks; Obe Sikkes Bangma; Jan Elzinga). Many FREISIAN names to this day are UBBO, UBBE, OBBE, ABE and UBO after Issachar's son JOB (Gen.46:13). In the lists of the Israelite tribes in the Bible, it is also interesting that ISSACHAR and ZEBULUN are almost always linked together (Gen.49, Deut.33, Num.7 &13, Judges 5, Rev.7). Thus we see HOLLANDERS (Zebulun) and SWISS (Issachar) dwelling together because the tribes of ELON, the son of Zebulun (Num.26:26), became known as ALANS and ALAMANS (from Holman -- the "Hala" of Israelite exile (2 Ki.17)) who settled in ALSACE and merged with the SUEBI from JASHUB (Num.26:24) son of ISSACHAR in ALSACE. The two names, SUEBI and ALAMANS, are used synonymously. The same is true of LORRAINE. Yes, ZEBULUN'S "border shall be unto ZIDON" (Gen.49:13). Issachar conquered Zidon at one point in Palestine and another fulfillment came in Europe when the SEDUNI tribe dwelt in Switzerland which was called SIDON in medieval times. Even today is a SEDUNUM (Sion) Switzerland. Yes, Hollanders do border the Swiss.

After being taken captive, Issachar may have named Ptolemy's SACARA province above India. These "Finns" migrated up the Volga and left their name at the town of Tula, not far from Moscow before moving on towards the Baltic. Tula was founded near the Tulitsa River (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1943 Ed., Vol. 22, see "Tula," p. 538). One of Issachar's sons was named "Tola." According to Pliny 4:13 the SCIRI live from the Vistula northward to the Finnish Gulf. SCIRINGSHEAL ("town of Sciri") seems to have been present Kronstadt.

We find evidence of ISSACHAR in Finland.The FINNS call themselves SUOMI after SHIMRONI (Nu.26:24). The Estonians are related to the Finns. TALLIN Estonia got its name from TOLA (Nu. 26:23). Estonians call themselves TALLOPOEG.

In World War 2, Mannerheim of FINLAND rallied his people to arms with the call that they fought under the banner of ISSACHAR. It is apparent that ISSACHAR must "Rejoice ... in thy tents" because his ports are ice-bound (Finland) or landlocked (Switzerland) and he can't "go out" like Zebulun. As far as sucking the abundance of "treasures hid in the sand" (Deut. 33:19), "The Finns, slowly but surely, have pushed the limit of their farm zone farther toward the northeastern interior.... They have cleared the forests and drained the swamps to make way for fields and pastures. The soils are poor, and the climate is difficult. But today Finnish farmers are growing crops farther north than any other people in the world. In many years their average yield per hectare is higher than that of more favored countries in Europe" (New Book Of Knowledge 6:133). Genesis 49:15 says, he "became a servant unto tribute." which is the meaning of "Finlandization." Bowing to the Soviet Union while maintaining sovereignty.

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