Is Holland ZEBULUN?


The Israelite tribe of ZEBULUN (meaning "Dwelling") was taken captive "unto Halah (Holman), and Habor (Khabur), and Harah (Aria, Ariana, Arachosia, Harat), and to the river Gozan (Gauzanitis, Ouzan R., Cyrus R.)" (1 Chr.5:26).

To the south of Harah was ZABULISTAN, a district in Afghanistan. Zebulun's three sons were SERED, YAHLEEL and ELON. Thus we find the SARDU District of Persia (15:756b) and JALALABAD Afghanistan (1:307 (F2) as well as the ALANI tribe in Media (21:218c) which is where Israel was taken captive -- "the cities of the Medes" (2 Kings 17:6). SERED (Num.26:26) may have become the SARDAN Sea People (p.57, Velikovsky Peoples Of The Sea) also known as Phoenicians since Zebulun's border was "unto Sidon" (Gen.49:13), a Phoenician seaport. They may have named SARDINIA and may have become the SUARDONES, a people of Germany (Tacit. G. 40). The CHALI (Ptolemy 2:10:64) of Jutland are JAHLEEL and Ptolemy mentions the "SABALINGOI" (Ptolemy 2:10:63) of Jutland which means People (Goi) of ZEBULUN (Sabulin). All these peoples must have moved south along the coast after Ptolemy wrote because the name HOLLAND and the ALANS both come from ELON. In England we find the ALAUNUS River and ALAUNA town (Ptol.2:2). In Cornwall England is "Peran-ZABULAE." There is a HALLAND on the SW coast of Sweden and a HALLIN Norway. The 17th century "Chronicle of Zealand" by Smallegange mentions that the "Batavians," "Frisians," "Menapians," and others were descended from the Hebrews and father Noah.

Jacob prophesied that "Zebulun shall settle the SEASHORES; he will be a HARBOR for SHIPS" (Living Torah) and "extend his legs to the FISHERY" (Gen.49:13). Moses prophesied, "Rejoice Zebulun, in your VOYAGES abroad ... they shall SUCK the abundance of the SEAS, and TREASURES hidden in the SAND" (Deut.33:18-19). Glass, the seed of many discoveries in science, was first made from sand: from it the hour-glass, telescope, microscope, spectroscope, etc. The HUGE DUTCH MERCHANT MARINE rivalled English commercial shipping in the 1600s. After the Anglo-Dutch wars of 1652 to 1674, a peace treaty was signed which concluded that "the dispensations of the Lord have been as if he had said, 'England thou art my FIRSTBORN, my delight among nations.'" Holland recognized England as a FIRSTBORN BROTHER. The Dutch ruled the Dutch East Indies for 300 years growing nutmeg to prevent meat from spoiling.

"More than half the land in the Netherlands lies below sea level. This land has been RECLAIMED or "SUCKED" from the SEA ever since the tenth century using dikes, dams and windmill pumps until the modern times when electric pumps came into use. "Natural gas and oil are the chief natural resources of the Netherlands. Huge natural gas deposits were discovered in the 1960's and 1970's; Dutch reserves are estimated to be the third largest in the world" (Merit Student's Encyc.13:184). "The salt reserves, found mainly around Hengelo, could supply the world with salt for more than 100 years" (New Book Of Knowledge 13:118). "Rotterdam is the largest PORT in Europe and one of the largest in the world" (p.119). Many Boers of South Africa are of Dutch descent and much of the DIAMOND WEALTH of South Africa was found in the "SANDS." The stone of ZEBULUN (on the chief priest's breastplate) was the DIAMOND (Exodus Rabbah 38:5).

Joshua 21:35 mentions NAHALAL as a city in ZEBULUN. ZEBULUN didn't drive out the Canaanite inhabitants of NAHALOL (Judges 1:30). In 1647 there was found a temple to a heathen goddess on the island of Walcheren at the Scheldt in the Netherlands with an inscription reading NEHALENNIA. NAHAL means PASTURE in the Scythian language (From Strange Parallel, p.61).

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