The Amazing HISTORY of the World's RACES -- Shem's Children
(part three)

Whyhere did Noah's grandsons migrate (Gen.10)? What did they look like? Who are they today? Is Shem the father of Semitic people (Caucasians). Is ELAM Yugoslavia? Is ASSHUR Germany and Austria? Are the Hessians and Prussians from KETURAH? Is LUD Albania? Is ARAM Syria and Kurdistan? Is JOKTAN the White Arabs? Is ISHMAEL the Dark Arabs? Is ESAU Turkey? Is KETURAH in India and N.E. Europe? Is ARPACHSHAD in Northern Europe and North America?

Shem Is The Caucasian Branch!

The name "SHEM" literally means "name," "reputation" or "renown" in Hebrew. Truly, the WHITE, Caucasian nations have produced more knowledge and inventions, created more wealth and built greater civilizations than either of the other two branches of Noah. Pliny called Europe "nurse of the people who have conquered all nations" (Nat. Hist. 3:5). God has helped SHEM'S descendants think up inventions, prosper agriculturally and succeed at what they do. But "unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required" (Luke 12:48). "SEMITE" should be defined as any person descended from "Shem," not just Jews. Noah prophesied that GOD "shall dwell in the tents of SHEM" (Gen.9:26-27). The Fenton, Moffatt and Revised Versions all support this rendition. So does The Book of Jubilees (8:16). This prophecy requires that God's TRUE RELIGION be found among CAUCASIANS! Caucasian nations of Europe, America, and elsewhere are the "Christian" nations of the world! Most Jews also live here. We have FAILED to OBEY the Bible properly and SET the EXAMPLE for other nations. However, we distribute the Bible worldwide and have given generously to the needy. Our nations have churches, synagogues and seminaries.

SHEM'S portion was "the middle of the earth ... from the middle of the Mountain Rafu (Urals?), from the exit of the water of the River Tina (Tanais or Don), and his portion goes toward the west through the midst of this river ... and this river empties and pours its waters into the Sea Miot (Meotis or Aral), and this river goes into the great sea (Mediterranean): all that is toward the north of this is Japhet's, and all that is to the direction of the south is Shem's. And it reaches until it comes to Karaso (Karystos -- a city in Euboea, Greece?), which is in the bosom of the tongue which looks toward the south (Aegean Sea).... and it proceeds until it reaches ... the south of the water of Gejon (Geon or Nile, Ant.1:1:3) ... and it proceeds toward the north until it approaches the garden of Eden (Persian Gulf area), toward the south thereof to the south, and from the east of the whole land of Eden, and toward the east, and it turns toward the east, and proceeds until it approaches toward the east of the hills whose name is Rafa (Urals?)" (Jub.8:10-14; see also 8:19). The land of Shem "has neither heat nor frost, for it is mixed in coldness and heat" (8:25). The SUMERIAN Empire takes its name from SHEM. EUROPE was also colonized by SHEM. Notice that his sons "call their lands after their own names" (Ps.49:11).

Unlike HAM'S sons who were WHITE, BROWN and BLACK or JAPHETH'S sons who were CAUCASIAN to ORIENTAL (Madai, Tarshish and Javan all have white branches; the rest being mostly oriental), SHEM'S sons were ALL WHITE. Fair whites dwell in northern Europe. They are tall, have almost colorless skin, blue or grey eyes, hair from straw color to chestnut, and long skulls compared to their width. They are known as Aryans (also called Nordic or Indo-European). Below them are the Alpine races with wider skulls in relation to their length. They are in central France, southern Germany, most of Switzerland and the Slavs of Eastern Europe as well as Dinaric Yugoslavia. Dark whites or Mediterranean types dwell in southern Europe. These are not SHEM'S sons. They have brownish skin, black hair and eyes and shorter stature. A large part of the Celts are in this group as well as the Spaniards, S. Italians, Greeks and Arabs. Other aberrant types include such people as the brown Polynesian races of the Eastern Pacific, Samoans, Hawaiians, Maoris, etc., the proto-Malay peoples of the Eastern archipelago, sometimes termed Indonesians, represented by the Dyaks of Borneo and the Battaks of Sumatra, the Todas of India and the Ainus of Japan (9:851a).

Is ELAM Yugoslavia?

"ELAM" became the Elamites whose capital was Susa or Shushan (Dan.8:2). His portion was "east of the river Tiger" up to India (Jub.9:2). He became a PERSIAN province called "Elymais" and "Susiana." Josephus says the Elamites were "the ancestors of the PERSIANS" (1:6:4). In fact, Ezra 4:9 associates PERSIA and ELAM together (see also Jer.49:34-39). But according to Lempriere's Classical Dictionary, article "Elimea," these people migrated to Illyricum (YUGOSLAVIA). Strabo's map 7 places "Elimea" in MACEDONIA. So does Ptolemy 3:12. Elamites are depicted on the monuments as round-headed (brachycephalic) and having a receding forehead. They were white. One of the most important rivers of Elam was the "CROATIS" (Enc. Brit. 9:140) and "CROATIA" is a republic in N.W. YUGOSLAVIA! We also find in ancient Susiana the "OROATIS" River and "CHOATHRAS" Mts. (Ptolemy 6:1,3; Brit.10:189d). Ammanius Marcellinus mentions the city "CHROATES" in ancient Persia (23:6,42-43). Even the capital "ZAGREB" reminds one of the ZAGROS Mountains of ELAM. The town and district of SERBAZ Persia (21:188, D3; 3:297a) may have given their names to SERBIA. Another possibility is the Elamite river "SURAPPI." The "BAGRADAS" River in ancient Persia (Ptolemy 6:4) became the capital "BELGRADE" which in Servian is pronounced "BEOGRAD" (3:681d) without the "L." We also find a "BAGRADAS" river in Algeria (Ptolemy map 15). Mount DINAR (Encyc. Brit. 11th ed. 21:189; 21:188, B2) in ancient Elam gave its name to the DINARIC Alps in Yugoslavia and DINARA Mt. Austria (3:4, E4). Both Persia and Yugoslavia use a DINAR for currency (21:198c; 24:689a). Ezra 4:9 mentions the different peoples of Persia. One type called the "APHARSITES" may be a corruption of the name "EPHER" (who named Persia). He was a son of Keturah who migrated east and apparently joined ELAM. Also called "APIRTI," (Hastings Dict. 1:675) he may be the "PARTHINI" of Illyricum (Strabo map 6) or the Greek province of EPEIRUS in S. Yugoslavia (Strabo map 7).

The "DAI" and "DAHI" are "Persian tribes" (Her. 1:204; 1:338) who formed DAHISTAN in Persia. They are mentioned in Pliny 6:17 and in Ezra 4:9. They formed the province of DACIA in the Roman Empire -- today the Moldavians of eastern Rumania. The western Rumanians are Vlachs or Romans. A river flowing into the Baltic was anciently called PERSANTE by the city of Kolberg. Pliny 4:97 calls the Slavs VENEDI and N. Persia is where Lake VAN is located. Ptolemy 3:5:7 calls them VENEDAE and puts them along the Vistula and by Gulf of Danzig: He also speaks of the VENEDIC mountains to the south (N. Carpathians). A mountain in ELAM was called ELWEND near Ecbatana (12:868c) and ELAMITES also named the Orontes River the ELWEND. "The name VENEDAE is clearly WEND, the name that the Germans have always applied to the SLAVS.... Other names in Ptolemy which almost certainly denote SLAVONIC tribes are the VELTAE on the Baltic, ancestors of the WILTZI, a division of the POLABS (q.v.), the SULANI and the SABOCI, whose name is a Slavonic translation of the TRANSMONTANI of another source (25:229b).

Thus the MEDES (Ukraine) and PERSIANS (Yugoslavia, Poland Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria) again dwell side by side with Keturah again east of Israel. Teutons live west of the Elbe and Slavs live east of the Elbe. "Slavic-speaking nations of eastern Europe may be divided into two groups. The northern Slavs include the Russians, Poles, Slovaks, Czechs, and Wends. The southern Slavs include Serbs, Croatians, Slovenes and Bulgarians. Both of these are broad-headed, the southern group being rather taller and considerably darker than the north. All modern Slavic peoples of northern Europe approximate the Alpine type." (pp.243-244, Ripley's Races of Europe). The Slavs will unite with the Ukraine against the revived Roman Empire (Isa.21:2,9) or "Babylon" after "Babylon" enslaves Israel (Jer.25:25; Isa.11:11). But God will enslave them (Jer.49:36-37). One of the signs of the end of the age would be when "nation (Gr. "ethnos" meaning "race") shall rise against nation" (Gr. "ethnos" meaning "race") (Matt.24:7). Ethnic cleansing and race wars would erupt before Christ returns. This is what we saw in Yugoslavia in 1995.

Is ASSHUR Germany and Austria?

"ASSHUR" became ASSYRIA (Ant.1:6:4) whose portion was "the land of Asur and Nineva and Sinaor and to the border of India" (Jub.9:3). "Under his shadow dwelt all great nations" (Ez.31:3-6). Josephus says he "became the most fortunate nation, beyond others" (Ant. 1:7:4). Could this be due to the efficiency and inventiveness of these people? ASSYRIANS were brachycephalic (round-headed) alpine types. ASSHUR named ASIR District Arabia (2:264, D5) and ASIR Persia (10:190a) and ASIRGARH India (14:382, G9). Medes, Scythians, and Egyptians sacked and destroyed ASHUR in 614 B.C. Ashur-Uballit II , a general of probably royal lineage, retreated westwards with the army to Harran but the Medes took it in 608 B.C. and in 606 B.C. the Assyrian Empire fell.

Diodorus Siculus, book 2, section 43 says, "Many conquered peoples were removed to other homes, and two of these became very great colonies: the one was composed of ASSYRIANS and was removed to the land between Paphlagonia and Pontus (northern TURKEY), and the other was drawn from Media and planted along the Tanais" (Don in Ukraine area). "The coast of the BLACK SEA is called ASSYRIA" (Sylax's Periplus, 2:261 of Perrot and Chipiez's History of Art In Sardinia, Judea, Syria and Asia Minor).

According to Pliny's Natural History, book 4:12:85, we read that "The population (of the Crimea) includes ... ASSYRANI" (p.183). On the W. shore of the Caspian is the river and city called ASTARA (21:188, A1) and the Persian District of ASTARABAD (2:790d). Indications of Assyria dwelting on the southern coast of the Caspian can be found in such names as ASHUR ADA -- the Russian naval station at the opening of the SE bay; and ASHRAF, a Persian town some miles inland. In Asia Minor we find the towns of ASSAR (21:544a), ASSARJIK (13:536, C2) and ASSARLIK (5:330b). Also AUTARIATAE of Illyria (27:261) and the Germanic ATTUARII Franks (Amm. Mar. 20:10,2.) and AESTII (12:273a). We find the AUTURA River (Eure) in France (5:954d), AUSTERLITZ, Austria (2:937a), ATTER-SEE Lake, Austria (24:106c), ISER river, Austria (3:4, D1), ISERE river, Germany (11:808, D4), ISERGEBIRGE mts. Germany (11:808, E3), EISERNES THOR mt. Austria (3:183d), ISER-KAMM mt. Germany (10:521b), ISER LOHN Germany (11:808, 1K6), ISER THAL Austria (3:4, C3), ISERWEISE Austria (24:202b) as well as AUSSER-RHODEN district (26:242, G2), and AUSSER-FERRERA town of Switzerland (26:242, G3). The "t" sound is pronounced "s" in German.

"The Germans were a branch of the great Indo-Germanic race, who, along with the Celts, migrated into Europe from the Caucasus and the countries around the Black and Caspian Seas: (Smith's Smaller Classical Dictionary, p.231). According to Jerome's Letter 123, p.237, "Savage tribes in countless numbers have overrun all parts of Gaul. The whole country between the Alps and the Pyrenees, between the Rhine and the Ocean, has been laid waste by hordes of Quadi, Vandals, Sarmatians, Alans, Gepids, Herules, Saxons, Burgundians, Allemani and -- alas! for the commonweal! -- even Pannonians. For 'ASSUR also is joined with them.'" The German "SILESIANS" took their name from the Assyrians in "CILICIA." The German "QUADI" came from the Agade or "AKKADIAN" region of Mesopotamia. The "ALLEMANNI" from HALMAN (Aleppo -- Cambridge Ancient Hist., 3:136; See also Ptolemy 5:14 "Alamatha" town near the Euphrates). The German "THURINGIANS" and "AUSTRIANS" and "OSTROGOTHS" from "ATHUR" or ASSHUR" (the god Thor -- ancestor worship). ASSHUR was originally "the chief god of Assyria (2:788d) just as THOR became in Germany. The bas-reliefs of Assyrians in the British Museum are an exact likeness to the modern German appearance.

There are many GERMAN words akin to English just as ancient ASSYRIAN had many words in common with Hebrew. This doesn't mean the peoples are closely related. Can two languages -- English and GERMAN -- be more different in idiom and grammar? Surely the position of the verb at the close of the GERMAN sentence is the same position the verb holds in an ASSYRIAN sentence, while the early position of the English verb is the same position it holds in a Hebrew sentence. The complex genders and terminations of GERMAN are sufficient to reveal a different origin from English (pp.124-125, British-Israel Truth by Haqnan & Aldersmith). "The GERMAN language "bears the strongest organic resemblance to the languages spoken in India and Persia" (1:994, Smith's Dictionary of Greek & Roman Geography) and there is a "resemblance existing between the manners and customs of the ancient GERMANS and those of the Persians" (p.993, ibid.). We know Keturah (Persia) is in Germany. "Medieval Arab authors say that the ASSYRIANS are from the same source as the GERMANS ... Barhebraeus wrote that 'The GERMANIKAH are a people in Mosel (Nineveh) who came from Persia' ... Arab tradition have the GERMANIKAH as ASSYRIANS" (pp.88-90, Israelites und Hyksos by Martin Gemol, Leipzig, 1913, translated from German). "The inhabitants of Trier (4 miles east of Luxemburg) maintain that their city is the oldest in all Europe. Trier was founded by Trebeta, a son of the famous ASSYRIAN king Ninus. In fact, one finds ... in Trier the inscription reading 'Trier existed for 1300 years before Rome was built'" (In Deutschen Landen, Bihl 1953:69). The Assyrians called Asshur their "FEROHER" akin to the modern Germanic "FUHRER" (pp.60-62, Fox's Today Tomorrow and The Great Beyond). (For more information, see H.L. Hoeh's Compendium Of World History, "Germany In Prophecy" and "The Truth About the Race Question!" See also History Research Projects' Origin of Nations).

When Ephraim (Britain) goes to ASSYRIA, God says, "I will spread my net upon them" (Hos.7:11-12). "Ephraim hath hired lovers" (8:9) (made alliances with NATIONS) but they "despise thee, they will seek thy life" (Jer.4:30). "Wherefore, I have delivered her into the hands of her lovers, into the hands of the ASSYRIANS, upon whom she doted" (Ez.23:9)."The ASSYRIAN shall be his king, because they refused to return (to me). And the sword shall abide on his cities" (11:5-6). According to Isaiah 10:5, God uses ASSYRIA to punish Israelites who refuse to obey the Bible. The GERMAN economy and ROMAN CATHOLIC religion will dictate the terms of the EUROPEAN UNION envisaged by the MAASTRICHT TREATY. This treaty would take away Britain's sovereignty and its Protestantism. The right of the British to elect and dismiss lawmakers would be gone. The attempt of any nation once in the federation to withdraw would be resisted with force. "O ASSYRIAN, the ROD of mine ANGER... I will send him against an hypocritical nation ... to take the spoil ... and to tread them down." He did it anciently several times and the past two World Wars were fought against Germany, but "Let the sword be doubled the third time" (Ezek.21:14). The invasion of Judah by Sennacherib, king of ASSYRIA, may foreshadow an end-time World War 3 by another Hitler-like leader from Austria (Nahum 1:11). God says, "I change not" and "Jesus Christ is "the same yesterday and today and forever" (Heb. 13:8). Even the pharaoh of the oppression was ASSYRIAN (Isa.52:4) and a possible type of what will occur (Isa.14:25-26; 27:13; 30:31). Then God says, "I will break the ASSYRIAN ... then shall his yoke depart" (Isa.14:25). Israelites "shall come who were ready to perish in the land of ASSYRIA" (Isa.27:13). "I will bring them AGAIN also out of the land of Egypt, and gather them out of ASSYRIA" (Zech.10:10).

A series of SAVAGE world empires would exercise jurisdiction and control of the world for 2520 years (Dan.4:32; Luke 21:24) after the last Israelite tribes were taken captive in 604 B.C. This is when Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon came to great power. Sometime after September 23, 605 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar was crowned king of Babylon (p.31, Chron. of World History, G.S.P. Freeman-Grenville) and the Babylonish succession began (604 B.C. to 539 B.C.), then Medo-Persia (539 B.C. to 333 B.C.), then Greece (333 B.C. to 63 B.C.) and pagan Rome (63 B.C. to 476 A.D.), then papal Rome (554 A.D. to 1814 A.D.) From 604-603 B.C. we add 2520 years to get 1917-1918 A.D. when the great empires with minds of "wild beasts" fell: GERMANY, AUSTRIA-HUNGARY, ITALY, TURKEY and Czarist RUSSIA were devastated in World War One. In all five world empires of Daniel's image, the same basic Chaldean racial stock predominated with slight changes each time (Dan.2:32-45).

Are The Hessians And Prussians From KETURAH?

The ASSHURIM went "eastward unto the east country" (Gen. 25:6) of ASSYRIA settling in a Mesopotamian city on the lower Tigris called "KIR" (cp. 2 Ki. 16:9). Here dwelt "GERMANIANS" (Herodotus 1:125; Lempriere p.282) in KARMANIA province, Persia (13:694a). They were also known as GERMANII or CARMANII (Her.1:125) -- the genuine "KIR" MEN of Keturah. After 610 B.C., the KARAMANIA Province (15:676b) and city of KARAMAN (2:760, E4) were located in Asia Minor. Three towns named GERMA were in western and central Turkey and three other towns called "GERMANICOPOLIS" (Ptolemy 5:4) in N.W., N., and S. Turkey (pp.992 7 998, vol.1, Smith's Dictionary of Greek & Roman Geography) where the ASSHURIM moved. "GERMANICOPOLIS was the principal city of the free ISAURIANS" (Ammianus Marcellinus 27:9:7; note). Lempriere also mentions two other cities near Cilicia, one called "GERMANICIA ... or GERMANICEA, a city of Comagene, now Adate" and "GERMANOPOLIS, a city of Paphlagonia, now Ginopoli" (Lempriere, ibid.). Ancient Hindu literature uses the Sanskrit word "DAITYAS" to refer to Assyrians. This became DEUTSCH.

The KHATTI of Syria and Asia Minor were white Nordic Shemites. These "HITTITES" of Syria or Asia Minor were different from those of Palestine (p.107, Keller's The Bible As History). Strabo calls the Cappadocians "WHITE Syrians" and says, "As compared with those this side of the Taurus, those outside have a TANNED complexion, while those this side do not, and for this reason received the appellation "WHITE" (12:3:9). "Uriah the Hittite" was one of these SHEMITES (2 Sam.11). KETURAH'S descendants took the name "CHETTAIOI" with a capital called "KHATTUSHA" and cities called "KARAMAN" and "Carchemish" (Art. "Hittites" in I.S.B.E.). The only record of the 'KHATTI" migrating from the Amanos Range in Asia Minor to Northwestern Europe is Herodotus mentioning a branch of KATIARI (i.e. KETURAH) of European Skuthia around 450 B.C. (4:6,16). The German word "KAISER" came from "Kheta-sar" (i.e. Heth King) (13:534c). The German IRON CROSS and SWASTIKA also came from these KHATTI (The Makers of Civilization by Waddell p.456, 72a). It was left to these KHATTI "to invent the DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE" (The Hittites by Sayce, p.116; see Waddell, ibid. p.10)). We already quoted Diodorus Siculus 2:43 to show that the Assyrians were in Paphlagonia and Pontus (Northern TURKEY). These Hittites became the tribes of "CHATTI," "CHATTUARI," "GERMANS" and "CHERUSCI" of GERMANY (See Strabo map 6). These Hittites were feared (2 Ki.7:6-7). One town in Paphlagonia was "HELVIA" which is where the German Swiss HELVETIA came from (Ptolemy 5:4). A city in Bithynia (N. TURKEY) was called "PRUSIAS" (Prussians) (Ptolemy 5:1). Two other inland towns called "PRUSA" were located on the Hypius river and near Mount Olympus (5:1). Other hallmarks in the area were the celebrated Iron Gates in Mount TEUTHRAS in TEUTHRANIA (Teutonic) where the devotees of the Mizric deity Teut lived who afterward acquired the name which in Roman orthography was "TEUTONES" and "TEUTONI." (European and Other Race Origins by Hannay, pp.408-409). In other words, the TEUTONIC PRUSSIANS lived in TURKEY.

The "KHATTI" (short for KETURAH) of Asia Minor actually come from ASSYRIA because Romans called the KHATTI capital city "Ninus Vetus" meaning "the Old NINEVEH" (Perrot & Chipiez, History of Art in Sardinia, Judea, Syria And Asia Minor, 2:272) and because the ASSYRIAN language largely influenced the HITTITE tongue (Barton's Archaeology And The Bible, p.90) and because one ASSYRIAN document said this about the HITTITES: "As ASSYRIANS I counted them" (Luckenbill's Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia). These were not Canaanites from HETH but fair blonde Nordic peoples descended from KETURAH and called ASSHUR. They intermarried with the ASSYRIAN Alpines (Ant.1:15) creating a Mesocephalic type. NW Germany -- Hanover, Schleswig-Holstein, Westphalia -- is Nordic. All the remainder is Teutonic, including Prussia. But in the south -- Baden, Wurtemberg, Alsace, Bavaria and Austria -- is the broad-headed Alpine population. A city in Bithynia (N. TURKEY) was called "PRUSIAS" (Prussians) (Ptolemy 5:1). The PRUSSIANS of Germany came from the BORYSTHENES (Dnieper) who came from the city of PRUSA near Myrleia in Asia Minor on the Mysian Olympus (Strabo 5:457) and PRUSIAS (formerly called Cius) in Asia Minor on a gulf in the Propontis (Strabo 5:455). These PRUSSIANS came from PERSIA where we find the tribes of DERUSIAEANS and GERMANIANS (Her. 1:125). Strabo even said "they (Carmanians) are a warlike people" (15:2:14) which agrees with modern German history. Tacitus said the Teutons have "a passion for war" and "want to fight for any or no reason" (Introduction 9). "As the Sarmatian tribes moved into 'Scythia' in South Russia, there was a tendency to confuse them with Scythians, but the Romans introduced the name 'GERMAN' for the genuine Scythian (germanus being Latin for genuine) and, except in outlying parts, the name Scythian was dropped in favor of Germans and Sarmatians" (A synopsis of the Migrations of Israel by W.E. Filmer, p.14; cp. Strabo 7:1:2). Later the "name GERMANI originally denoted certain Celtic tribes to the east of the Rhine, and ... it was then transferred to the Teutonic tribes which subsequently occupied the same territory" (Encyc. Brit. 11th, 11:830). Notice how the name "GERMAN" has always been associated with the Nordic element of Keturah or Israel associated with ASSYRIANS -- even as far back as Persia.

In 10 B.C., Drusas the Roman General, in his third campaign against "Germany," conquered a people called the "CATTI" or "CHATTI." The same people were also defeated by Germanicus in A.D. 15. In ancient GERMANY they occupied the territories belonging to the Electorate and Grand Duchy of HESSE. Both these names CHATTI, or KHATTI, and HESSE, are connected with the names KHATTUARII (Chattuarii -- KETURAH) and KHASUARII (Chasuarii), which may also be rendered Khatt-wara, or Het-wara and Khas-wara or Hesse-wara, the ending "warii" being merely the latinized form of "wara," an old Slavic word signifying "alliance" (Students' Gibbon, p.514). There is no reason to suppose that the modern HESSIANS are not descended from these confederate "KHATTI" of B.C. 10. "HATTINGEN," Westphalia is named after them. (See also Oxonian's Israel's Wanderings, p.88).

According to Tacitus (Germania 29), the "BATAVI" were originally a tribe of the "CHATTI". The "KHATTI" of Asia Minor and Amanos, after entering Europe, as they probably did in the company of the early Northern-Medic, or Sarmatian peoples, some time after 521 B.C. (Herod. 4:119), and after ultimately settling down in the midst of that portion of the Persian flood of people that eventually occupied the south-west tracts of Germany, doubtless saw their own language fall into disuse and in adopting the language of their Germanic neighbors, they acquired one which lent itself to metamorphoses, such as the change from the ancient "t," or" th," in KHETA and KHETH, or KHATTUARII (Chattuarii -- KETURAH), to the more recent "s" of CHAS-UARII, or the "ss" of modern HESSE, or HESSEN. For instance, where the British say "water" or "what," the Germans say "wasser" or "was." It is therefore comparatively easy to understand how the original word KHETH, surviving in KHATT-WARA and HET-WARA, got metamorphosized, after contact with the Germanic race, into the KHAS and HESSE of KHAS-WARA and HESSE-WARA or HESSEN-WARA. The peoples of HESSE-DARMSTADT, HESSE-KASSEL, and HESSE-HOMBURG are all KETURAH'S children or ASSHURIM. The Dutch of Holland are composed of Batavi, Saxon and Frankish blood as well as German and Keltic. Thus they are part ASSHURIM. The Batavians have always throughout history sided with Romans against the Germans (Hannay's European and Other Race Origins, pp 211-226).

The "SUABI" or "SUEVI" probably from Keturah's "SHEBA" who became the SCHWABIANS living today in Baden-Wurtemburg. Keturah's "DEDAN," father of "Assur," may be the Teutonic god ODIN who named the "DANZIG" area and "DAN-WINA" River in Latvia later (see Ez.25:13). The Austrian "VIENNA" may have taken its name from "NINEVAH" reading backward. "BOHEMIA" took its name from the "BOII," "EBURONES" from the HABUR River, "CHERUSCI" and "CAERAESI" from CARCHEMISH, "HERCYNIA" Silva Woods (Strabo map 6 or Brit. 28:178d) from the Caspian Sea area anciently called "HYRCANIA" (14:210a) (perhaps named after a royal line of Judah), the HELME River of Germany may have taken its name from the HELMAND River of Afghanistan (1:307, B4) and so on. Jerome identifies the Pannonians as Assyrians and we know that "the Vandals ... obtained permission to settle in Pannonia" and "the origin of the Goths can hardly be separated from that of the Vandals, whom according to Procopius they resembled in language and in all other respects" (12:272-273).

The blue eyes of the East Baltic Race which extends from Northern Russia to Latvia, Lithuania, much of Finland, East Prussia, Prussia proper and many parts of Germany including Pomerania. They are to be distinguished from the Western Germans -- the Hanoverians, the people of Schleswig and Holstein, who, related closely to the Danes, the Dutch and the Flemings, are of probable Gad descent from the Goths. Israelites have pink and white skin while Assyrians have pale skin. Saxony, once the home of Nordics, is now Alpine, as is Bavaria. As Bede says, "The whole of the Engle people forsook their earliest seats for the shore of Britain." Numerous Slavic tribes migrated into Germany after the Thirty Years War. East Balts have overlapped into Sweden but not Norway. What remained of Israelites on the continent were the Dutch and Flemings, the Danes and people of Sweden (in part) descended from Dan the pioneer, hence Scandinavia rather than Scandia. Iceland and Norway both of Benjamin, a few elemen'ts in Normandy, Picardy and Brittany (a Celtic element), parts of Germany and Switzerland of Gad ancestry and the Dutch of Zebulon.

Is LUD Albania?

"LUD" became "LYDIA" (Ant.1:6:4) in W. ASIA MINOR just as Isaiah 66:19 indicates as a location. His portion was "the land of Arara (Ararat)," and "the mountains of Asur (Assur)" (Jub.9:6). Herodotus 1:7 mentions "LYDUS" as the first king of Lydia (see 7:74). Egyptian monuments portray this nation of "LUDEN" as Semitic and not far from the fertile crescent. King Atys "divided the population into two groups and determined by drawing lots which should emigrate and which should remain at home ... his son Tyrrhenus to command the emigrants.... They ... finally reached UMBRIA in the north of Italy, where they settled ... Here they changed their name from Lydians to TYRRHENIANS" (Her.1:94). They were also known as TUSCI or ETRUSCI from ETRURIA (Lempriere, pp.646,231). "The ETRURIANS (were) ... descended from a LYDIAN colony" (Lempriere, p.348; Tacitus Ann.4:55) and founded ETRURIA in N.W. ITALY (ibid., p.231) with Mount ALBAN to their south and the city of "ALBA" in Piedmont to the north and the Isle of ELBA to their west. "Dionysius of Halicarnassus quotes a tradition that the name (ALBANIA) arose from the alleged fact that the people were the descendants of emigrants from ALBA in Italy" (Encyc. Brit. 11th, 1:481). The ETRUSCAN language is closely related to ALBANIAN (Coon, Living Races of Man, p.57). The Caucasus region was also anciently called ALBANIA (Strabo map 12) and had an ELBRUZ Mt. (23:874, II C2) similar to the ELBURZ Mts. of Persia (21:188, B1). Today its called GEORGIA where we find "TSKHINVALI" and "TSKARO." The European ALBANIA has the "Ghegs" and "TOSKS" and the capital is called "TIRANA." Both ALBANIAS apparently have a GIRGASHITE presence. Some "TOSKS" are called "Chams" (Ham's) (Encyc. Brit., 11th, 1:484). The Persians knew the Asiatic province as "Gurjistan" (Encyc. Brit. 11th, 11:758). Even the original LYDIA dwelt next to "the land of Karkisha" in Asia Minor. A river in Macedonia was called "LYDIAS" (Lempriere, p.343) and another river in Germany was called "ALBIS" (Strabo map 6) later called "ELBE." A tribe of Albanians is known as the SHOSHI (1:485a) possibly Elamites from Susa Persia. As in other etymologies, the Hamitic LUD may have gotten his name from the Semitic LUD and therefore N. W. Africa is another colony.

Is ARAM Syria & Kurdistan?

"ARAM" settled in SYRIA, the Greek name for ARAM (Ant. 1:6:4). Many locations in Syria begin with the prefix ARAM such as ARAM Dammesek (26:308d), ARAM Naharaim (18:179d) and ARAM Zobah (26:308d.). His portion was "all the land of Mesopotamia, between the Tiger and the Euphrates, toward the north of the Chaldees, to the border of the mountains of Asur" (Jub.9:5). The mountains of Asshur are the Amanus, Taurus, Urartu and Zagros ranges of Mesopotamia's west, north and east). In this regard, "At the dawn of history the mountains overhanging Assyria were held by a people named Gutu ... which was rendered in Assyrian by the synonym of GARDU or KARDU, the precise term quoted by Strabo to explain the name of the CARDACES" (Brit.15:950). Strabo's map12 shows the GORDYENE (also called CARDUCHIANS -- Strabo 16:1:24) in the ARMENIAN Mts. bordering Assyria. These Aramaeans are known today as KURDS. Aram is KURDISTAN in Iran, Iraq and Turkey. The name "Gutu" may come from Gether. Damascus was the capital of ARAM (Isa.7:8). The Hebrew word "ARAM" is translated "SYRIA" quite often in the KJV (see 2 Sam.15:8; Isa.9:12; 17:3; Jer.35:11; Ez.16:57; 27:16; Am.1:5; 9:7; Hos.12:12; etc.). The LXX does this too. Homer's Iliad (2:785) and Hesiod's Theogony (304) call the inhabitants of SYRIA "ARIMOI." The name "SYRIA" first appears in Herodotus 7:63 where it is defined as a synonym of ASSYRIA. Although that idea is incorrect, it shows the two peoples were similar. Strabo says the ARMENIANS, ARAMEANS, and EREMBIANS (Arabians or TROGLODYTES) "betray a close affinity, not only in their language, but in their mode of life and in their bodily build" (1:2:34). A colony of TROGLODYTES is found west of the Black Sea (Strabo map 6). The most universal ancient language was ARAMAIC and the name ARMENIA came from him too. The ARAMEANS were taken captive by Assyria (Amos 1:3-5) and Syria was repopulated with BABYLONIANS (see Ant.12:5:5; Ezra 4:9-10) and then later Arabs and Canaanites dwelt in Syria. Tiglath-Pileser removed the Syrians of the Damascus area to KIR (2 Ki. 16:9). KIR is GULISTAN or modern GEORGIA -- between the Black and Caspian Seas. A branch of ARAM became the SYRYENIANS who colonized N.W. RUSSIA (Encyc. Brit. art. "Syryenians"). These SYRYENIANS of Russia may be the ARIMASPIANS of Upper Asia (Her.4:13). The name Syryenians is variously spelled as Syrjenian, Sirianian, Zyrjenian, Zirian, etcetera. The Permians and Syryenians may be treated as one tribe. Both Permians and Syryenians are found chiefly in the governments of Perm, Vologda and Archangel (Brit.10:389b). A large population of KURDS is also found in Caucasia (5:548b). In N. Italy we find the town of ARIMINUM (Decline and Fall, vol.4 inside cover). The ancient name "ARMORICA" in N.W. FRANCE may be a colony too (map 11 of Oxford Comp. To Class Lit., by Paul Harvey). Did ARAM name AMERICA, and did some of his descendants come to America? We know that Manasseh's son Machir was half ARAMEAN (1 Chr.7:14) and the ARAMEANS of Geshur and Maacah (2 Sam.10:6; Gen.22:24) dwelt among the Israelites of eastern Jordan (Josh.13:13). In Australia is the town of ARAMAC (2:960, H4) and in Scotland is the town of PADANARAM (24:418, E-F1) and in France the town of ARAMITS (10:778, D6). Jacob was half Syrian (Deut.26:5; Gen.25:20). Rebekah was all Syrian (Gen.25:20). True Israelites are therefore 3/4 Aram and 1/4 Arphachshad. Pliny says the Sacae were anciently Arameans (6:17) and the Massagetae were originally Arameans

"UZ," the son of Aram, founded Trachonitis and Damascus (Ant.1:6:4). The "AUSITAI" tribe in the SYRIAN desert (LXX on Job 1:15,17) probably came from him. Arabian tradition says the Hauran at Deir Eiyub (Job's "monastery") near Nawa (see Koran 38:41) was where Job suffered in the "land of UZ" (see Job 1:1). Jeremiah 25:20 indicates a SYRIAN location for "UZ" also. The "UZBEGS" of Afghanistan may be a colony. The SYANIANS are a western Georgian tribe of the Grazinian people (Probert Encyc.). (Also see Targum on 1 Ch.1:17.) Also the "AUSONIANS" of Italy (Strabo 5:3:6; Brit.2:934d) and the OSSETTES who today live in the Caucasus Mountains. A "fair and blue-eyed" people called USSUNS or UZUNS were found in N.W. China (15:944a) who later migrated to the Aral-Caspian basin and built the town of Chi-gu which still existed in the 5th century A.D. (14:886c). The SUIONES of Sweden (26:196d) may be a colony.

"HUL," the son of Aram, founded ARMENIA (Ant.1:6:4), named after his father. The province of Aleppo in eastern Turkey was anciently called HALEB (1:541). He became the HALANI (Ammianus Marcellinus 22:8:31) or ALANI people near the Sea of Azov (Pliny 4:12) who names the ALANUS Mountains north of the Black Sea (Ptolemy 3:5) and who were "tall and handsome, their hair inclined to blond" (Amm. Marc. 31:2:21). Later moving to Europe as the "HALSINGS" of SWEDEN and the German town of HULS(13:871c) and the river in England known as ALAUNUS (Ptol. 2:2). They also intermarried with the Rosh Benjamites (Gen. 46:21) to become the ROXALANI in Russia (Ptolemy 3:5).

"GETHER," the son of Aram, became the BACTRIANS (Ant.1:6:4) who were annexed by PERSIA and today are in AFGHANISTAN. The GUDARS are in N. Persia (2:733c). Another colony became the "GOTHS" or "GOTARNA" of GOTLAND Sweden. Ptolemy mentions the GOTARS of Sweden (26:196d). The "GUTI" of Iran form another colony. Much of E. Europe is labeled "GETARUM TERRA" on map 6 of Strabo. The VISIGOTHS (western Goths) settled in GOTALONIA (Modern Catalonia) in northern Spain and in northern Portugal forming a ruling class. The OSTROGOTHS (eastern Goths) settled in northern Austria and northern Italy.

"MASH" (Gen.10:23) or "MESHECH" (1 Ch.1:17) (LXX has "Mosoch" in both places), the son of Aram, dwelt anciently on the northern boundary of Mesopotamia called the "MONS MASIUS" (Strabo; see also Kesseth HaSofer). The mountains of Lebanon and Ante-Lebanon are called "MASHU" in the Gilgamesh Epic (9:2:1-2). In E. Turkey is the town of MUSH (19:69). MASH probably intermarried with Japhetic Meshech. The people of MASH were called MASSAGETAE in southern Russia, so their descendants became SYRYENIANS "said to number about 85,000 on the west side of the Urals in the governments of Perm, Vologda and Archangel, and there are also about 1000 on the Siberian side of the lower Ob.... They are of moderate stature, blond, and grey-eyed, and more energetic and inclined to trade than most of the allied tribes" (Encyc. Brit. 11th, 26:317). We find the MESHA River in Russia (23:872, G4). The MYSIANS of W. ARMENIA had a MYSIUS River and as MOESIANS moved to E. EUROPE (map 6). They became the MAZOVIANS of Poland.

Is JOKTAN the White Arabs?

"JOKTAN," the son of Eber, gave his name to the ancient capital of Chaldaea called "Bit YAKIN" (Encyc. Brit. 11th ed., 5:804). JOKTAN settled first in Arabia (Gen.10:30) as "LOCHTON" the founder of Yemen (Kesseth HaSofer, 123a). Ptolemy mentions the CATANITAE in Arabia Felix (Geog. 6:7). Arabs call him KAHTAN or YUKTAN. "Arabic and Jewish tradition trace the descent of the (south Arabians) ... from JOKTAN (Arabic KAHTAN) son of Heber, of the (North Arabians) ... from Ishmael" (2:284b). "The people (of Arabia), according to their own traditions, are derived from two stocks, the pure Arabs, descended from KAHTAN or JOKTAN ... and the Mustarab or naturalized Arabs, from Ishmael. The former are represented ... by the inhabitants of Yemen, Hadramut and Oman, in general a settled agricultural population; the latter by those of Hejaz, Nejd, El Hasa, the Syrian desert and Mesopotamia, consisting of the Bedouin or pastoral tribes" (2:261). But some of JOKTAN'S sons "inhabited from Cophen, an Indian river (called Kabul today in Afghanistan & Pakistan), and in part of Asia adjoining to it" (Ant.1:6:4). That is the Tajik (Tadzhik) Republic whose ancient capital was"YOTKAN." Another town is called "YARKAND." (Encyc. Brit., art. "Turkestan" 27:425b; 6:168, B2). A city in Russia is KHOTIN (23:874, I A2) and a river in Turkestan is the KHOTAN-DARYA (6:168, C2). A Turkish dialect is called YAKUT (27:473b). A province in E. Siberia is known as YAKUTSK (28:898b) where the race of YAKUTS live (28:899a). In Russia we also find the YOKANKA River (15:887c) and YOKANSK town (23:872, E2). In Kashmir we find the YARKHUN valley where the KHO people dwell. The YESHKUNS live nearby (12:20ab). In Alaska we find the YAKUTAT Bay and town (1:472, L4). Joktanite Indians may be the "YOKUTS" of California ("The Golden State" 14:455). The "YUKATAN" Peninsula and "YUKON" River may take their names from him. He had 13 sons.

His son ALMODAD is seen in the ALLUMAEOTAE of Arabia Felix (Ptolemy 6:7) and in Yugoslavian DALMATIA, Portugese ALMADA (25:530, A3), and ALMEIDA (25:530, B2) and ALMODOVAR (25:530, A4), Spanish ALMADEN (25:530, C3), ALMODOVAR DEL CAMPO (25:530, C3).

His son SHELEPH settled in ARABIA under the name "SALAF" or "SULAF" in Sabean inscriptions for a Yemenite district and tribe. We also find Italian "SALAPIA" (17:685b) and SALPI Lake (15:4, F4) and German SAALFELD (11:808, G2) , SAALFELDEN (3:4, C3) and SAALHOF (11:18d).

Another son, HAZARMAVETH settled in Polish SARMATIA.

JERAH named "YURAKH" Yemen and "YARAH" Hijaz and "JERAKON Kome" (Ptolemy); In Persia is the JIREH district (10:190b). In India is the town of JURA (14:376, E7) and the JIRI river (14:376, P7). His name means "MOON" as HILAL does in Arabic and ALILAT with the Arabians (Her. 3:8). Thus the ALILEANS of Diodorus Siculus 3:45:6-8 are the descendants of JERAH and when Arabs worship ALLAH it is ancestor-worship. Archaeological evidence uncovered in Arabia is overwhelming in demonstrating that the dominant pre-Islamic religion was the worship of the moon-god ALLAH. Muhammed simply eliminated the other 300-some deities, including Allah's daughters, making Allah supreme while retaining many of the pagan rituals and symbols associated with him. For example, the crescent moon was the symbol of the moon-god from the time of the Sumerians and the Babylonians till Muhammed's arrival. Fasting on Ramadan begins and ends with a crescent moon. Nearly all of the moon-god rituals and other idolatrous practices, including kissing the black stone, praying toward Mecca, running around the temple and between the two hills of Safa and Marwa, were pre-Islamic rituals. God's covenant is with Isaac (Gen. 17:19-21), but Muslims believe Allah's covenant is with Ishmael.

HADORAM named the fruitful valley known even today as "HADRAMAUT" in southern Arabia (12:799c). Pliny mentions the DRYMATINA , CHATRAMOTITAE and the ATRAMITAE (N.H. 6:32) near the Gulf of Akaba. "ADRAMYTTIUM" was an Athenian colony on the sea coast of Mysia (W. Turkey) (p.9, Lemprierre, ibid.). Ptolemy 4:3 mentions the town of "ADRUMETUM" and 4:5 the "ADYRMACHIDAE" people both in west Africa (in Tunisia -- 12:802d) and ADRAMA in Syria (Ptolemy 5:14) and "ADARIMA" in S.W. India (Ptolemy 7:1).

UZAL, another son, named "AUZAL," the ancient capital of Yemen according to Arabian tradition.

DIKLAH originally dwelt on the Tigris River also called DIKLAT (26:969d). They migrated to the DIKLOS Mta Mt. in the Caucasus (23:874,II D2), DUKLE Yugoslavia (18:767, B2) and DUKLA town and Pass in Austria (3:4, G2).

OBAL named "ABIL" -- a frequent geographic name in Yemen. The ELBE River may take its name from him. ABIMAEL gave his name to ALBANIA and ALBION (Britain). SHEBA named the SABEANS (23:955a) and SHABWA (2:264, E6) and SHABWAT (23:957c) towns in Arabia. A Bedouin sub-tribe is known as SEBAA (3:623c) and Italian "SABINES" and SABINI peoples (23:965a) and SABATINA tribe (16:271b) and Italian SABATUS River (15:4, E-F5) and SABATINUS Lake (15:26, A5) and Yugoslavian river "SAVUS" were named after him; regarding OPHIR, Strabo and Pliny says S.E. Arabia on the Persian Gulf was a famous gold-producing area (20:128a). The Greek "EPIRUS" may also be OPHIR; In INDIA, Joktan's son called OPHIR deserves special attention because the LXX renders Ophir "SOPHERA" which is the same as SOPHIR, the coptic name of India. Also, SUPARA is an ancient city on the west coast of India and all the goods of 1 Kings 10:22 are more or less appropriate to India. Although Josephus locates OPHIR in India (Ant.8:6:4), and Jerome follows suit, that was the eastern OPHIR. The Living Torah, page 30, lists some authors who identify a western OPHIR with the new world! One possibility is PERU which had a great deal of gold! HAVILAH migrated to AVALITES Bay in Ethiopia (Ptolemy 4:7). He probably married into Ham's Havilah branch; JOBAB named "JUHAIBAB" (a town mentioned near Mecca in a Sabean inscription) in ARABIA. Ptolemy mentions the JOBARITES in Arabia Felix (Geog. 6:7). In Cuba is the JOBABO river (7:595, E2).

Other important identities revealed in the Bible are "MOAB" and 'AMMON" (Gen. 19:36-38) who became the country of JORDAN whose capital is AMMAN! Isaiah 16 says MOAB and AMMON own Petra! That means JORDAN! Isaiah 11:14 indicates a location near Palestine.

"Moab hath been at ease from his youth, and he hath settled on his lees (wine dregs or sins), and hath not been emptied from vessel (country) to vessel (country), neither hath he gone into captivity; therefore his (bad) taste remained in him, and his (bad) scent is not changed. Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the Eternal, that I will ... cause him to wander, and shall empty his vessels, and break their bottles" (Jer. 48:11-12; Isa. 16). In other words, he is still in the middle east in Jordan.

Is ISHMAEL the Dark Arabs?

"ISHMAEL," Abraham's son by Hagar, became the ARABS (Gen.16:12; 17:20) as they themselves admit (14:870c). "Arabic and Jewish tradition trace the descent of the (south Arabians) ... from Joktan (Arabic Kahtan) son of Heber, of the (North Arabians) ... from ISHMAEL" (2:284b). The dwelling of the sons of JOKTAN "was from Mesha" (Gen. 10:30) or MECCA.

The son of Kahtan was YARAB who gave his name to both ARAB peoples. The Hebrew word ARABAH means DARK or steppe land and the Hebrew EREBH means MIXED or MINGLED. Why mingled? Because Ishmael married an Egyptian girl. Furthermore, "The people (of Arabia), according to their own traditions, are derived from two stocks, the pure Arabs, descended from Kahtan or Joktan... and the Mustarab or naturalized Arabs, from ISHMAEL. The former are represented at the present day by the inhabitants of Yemen, Hadramut and Oman, in general a settled agricultural population; the latter by those of Hejaz, Nejd, El Hasa, the Syrian desert and Mesopotamia, consisting of the Bedouin or pastoral tribes" (2:261). Mohammed claimed direct descent from ISHMAEL through Kedar. "He (Mohammed) was WHITE and his beard was BLACK" (Hadith Bukhari vol. 4, no. 744). He married Khadijah, mother of a daughter named Fatima.

However, most Arabs have a BROWNISH complexion with BLACK hair and BLACK eyes (9:851). They are half Egyptian and half Hebrew. Genesis 16:12 prophesied that ISHMAEL would be a "wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward (or "to the east of" -- margin; 14:870b) all his brothers" (Thompson Bible). In fulfillment of this, Allah (a moon god) commands his followers to "Take not the Jews and Christians... for friends, they are but friends to one another" (Sura 5:51) and to "Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture" (Sura 9:29). This would include both Jews and Christians -- Ishmael's brothers. In fact, Psalm 83:4 gives the Arab battle cry, "Come and let us cut them off." In Surah 47:4 Muslims are commanded by Allah to smite the necks of all those who do not accept Islam. After reading these brief statements of belief, how can there ever be peace between Arabs and Jews or Christians?

In Bessarabia we find the town of ISMAEL (23:872, C6). One of the five divisions of Islamic Shiites is called the ISMAILIYYA (24:857). In N.W. India dwell the ISMAILZAI tribe (26:428c). In Egypt is the town of ISMAILIA (9:22, D2). The HAGARENES (Ps.83:6) and "HAGARITES" (1 Chr.5:10) are descended from HAGAR. Hagar the Egyptian was of probable Hyksos descent since Abraham would not take to himself a wife of non-Shemitic origin. In the Sahara Desert we find the AHAGGAR Mountains (1:320, D2) and HOGGAR Tribe (27:352b). Ishmael had twelve sons who were Sheiks (Gen.25:13-16). The first was Nebajoth (NABATAEANS in Petra [Strabo 16:799; Pliny 6:32; Ant.14:3:3] Ptolemy 4:3 mentions the "NABATHRAE" in western Africa. His sister married Esau [Gen.28:9]). Second was Kedar (BEDOUINS [New Bible Dict.,IVP, p.30; Ez.27:21]). Just as Isaiah 60:7 does, Pliny 5:11-12 associates the NABATAEI and CEDREI (KEDAR) together. Third was Adbeel, fourth Mibsam, fifth Mishma, sixth Dumah (IDUMEA in Syria, intermarried with Esau [Ant.12:8:1]). There is a DUMAN (21:544a) and a DUMAN DAGH mt. (2:760, C4) and DUMANLI DAGH Mts. (17:157b) in Turkey and DUMA Mts. and DUMAGUDIEM (14:382, I11) town in India (4:798b). Seventh Massa, eighth Hadad (HADORAM in S. Arabia), ninth Tema (ARABIA [Isa.21:13-14]), tenth Jetur (ITURAEA converted to Judaism, later annexed to Syria [Ant.13:11:3, Tacitus Annals 12:23]), eleventh Naphish and twelfth Kedemah. The trinket from India of three little monkeys who hear, speak and see no evil has the names MISHMA (Heb. "Hearing"), DUMAH (Heb. "Silence") and MASSA (Heb. "Cloudy") indicating an Ishmaelite origin of the BRAHMANS. "LABAN" became the "LEBANESE" of LEBANON (Gen.31:51-52).

Psalm 83:1-8 is a pivotal Arab prophecy describing the TURKS, ARABS, JORDANIANS, PALESTINIANS and GERMANS saying, "Let us cut them (Israelites) off from being a nation." Osama Bin Ladin, the P.L.O. and Nazi Germany all help illustrate this prophecy. Psalm 140:1 says "preserve me from the violent (Heb. "HAMAS") man." The Islamic terrorist organization today in Israel is called "HAMAS."

Revelation 9:4 is a reference to the Islamic invasion of Europe: "And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads."

Abu Bukr, the commander of the Faithful, who succeeded the prophet, issued a proclamation to his victorious forces as follows: "When you fight the battles of the Lord, acquit yourselves like men, without turning your backs; but let not your victory be stained with the blood of women and children. Destroy no palm trees, nor burn any fields of corn. Cut down no fruit trees, nor do any mischief to cattle, only such as you kill to eat. When you make any covenant or article, stand to it, and be as good as your word. And as you go, you will find some religious persons who live retired in monasteries; let them alone, and neither kill them nor destroy their monasteries. And you will find another sort of people that belong to the synagogue of Satan, who have a shaven crown, be sure you cleave their skulls, and give them no quarter till they either turn Mohammedans or pay tribute." (from The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon ch. 51, paragraph 10 or 5:189-190).

Is ESAU Turkey?

ESAU became EDOM (Gen.25:30) or IDUMEA. The EDONI were a people of Thrace, near the Strymon (Apollodorus 3:5). In N. Siberia is the town of EDOMKA (25:10, L1). One grandson called"AMALEK" (Gen. 36:12) gave his name to the capital of JAGATAI in central Asia called ALMALIK (Acad. Amer. Encyc. 2:255). The Tarim River in Turkestan used to be called YUMALAK-Darya (29:872) The Egyptians called the Amalekites "AMU." In TURKESTAN is the "AMU River" (called "Oxus" by Greeks). The region of Persia and Turkestan was known as the Land of "TEMANI." In W. New Brunswick are the "AMALECITE" Indians (Brit.14:459). The "SYR River" in TURKESTAN was probably named after Mount SEIR. The northern part of EDOM became known as GEBALENE or GEBAL (Ps.83:7) (8:949b). Esau's great grandson KORAH (Gen. 36:14) named the KARA-KUM desert, KARA-KUL Lake, KARA-TAU Mts., KIRGHIZ and KHORASAN in Turkestan (27:419). However, Ottomans never call themselves "Turks" -- a name they consider synonymous with "barbarian" since the name is derived from Togarmah who is Japhetic -- not Shemitic. Togarmah is the main population of Turkestan while Esau is the main population of Turkey. Both are Moslem. The Septuagint Greek translates the name "Thorgama" according to the well-known principle of metathesis where gr following a long vowel becomes rg. Thorgama became Turkama or Turk. OMAR is a common Muslim and Arabic name and comes from ESAU'S grandson OMAR (Gen. 36:11). But a fourth grandson "TEMAN" (Gen. 36:11) gave his name to the OTTOMAN Empire (cp. Gen.36:11 & Obadiah 9) which stands "in the crossway" (Obad.14) -- the Bosporus and Dardanelles area -- fighting against British, Australian and New Zealand troops in World War One. Alexander the Great claimed descent from the TEMENIDAE, descendants of TEMENUS, king of Greece. TOMAN AGHA Afghanistan (1:308a) sounds like TEMAN. Strabo mentions the "ODOMANTES" tribe in N. GREECE and the "ODOMANTIS" country in ARMENIA (3:359 & 5:325). They practiced circumcision (Aristophanes Acharn. 157). Herodotus calls these same peoples the SIRO-PAINONES (5:15) which may refer to SEIR of PANNONIA. Plutarch called the Strymon River, on which the ODOMANTI lived, the PALESTINE River (De Fluv., 11). Ptolemy 3:12 mentions the town of "IDOMENE" and the province of "ODOMANTICA" both in Macedonia and "IDYMUS" in Lydia (5:2). Thus we see ESAU in GREECE, TURKEY and somewhat in TURKESTAN! It is called Turkestan because it is "inhabited by Turkish races" but not exclusively (27:419b). Esau may even be found in PHOENICIA since he married Canaanite wives (Gen.26:34; 36:2) and one of the main PHOENICIAN gods was OUSOOS (Esau -- ancestor worship) (Encyc. of Rel. & Ethics, 11:179 or Brit.9:760b).

Isaac prophesied about Esau, "Behold, thy dwelling shall be ("far from" -- Bas) the fatness of the earth, and ("far from" --Bas) ... the dew of heaven above; And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck" (Gen. 27:37-40). Greece and Turkey lack most of the important industrial natural resources. Daniel 11:41 places "EDOM" in the Middle East.

Throughout the Bible, the same theme plays out again and again: First in the form of ESAU versus Jacob. (Gen. 27:41). Then Moses and Joshua versus AMALEK, a grandson of Esau, in Rephidim (Ex. 17:8-16). Then AMALEK opposed Israel in Judges 3:13. Then Saul, son of Kish, versus Agag the AMALEKITE when Saul died (1 Sam. 15:9; 2 Sam. 1:8-10). EDOMITES next plundered Jerusalem (Obad. 10-14). Then Esther and Mordecai versus Haman the AGAGITE (Esther 3:1-6). Then as Herod the EDOMITE (Esau) (Ant. 14:1:3) versus Christ. Then in the post-Biblical time frame, as the TURKISH CALIPHATE versus "Christian" Europe. "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be" (Eccl. 1:9).

Many IDUMIANS were forced to become "Jews" (Ant.13:9:1) by Hyrcanus in 125 B.C. "EDOM is in modern Jewry" (Jewish Encyc. 5:41). "They say they are Jews and are not" (Rev. 2:9). Josephus indicates that the Pharisees and Saducees were NOT Jews by birth. Only the Essenes were hereditary Jews (Wars 2:8:2).

If they were EDOMITES it might explain why Jesus criticized the Pharisees and Saduccees so severely (Matt. 23, etc.). The Pharisees said to Jesus, "We are Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man" (John 8:33). Yet, Israelites, who are Abraham's seed, had a long history of bondage in Egypt, Assyria and Babylon. Therefore, the Pharisees were the other branch of Abraham's seed in Palestine at the time -- EDOMITES. Christ called the Pharisees and Saduccees "a wicked and adulterous generation" (Greek "genea" meaning "race") (Matt. 16:1-4; 12:38-41). Herod the EDOMITE (Ant. 14:1:3; 14:7:3) murdered many true Jewish children (Matt. 2:16). During the Roman seige of Jerusalem the IDUMEANS massacred many hereditary Jews shut up in the city (Wars 4:5:12). Were EDOMITE "Jews" the ones who murdered the Messiah and then said "His blood be on us, and on our children" (Matt. 27:25)? The "Jews" who sought to kill Christ said, "We are not born of fornication" (John 8:41). Therefore, if they were speaking nationally rather than individually, they could not have been descended from Zarah or Pharez Judah since both brothers WERE born of fornication through Tamar (Gen. 38:2-5). They were NOT even ISRAELITE since Jesus said to the "Jews," "Ye believe not, because ye are NOT of MY SHEEP" (John 10:24). SHEEP are ISRAELITES (Isa. 53:6; Jer. 50:6). Were they also the ones who later blasphemed Jesus in the Talmud (Shabbath 104b; SanHedrin 107b; etc.)? Real Jews would not treat their Messiah this way. This might also explain the phenomenon of "anti-Semitism" if these "Jews" were really EDOMITES under a curse. The curse is, "I will make thee (EDOM) small among the heathen, and despised among men" (Jer. 49:15).

Yet Deuteronomy 23:7-8 says, "Thou shalt not abhor an EDOMITE; for he is thy BROTHER (Caucasian).... The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the Eternal in their third generation." Kemal Attaturk (Mustapha Kemal), the founder of the modern Turkish State, was blonde with pale blue eyes. This PURE EDOMITE is what is being discussed here -- not the ESAU-HITTITE mixture that Jesus called a "generation (race) of vipers" (Matt. 23:33).

The Edict of Religious Toleration, the Turkish Hatti Hamayoum, dated March 31st, 1844, was forced from Turkey by England exactly 1260 lunar years from the Hegira in 622 A.D. It allowed Christians to practice their faith inside Turkey. When Jerusalem was taken in 1917 (Islamic date:1335. See Daniel 12:12), and Arabia released from Turkish slavery by the British, much of the prophecy was fulfilled in Ezekiel 25:14 which says, "And I will lay vengeance upon EDOM by the hand of my people Israel (British)."

The Ottoman Empire gradually disintegrated in the 1800s and 1900s as one country after another declared its independence. "Thus saith the Lord; For three transgressions of Edom, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof ... I will send a fire upon Teman, which shall devour the palaces of Bozrah." Obadiah defines the power that desolated the Holy Land as ESAU and we know that the Ottoman Empire has possessed the Holy Land for 400 years.

"And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of ESAU for stubble" (Obadiah 18). "The house of Jacob shall possess their possessions" (Obadiah 17). "Saviors shall come up on Mount Zion to judge the mount of ESAU; and the kingdom shall be the Eternal's" (Obadiah 21). Yes "the elder (ESAU) shall serve the younger (Israel)" (Gen. 25:23). "Israel (Jacob) is ... my firstborn (not ESAU)" (Ex. 4:22). In that day I will raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins (Jerusalem rebuilt); and I will build it as in the days of old: That they may possess the remnant of EDOM, and of all the heathen, which are called by My name (Palestine's mixed population is called Israel), saith the Lord that doeth this" (Amos 9:12). From these verses we can easily identify EDOM with TURKEY -- the people who guarded the site of the tabernacle before Britain took over in 1917. TURKEY was defeated in 1917 by Britain's General Edmund Allenby and Colonel T.E. Lawrence. The surrender happened on 25th Kislev, the anniversary commemorating the recapture of the Temple from the Seleucidae by Judas Maccabeus in 165 B.C. It is called the Feast of Dedication (John 10:22). The OTTOMAN EMPIRE had ruled over Egypt, Sudan, Arabia, Palestine, Iraq and Mesopotamia. But Britain took these possessions and ruled over most of them. August 10, 1920 the Treaty of Sevres was signed and the TURKISH EMPIRE was broken in pieces. March 5 and 6, 1924, the Caliph was expelled from TURKEY and the OTTOMAN EMPIRE ended. It had begun in 597 B.C. when Jerusalem was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar and ESAU (Turkey) took spoil (Ez. 35; Obad. 13) till 1924 when Britain (Israel) took it back 2520 (7 x 360) years later. 597 B.C. + 2520 = 1924 A.D. (Add one year since no year "0"). Also, if we call Islam the "abomination of desolation" (Dan. 12:11) which arose in 622 A.D., and add 1335 lunar years (Dan. 12:12) of 354 days each according to the Islamic chronology (which equal 1295 solar years), we come to 1917 A.D. when Jerusalem was delivered. 622 A.D. + 1295 = 1917 A.D. Or from Omar, the first Caliph in 634 A.D. to 1924 A.D. when the Caliphate ended is 1290 years.

For over 12 centuries ESAU, in the guise of Saracen and Turk, was in possession of the Holy Land as TURKEY and made Palestine "desolate" (Ez. 36:3) with "thorns and briars" (Isa. 32:13). Ezekiel 36:5 says, "Surely in the fire of my jealousy have I spoken against the residue of the heathen, and against all EDOM, who have appointed my land into their possession with the joy of all their heart." "As birds flying, so will the Eternal of hosts defend (protect) Jerusalem; defending (protecting) also he will deliver it, and passing over he will preserve it" (Isa. 31:5). The secret to Allenby's success was domination of the air with British planes that were used for bombing, reconnaissance, and machine-gunning. He gave strict orders that no fighting was to take place in Jerusalem. Instead he attacked the enemy's supply line forcing their retreat. Then when the TURKS tried to level the city with their big guns, the British planes attacked those guns to protect Jerusalem. Not a shot was fired inside the city. When General Allenby advanced over Mount Gerizim (the Mount of Blessing), the TURKS were fleeing over Mount Ebal (the Mount of Cursing). In their conceit, the TURKS had boasted, "When the waters of the Nile flow into Palestine, then will a prophet of the Lord come and drive the TURKS out of this land." But this "impossibility" did happen when British engineers laid a pipeline across the desert to supply the British army at the rate of many thousands of gallons a day from the Nile. Not only that, but the leader of the army was named Allah-en-Nebi -- God's prophet -- in Arabic or Allenby in English.

Deuteronomy 11:24 says, "Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours: from the wilderness and LEBANON, from the river, the river EUPHRATES, even unto the uttermost SEA shall your coast be." After the First World War, Britain held the mandate stretching across the Fertile Crescent through what was then known as Palestine, Trans-Jordan and Iraq. From 1919 and through the 1920s this prophecy was fulfilled. God promised Abraham "all the land of Canaan" (Gen. 17:8) and it was promised "for an everlasting possession." Therefore the Palestinians, who are being given control over the West Bank and Gaza Strip in Israel today, do not belong there.

Is KETURAH in India and N.E. Europe?

From Abraham's wife KETURAH sixteen descendants are named (Gen.25:2-4). They traveled "eastward, unto the east country" (25:6). In INDIA they called themselves "BRAHMINS" after Abraham. They set up a rigid caste system to prevent intermarriage between the different races. These KATIRS (15:631c) went to KOTUR Persia (21:188, A1), KATARIA India (14:376, D8), KATHORI India (14:376, D6), KATRASGARH India (14:376, L-M8), founded a caste of KHATRI (4:811c) and became the KATHIRI tribe of Arabia (12:800b) and KHETRANS (19:43c) and KATHIS of India (15:695d). Branches of these people migrated to eastern Europe as the CHATTUARII who may have named KOTTORI Hungary (3:4, E3), CATTARO Austria (3:4, F5), KOTOR Bosnia (3:4, E4) and KOTOROST River Russia (28:907a) and KATARZHI Russia (23:874, I C3).

"ZIMRAN" moved "eastward" to Persia naming the town of SAMIRAM (10:190d) and SAMNAN province (21:188, B1), SHIMRAN district (26:506a) and Mountain (21:188, B1) and in Arabia SHAMRAN district (2:264, D5). In Turkey is the SHEMIRAM Canal (27:877d). The Samaritans were called SHOMRON also (24:109c).

JOKSHAN moved "eastward" to KISHIN Arabia (2:264, F6) and to Persia as the KUSHANS tribe (28:944b) and KASHTAN tribe (15:631c) naming the KASHAN town and Province (21:188, B2), KASRAN district (26:506a) and KISHM Island and town (21:188, C3) all of Persia. A branch moved to KASAN (23:872, G-H4), KASHIN (23:872, E4), KOSINSK (23:872, H4), KUSHNYI Cape (23:872, H1) and KISHINEV all in Russia (23:874, I B3) and KOSEN Germany (11:808, III P10). The KASHUBES of Poland may be related (15:693a). Another branch moved to KASRIN (Scillitana) Tunisia (1:643, D2) and KASSAN W. Africa (11:438b) and KASSINI River W. Africa (11:204, F3-4).

MEDAN and MIDIAN moved "eastward" to MIDIAN District Arabia (2:264, B2-C3). The MITANNI went "eastward" in Mesopotamia (Thompson Bible, map 1) and named the MATIANUS Lake of Iran (23:648, G3) and then later associated with Japhetic MADAI (the Medes). All moved to the UKRAINE near the Moschi and Tibareni (Herod. 3:94). They traveled to a "wintry land" (Strabo 7:9). Pliny 6:18 locates the MATIANI in S. RUSSIA. Strabo calls the "MEDI, a Thracian tribe" (7:5:7), but the MEDI moved northwest of the Black Sea (Pliny 4:1:3). MIDIAN became the White Russians (Byelorussians). The Lithuanian language resembles that of ancient Media (p.92, Israel's Wanderings). Moses the Levite married Zipporah the MIDIANITE from this tribe (Ex. 2:1,16,21; Num. 10:29) of the Kenite branch (Judges 1:16). MEDES had darker hair and eyes. MIDIANITES were called "ARIANS" (Herodotus 7:62) meaning "noble." Strabo's map 12 shows "ARIANA" in the Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan area. But the present inhabitants of Iran are not Aryans (European and Other Race Origins by Hannay, p.315). The blonde haired, blue eyed Aryans moved to Russia. Another branch moved to INDIA and became the ARIANS there. Incidentally, Darius the Great on his tomb proudly calls himself "An Arya of Arya(n) descent" and Xerxes called himself "Harri" (Aryan) also (cp. 3:106c) meaning a tall, fair, long-headed race (called "Nordic" today). Thus he may have come from Abraham through Keturah since "kings shall come out of thee" (Gen. 17:6).

ISHBAK moved to ASBACH Germany (11:808, I K7), apparently stopping in the Caucasus long enough to name both a city and mountain KASBEK (15:685a; 23:874, II D2).

SHUAH moved "eastward" to the SHAHRAN River in Arabia (2:264, D5) and as the SHAHRAKI Tribe (24:593c) to SHAHABAD District Persia (15:635a) and India (14:3276, KL7) and SHAHPUR Persia (10:189d) and India (24:770b), SHAHRUD Persia (21:188, C1), SHAHRAKHS Persia (21:188, C-D2) and SHAHAN KUH Mt. Persia (21:188, A2). Many more place names in Persia and India begin with the name SHAH (29:721). In America are the SHAHAPTIN Indians (1:811a)

"SHEBA" went "eastward" to SIB Arabia (2:264, H4) naming the SABAH District and town of Persia (10:190c), the SHIB KUH District of Persia (10:190b), SIB District Persia (3:297a) and SHIVA District India (14:376, D1). The German tribes of "SUABI" or SUEVI" probably came from Keturah's "SHEBA" who became the SCHWABIANS living today in Baden-Wurtemburg. We find the SEEVE river in Germany (12:923c).

Keturah's "DEDAN," father of "Assur," first went "eastward" naming the DINDI river (14:382, H11), DINDIGUL (GH14), DINDIVARUM (H13), DODA (14:376, F3) and DANDA towns (K5) of India. Later known as the Teutonic god ODIN, he became the "DANDI" of GERMANY (Strabo map 6) and "LUGI DIDUNI" and "DANDUTI" of GERMANY (Ptolemy 2:10) , naming the "DANZIG"area (11:808, G1) and DANGE River of Germany (18:104a) and "DANWINA" River in Latvia also (see Ez.25:13).

"ASSHURIM" (25:3) went "eastward"naming the ASIR District of Arabia (2:761c) and ASSYRIA and the Persian province of ASIR (10:190a) and town of ASHURADA (21:188, B1) and ASIRGARH India (14:382, G9), later moving to AUSTRIA and EAST PRUSSIA which got its name from PERSIA. The Baltic people of Keturah are a type known as "Alpine Nordic."

"LETUSHIM" became the LATVIANS and LITHUANIANS who came from N.W. INDIA as two Latvian villages -- "Indra" and "Dagda" illustrate (gods of India) and as the similarity between the Lithuanian and Sanskrit languages also show. The Caste System of the stratified society of Hinduism was invented about 4000 years ago by the Aryans to protect their pedigree from races they deemed inferior.


EPHAH may have settled by the Russian river UPA (23:872, E5) or German river OPPA (20:2c).

EPHER (25:4) may have become the FARS or PERSIANS (Ezra 4:9 mentions a Persian tribe called "Apharsites."). Sayce says "The PERSIANS were at the outset a MEDIAN tribe" (pp. 231-232, Races of the Old Testament) and both EPHAH and EPHER were from MIDIAN. Ptolemy 4:6 mentions the "AFRICERONES a great race" in N. AFRICA.

HANOCH migrated "eastward" naming ANAKAPALLE India (14:382, K11) and ANNOOKA Russia (23:872, L D2).

"ABIDAH" went "eastward" and named two districts in Persia ABADEH IKLID and ABADEH-TASHK (10:190a; 1:6b). He also named a town called ABADEH (21:188, B2) and ABBADAN Island in the Euphrates River (9:897d) and later became the"BUDINI," an EAST UKRAINIAN tribe (Her.4:22) with "blue-grey eyes and red hair" (Her.4:106) "on the middle course of the Volga" (24:526b). Ptolemy 3:5 calls them "BODINI."

"ELDAAH" became the "DAI, a nation of Persia" (Lempriere, p.190; Herod.1:125) who later were called the DACIANS or "DAVUS" in Moldova (7:726, Encyc. Brit. 11th) (MOLDAVIANS -- "ELDAVIANS") (p.178, Hannay's European And Other Race Origins). "As for the DAAE, some of them are called APARNI" (Strabo 11:8:2). In Norway we find the ELDAAHOGDA mt. (19:804, D2). In Germany we find the ELDE River (9:161c) and ELDENA town (12:577c). In Persia were the ELBURZ mts. (21:188, B1) under the Caspian and in the Caucasus Mts. today we find the ELBRUZ Mt. (23:874, IIC2).

As in other etymologies, the Hamitic SHEBA and DEDAN who went to YEMEN may have gotten their names from the Semitic SHEBA and DEDAN. The SAVALA River in Rumania 923:826, C2) may have taken its name from the SAVALAN Mt. Persia (21:188, A1).

In Antiquities 1:15 we read, "Abraham after this married Keturah, by whom six sons were born to him; men of courage and of sagacious minds: -- Zambran (Zimran), and Jazar (Jokshan), and Madan (Medan), and Madian (Midian), and Josabak (Ishbak), and Sous (Shua). Now the sons of Sous (Shua) were Sabathan (Sheba) and Dadan (Dedan): the sons of Dadan were Latusim (Letushim), and Assur (Asshurim), and Luom (Leummim): the sons of Madian were Ephas (Ephah), and Ophren (Epher), and Anoch (Hanoch), and Ebidas (Abida), and Eldas (Eldaah). Now, for all these sons and grandsons, Abraham contrived to settle them in colonies; and they took possession of TROGLODYTIS (whom Strabo map 6 places in RUMANIA), and the country of ARABIA THE HAPPY ("Arabia Felix"), as far as it reaches to the Red Sea. It is related of this Ophren (Epher), that he made war against LIBYA and took it; and that his grandchildren, when they inhabited it, called it (from his name) AFRICA: and, indeed, Alexander Polyhistor gives his attestation to what I here say, who speaks thus: -- "Cleodemus the prophet, who was also called Malchus, who wrote a history of the Jews, in agreement with the history of Moses, their legislator, relates that there were many sons born to Abraham by Keturah; nay, he names three of them, Apher (Ephah), and Surim (Asshurim), and Japhran (Epher): that from Surim (Asshurim) was the land of ASSYRIA denominated; and that from the other two (Apher & Japhran) the country of AFRICA took its name, because these men were auxiliaries to Hercules, when he fought against LIBYA and ANTAEUS; and that Hercules married Aphra's (Ephah's) daughter, and of her he begat a son, Diodorus; and that Sophon was his son; from whom that barbarous people called SOPHACIANS were denominated."

Is ARPACHSHAD Northern Europe & North America?

"ARPACHSHAD" is a compound word from ARPHA and CHESED (cp. Gen.22:22). The Aramaic "CHESED" became the Greek "CHALDU." A well-known peculiarity of Aramaic is that "S" changes to "L" when followed by a "D" [Encyc. Judaica 5:330; Encyc. Brit. 11th, 5:805). The Hurrian "ARIP" or cuneiform "ARRAPHA" became "URFA" (city inTurkey) or "UR" for short. Thus we have "UR of the Chaldeans"-- the land of nativity for Terah's children (Gen.11:28). Ur was the capital of the Chaldean empire from 2200-1800 BC (p.360, Lenormant's Ancient History of the East). ARPHAXAD is the father of the CHALDEANS (Ant.1:6:4) who came from the ARRAPACHITIS region, now called Albak, between Lakes VAN and Urmiah (Ptolemy 6:1-2; Brit.24:620a). Abraham came from the northern Chaldean UR (Edessa), where his kindred were (Acts 7:2-4; Jos. 24:2-3), rather than a southern Semite UR. ARPHAXAD'S portion was "toward the east of the Euphrates, bordering on the Erythrian Sea (Red Sea & Indian Ocean -- Strabo map12) and all the waters of the desert until near to the tongue of the sea which looks toward Egypt (Red Sea?), and all the sand of Lebanon and Saner (Shinar?) and Amana (Amanus Mts. in N. Syria) to the border of the Euphrates" (Jub.9:4). In NW Iran is the plain of CHALDARAN (Kalderan) (15:778d). A river south of the Caucasus was known as ARAXES -- a shortened form of ARPHAXAD.

Now, "BABYLON is the capital of the CHALDEAN peoples ... its population has been drained by the proximity of SELEUCEIA, which Nicator founded to replace it" (Pliny 6:122). Ezra 4:9-10 tells us that the Babylonian and Elamite tribes settled not only in the cities of Samaria, but in "the rest (of the cities) that are on this side of the river (Euphrates)." In other words, when the Arameans were taken captive by Assyria (Amos 1:3-5), Syria was repopulated with BABYLONIANS (see Ant.12:5:5). Tiglath-Pileser removed the Syrians of the Damascus area to KIR (2 Ki. 16:9) between the Black and Caspian Seas. Then Syria was "known in history by the name of the kingdom of Syria or BABYLON, 312 B.C." (p.603, Lemprierre's Classical Dict.). People from SELEUCEIA-ON-THE-TIGRIS were called "BABYLONIAN" (Strabo 16:1:16 footnote). We find the NAHARINA province in Syria which comes from NAHOR, Abraham's brother and father of CHESED which can also be rendered CHELED or CHALDEAN (Gen.22:20-22). We find the CHALDEAN marshes (3:100a) and CHALDAEA town both in Syria (5:804c) and Aleppo is partly populated by Nestorian CHALDEANS (27:427a).

One of the consequences of SYRIA'S wars with ITALY was "the first appearance in ITALY of the CHALDAEI" as prisoners (Cumont, Oriental Religions, p.105). And as Juvenal said, "the river Orontes (in SYRIA) has long flowed into the Tiber (in ROME)" (Juvenal 3:62)."Under the Empire the importation of slaves increased. Depopulated ITALY needed more and more foreign hands, and SYRIA furnished a large quota of the forced immigration" (Dr. Cumont, Oriental Religions In Roman Paganism, p.105). Italians may have even spoken a form of ARAMAIC (12:396c). The SYRIANS (CHALDEANS or BABYLONIANS) also colonized all the coasts of the Mediterranean, but especially S. FRANCE (E.L Martin, The Race Change In Ancient Italy, p.31). Between the Garonne and Rhone lived the "VOLCAE" (Liv.21:26) or VLACHI, i.e. Romance speakers (25:230b). Thus, the CHALDEANS are associated with ROME in the Bible (cp. Isa.48:20; Jer.51:7; Rev.17:4,9) or, more loosely, with S.W. EUROPE! New CALEDONIA is a French island in the Pacific. Pliny mentions "the seven hills" of ROME (Nat. Hist. 3:66) which dovetail into the "seven mountains" on which "BABYLON the Great" sits (Rev.17:5,9). This is literally true. The Roman Catholic Church is the descendant of the Babylonian Mystery Religion. Same people, same religion. Europa rides Zeus the bull over a sea of people (Rev. 17:1-3).

The Dagon-Oannes (FISH-GOD) MITER, worn by the pope, began in Babylon. Sacred temple prostitutes called NUNS originated in Babylon (Her. 1:199). The church STEEPLE with BELL began as phallic worship in a high place. HOROSCOPES predicted what would happen to a person based on which of the twelve sign that person was born in, and the positions of the planets at the time of his birth (ASTROLOGY). All the signs which showed the humiliation, suffering and death of the promised Seed were called unlucky; while those that show his second coming in glory were reckoned fortunate. Modern astrologers do not allow for the precession of the equinoxes from when the globes and maps were first made. Semiramis parallels "a woman" (church -- Eph. 5:23) who now sits on seven hills (Rome -- Rev.17:9,18; Pliny NH 3:66) and has the number 666 (Filii Vicarvs Dei) (Rev.13:8). She has Protestant-daughter harlot churches (Rev.17:5). Her Babylonian cardinals wear bright RED GARMENTS (Dan. 5:16; Ez.23:14-15) or are BLACK-ROBED Baal-worshippers (Zeph.1:4) wearing vestments (2 Ki.10:22). Forbidden to marry (CELIBATE) and eating fish on Friday rather than meat (1 Tim.4:3), called "FATHER" as a religious title (Judges 17:10; 18:19; Matt.23:9), cutting bald TONSURES upon their heads (Lev.21:5), they worship the "QUEEN OF HEAVEN" (Jer.44:17-19) using HOT CROSS BUNS (Jer.7:18-20), GRAVEN IMAGES (Ex.20:4; Deut. 4;16) and PICTURES (Num.33:52). They kiss Baal STATUES (1 Ki.19:18) and carry them around (Isa.46:6-7). They give money for their dead in PURGATORY (Deut.26:14) and recite "VAIN REPETITIONS" (Matt.6:7) such as "Hail Mary." But only Jesus is mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5; Heb. 4:14). After CONFESSING every thought to an instructor who asks VILE QUESTIONS to the young and innocent which frequently cause their ruin, they are sprinkled with holy water. Why confess to a priest (cp. James 5:16)? Why worship angels (Col. 2:18)? God is our Rock -- not Peter (Ps. 18:31). They celebrate ISHTAR SUNRISE SERVICES (Ez.8:16) and pollute God's name with their X-Mass (Ez.20:39) and X-MASS TREE (Jer.10:1-5). The 40 days of weeping for Tammuz at LENT (Ez. 8:14) symbolize the 40 years that Tammuz lived. LENT ends with EASTER when it is tradition to eat ham. This is in remembrance of Tammuz who was killed by a wild boar at age 40. Ash Wednesday is when the mark of Tammuz is placed on foreheads. The CROSS is a "t" for Tammuz. The word for "HEART" in Chaldean was "bal" just as Nimrod was Baal (Lord). They have changed God's festivals and oppressed Jews and Protestant Christians (Dan.7:8,25). The mother of a male child was purified 40 days after giving birth (Lev. 12:1-4) so 40 days after Jan. 6th (birth of sun god) was Feb. 15th beginning previous evening on the 14th. VALENTINE'S DAY since "valens" means "mighty" in Latin and Cupid is depicted with bow and arrow because Nimrod was "a mighty hunter" (Gen. 10:9). The word for "HEART" in Chaldean was "bal" (Strong's #1168) just as Nimrod was Baal (Lord). God says, "Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness, O daughter of the CHALDEANS; for thou shalt no more be called, The lady of kingdoms ... But these two things shall come to thee ... in one day: the loss of children (Protestant Reformation in 1517), and widowhood (Loss of Papal States in 1870) (Isa. 47:5,9).

In Caucasia we find KHALDAN town (23:874, II E3) and KHALDEH Glacier (Geresho) (5:552b), CHALDIR GOL Lake (23:874, ii C3) and many Chaldeans known as AISORS (5:548b). The KHASDIM or CHESED migrated to N.W. Germany where they were also called CHAUCI or CASSI or COSSAEII. The CASSUARI means "League of the CASSI. The CHALDEANS also became known as VANDALS from Lake VAN and "overran GAUL, SPAIN, and northern AFRICA in the fourth and fifth centuries A.D. and sacked ROME in A.D. 455" (Am. Her. Dict.). VENETIA and VENICE are where large numbers settled. Southern Spain was named ANDALUSIA (1:954b). LOMBARDS -- called originally VANILI ( art. "Lombards") -- and GOTHS whose origin "can hardly be separated from that of the VANDALS" (art. "Goths") are found in ITALY, SPAIN and GAUL. Somewhat in ROMANIA too (Britannica articles). The VLACHS of RUMANIA "claim to be a Latin race" (Encyc. Brit. 11th 28:166). The VENNONES of the Rhaetian Alps, the VINDELICI people of Germany between the Rhine and Danube (Horat. 4:4:18). VANNES in Brittany. VIENNA and its "VANII Regnum" or "Kingdom of the VANS," VIANA port in Iberia and VIANA in the eastern Pyrenees, VIENNE and VENTA on the Rhone all indicate CHALDEANS (Phoenician Origin of Britons by Waddell, pp.101-103). Near London is the town of CHALDON (16:942, D3). Ptolemy mentions the CALEDONI people in England (2:2). An ancient name for Scotland is CALEDONIA. Today CHALDEANS are the dominant race in the NW corner of Spain (Galicia) and the north tip of Portugal and northern Italy. Also northern France, the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Britain, NW Germany, western Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They are described as "a bitter and hasty nation ("time is money")... They are terrible and dreadful ... Their horses also are swifter than the leopards, (motorcycles, cars, trucks, trains) and are more fierce than the evening wolves (tanks, missiles)... they shall fly like the eagle that hasteth to eat" (planes, helicopters) (Hab. 1:6-8).

We know Abraham was a CHALDEAN also. At the time when Paul wrote, the true Latin nobles were a small minority in Italy and the Chaldean ex-slaves were the great majority. Paul wrote to the uncircumcized (Gal.2:7) Latin ROMANS, "Abraham OUR father as pertaining to the flesh" (Rom.4:1) and "Abraham, who is the father of US all" (Rom.4:16). In the days of the Roman Republic (508-31 B.C.), the Romans were not Abraham's parents (Arpachshad), but his children (Israelites). Amazingly, the "Latini," founders of the Roman Republic, came from "ABORigines (HEBREWS?) and TROJANS (ZARAH JUDAH)" (Brit. 11th, 23:615). A legend teaches "Roman descent from Aeneas (a son of Zarah Judah through Darda) ... the Romans annexed Rhoeteum and Gergis (Trojan areas) to Ilium , "... in memory of the SOURCE from which their nation sprang" (Brit.11th, 27:315). "Troas is Ilium" (Ptolemy 5:2). A "New Troy" was founded by Aeneas in the Tiber Valley (Livy 1:1:3). "The Romans believe Aeneias to have been their ORIGINAL FOUNDER" (Strabo 13:1:27; Brit.16:267b) and the name "Latini" was applied by Aeneas to all his subjects (5:3:2). Pliny refers to the "DARDI" living in Apulia in ITALY (3:11:105). CALEDONIA (Scotland today) probably takes its name from these Darda Zarah Judah CHALDEANS being the sons of ARPHA CHELED. But the later Roman Empire (c.100 A.D. onward -- p.13, E.L. Martin) was 90% non-Israelite CHALDEAN stock.

A small branch of CHALDEANS were anciently called "CHALYBES" (Strabo 12:3:19-20) or "CHABYLES" (Strabo 8:278) who apparently settled in N. AFRICA as "KABYLES." "Ur Casdim" is a place mentioned in Jasher 13:1. The Caucasian peoples of S. AMERICA are partly CHALDEAN or TARSHISH while TIRAS represents the REDDISH-BROWN-skinned peoples there and PHUT the blacks.

SHELAH, son of Arpachshad, may have founded SALACIA Portugal (Strabo's map 3), SALYES, France (map 4) and became the SALASSI tribe of Italy (map 6). We also see the SALAS River of Germany (map 6) (see Strabo 7:1:3 and 4:1:3 also). SALO is a seaport city of the Dalmatians and SALINA is a city in Spain. Also SELAS Spain (25:530, D2) and SELASIA Greece (12:440, D3) and SELA Arabia (21:309d).

EBER, the son of Shelah, is the HEBREWS (Gen.14:13), the HABIRU or HAPIRU of cuneiform monuments, the KHABIRI or HABIRI who troubled Palestine in the 15th century according to the Amarna Tablets (10:78bc) The name literally means "(the tribe which came from) the other side (of the Euphrates -- from Haran)" because Abram migrated to Canaan from Haran. The "Latini," founders of the Roman Empire, came from "ABORigines (HEBREWS?) and TROJANS (ZARAH JUDAH)" (Brit. 11th, 23:615). Names such as KHABUR and CHABORUS Rivers in Mesopotamia (26:305, D2; 26:970a), KHYBER Pass India, HEBRUS River called Evros today in Greece, "IBERUS River" (called Ebro today in Spain), the Gaudalquiveir River (anciently called Wadi-al- HIBRI), the "EBURONE" tribe of northern France (Strabo's map 4) whom Lempriere says are of Belgium while adding that the "EBUROVICES AULERCI" were in Normandy (p.218) and "BERONES" of northern Spain (map 3) as well as the island of HIBERNIA (Ireland today) and HEBRIDES (off Scotland) may take their names from him.

Zarah's biblical geneology ends with the third generation indicating the departure of Zarah's line from Israel while Israel was in Egypt completing the 400 years (1 Ki.4:31; Gen.15:13). His son Calcol (1 Ki.4:31) established "Zarahgassa" meaning "The Stronghold of Zarah" now called "Saragossa" in the EBRO valley in Spain. Camden's Historia Britannica states that Calcol sailed from Egypt to Spain, and from Spain to Ireland where he established Ulladh (Ulster). The Irish "Leabhar Gadhala" or Book of Conquests, points to these "IBERII" (Iberians) , also called Firbolgs, as being the earliest inhabitants of Ireland. They called the land "IBERNE" which was later abbreviated to "ERNE," then "ERIN" and then later Latinized to "HIBERNIA." Realize that in pre-Exodus days Abraham's descendants were still called "HEBREWS" (see Ex.2:6,13, etc.) or "HEBERITES" (Num.26:45). Thus the HIBERNIANS or IBERII who came to Ireland about 1700 B.C. from the EBRO River in IBERIA and EBORA Portugal must be HEBREWS. The ancient name for York in ENGLAND was "EBORACUM" (p.396, Rawlinson's Ancient History). There is a town called EBRINGTON in England (9:420, 111 D2). There is evidence that Hebrew was spoken almost all over Ireland at a very early period, as ancient inscriptions in that language have been unearthed not only on the coast but even in the very center of the country. Even the IBERIAN peninsula took its name from the Celts passing through since "IBERES" is the Gaelic name for Hebrews. There are over 20 places in Wales which begin with the prefix "ABER" (from EBER) -- for example ABERYSTWYTH and ABERDARE. In SCOTLAND we find ABERDEEN, ABERFOYLE, ABERFELDY, ABERDOUR, ABERARGIE, ABERUTHYEN, HAPPREW (24:418, E3) and several others. In FRANCE is EBREVIL, EBREDUNUM, EBROICINUS Pagus District and EBURODUNUM. In GERMANY we find EBERMANNSTADT, EBERSBURG, EBERSDORF, EBERSTADT, EBERSWALDE, and EBRACH (11:808). AUSTRIA has EBERSTEIN. SWITZERLAND has EBURODUNUM. ITALY has EBURUM, EBURLAND EBRO. Many place names in Germany, Austria and Switzerland begin with the "OBER" prefix also (29:569-570). The 17th century "Chronicle of Zealand" by Smallegange mentions that the "Batavians," "Frisians," "Menapians," and others were descended from the Hebrews and father Noah. See also Ptolemy 2:1 for more.

"PELEG," the son of Eber, means "division" (Tower of Babel?) or "water canal" (Assyr. "palgu" means canal as well as Heb. "peleg") and the ancient city of PHALGA was located at the junction of the Euphrates and Chaboras rivers where there may have been many water channels. The PELAGONIANS (of Macedonia-- Strabo 7:7:8), the PELIGNI (of Italy-- Strabo 5:2:1) and the PELASGIANS (of Italy and Greece -- 5:2:3-4) are his sons. We find the PAELIGNI District of Italy (15:26, D-E3) where the PAELIGNI tribe dwelt (20:446b) and PALAGIA Mt. Greece (4:114d). Frisians came from REU since Tacitus mentions REUDIGNI living in Holstein (Germ. 40). PELEG'S great grandson NAHOR was the father of the NAHRIMA people (Makers of Civilization by Waddell, p. 454) who later became the NAHARVALI who dwelt in Austria (Tacitus Germania ch. 43). Austria is part Alpine (Assyrian) and part Nordic (Nahor). The city of NAHORANY , east of Prague, in the Czech Republic shows descent from NAHOR, who's sons were CHESED (KASHUBS of Poland), PILDASH (POLES of Poland), UZ (the Serbs of UZICE), HAZO (Czechs of HAZLOV), BUZ (Slovaks of BYSTRICA), MAACAH (the Rumanians of MACIN, etcetera (Gen. 22:21-22).

"HARAN," the brother of Abraham (Gen.11:27), became the HERULI in northern Italy and HARRIANS of southwest Europe. In Sumerian, "HARA" means "exalted" or "glory" which is where we get the word "ARISTOCRAT." "HERR" means "Lord or "Master" in Gothic, Scandinavian and German. "AIRE" is chieftain of the Irish, Scots and Gaels. In the Medes tongue it is "ARIOS" "HARIOS," or "HARRI." This is the origin of the name "ARYAN." The city and district of HARAN (Gen 11:31) were named ARIA, ARIANA and ARACHOSIA by the Greeks. "HUR" also means "white." Several Israelites are called HUR or URI in 1 Chronicles. Abraham's wife Sarah was HERULI (Gen.20:12; 11:29), a portion of whom "migrated to SWEDEN" (13:403d).

The United States & the British Empire FORETOLD in the Bible?

Did the SAXONS come from ISAAC'S SONS? Are the JUTES descendants of JUDAH? Were the DANES members of the tribe of DAN? Is Hibernia the home of Hebrews? Is HIBERNIA the home of HEBREWS? Did SCOTS migrate from SCYTHIA (S. Russia) where Israelite gravestones have been found (Her. 4:11; 2 Esdras 13:40-46)? What happened to the LOST TEN TRIBES of Israel? God says the shepherds haven't "SOUGHT that which was LOST ... MY SHEEP wandered through all the mountains (countries -- Ez.34:13), and upon every high hill (nation): yea, MY FLOCK was scattered upon all the face of the earth, and none did SEARCH or SEEK after them" (Ez.34). Are the BRITISH and AMERICANS these LOST TEN TRIBES of Israel?

Isaiah 24:15 places "ISRAEL in the ISLANDS of the SEA" and since the Hebrew word for "SEA" is also translated "WEST," Isaiah may have been referring to the BRITISH ISLES. God said to Jacob, ""a COMPANY of NATIONS shall be of thee, and KINGS shall come out of thy loins" (Gen. 35:11). The BRITISH Empire was a large trading COMPANY of NATIONS ruled by BRITISH KINGS. "BRITISH" means "COVENANT MAN" in Hebrew. "Thy seed shall possess the GATE of his enemies" (Straits of Gibraltar; Suez Canal; Straits of Malacca and Panama Canal) (Gen. 22:18). In ISAAC shall thy seed be called" -- or "SAXONS" (Gen. 21:12). The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (891 A.D.) says the BRITISH came from ARMENIA. The names GAELIC and GAUL both are derived from the Hebrew word GOLAH meaning CAPTIVITY (Ez. 39:23). Welsh CYMRY came from the CRIMEA where ISRAELITE gravestones have been found (Her. 4:11; 2 Esdras 13:40-46). Herodotus says the SCYTHIANS came from "across the Araxes into Cimmeria" (Her. 4:11) or the CRIMEA and eventually were called SCOTS. These CAUCASIANS came from below the CAUCASUS Mts., the same place the Israelites were taken as CAPTIVES (2 Ki. 17:6). Canon Lyson found 5000 HEBREW roots in the ENGLISH language (Our British Ancestors, 1865). WELSH is so much like HEBREW that the SAME SYNTAX may be used for both. OLD SAXON is said to be 80% HEBREW. In Hosea 10:11 we read that EPHRAIM is "like an HEIFER." The Hebrew word for "HEIFER" is "EGLAH" (#5697 of Strong's). The AEGLI (Her. 3:92) were sometimes known as AGGAI where the first "G" in Greek has the sound of "N", and so the word AGGAI becomes ANGAI or ENGLAND. Balaam compared Israel to a "UNICORN" and a "LION" (Num. 23:22-24) (the heraldry of Britain). The DOMINION of CANADA was prophesied in Psalm 72:8 which says, "He shall have DOMINION from sea to sea (Atlantic to Pacific) and from the (St. Lawrence) river unto the ends of the earth" (north pole). AUSTRALIA is found in Isaiah 49:12 which says, "Behold these (scattered Israelites) shall come from far: And lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of SINIM" which according to the Latin Vulgate translation says, "From AUSTRALIA" (or "Australis"): "AUSTRALIA" in Latin means "the land of the SOUTH."

A Puritan branch "ran over the wall" (Gen. 49:22) into North America. About two-thirds of AMERICANS who can trace their ancestry to New England are actually from EAST ANGLIA (Weyl's Geography of American Achievement, p.97) or JOSEPH. Today fifty million AMERICANS claim English ancestry. Tacitus reported that the Germans descended from MANNUS (Germ. 2) or MANASSEH, the son of JOSEPH. There are 49 million Germans in the U.S. today. God said to Abraham, I will make of thee a GREAT NATION (United States), and I will bless thee" ("God bless America") (Gen. 12:2). The United States has become "a fruitful bough ... his bow abode in strength" (Gen. 49:22-24). America has received "blessings of heaven above" (Gen. 49:25) and "blessings of the deep ... beneath" (Deut. 33:13). "Blessed ... be his land" (Deut. 33:13). The "EAGLE" (Ez. 1:10; Rev. 4:7) and ARROWS (Num. 24:8-9) also symbolize Israel (the heraldry of the U.S.). The THIRTEEN STARS represent the THIRTEEN tribes of Israel (Gen. 37:9-11). The lower 48 states of the union, each with it's state capitol, parallel the 48 Levite cities (Joshua 21:41).

Yet these Israelites would be BLIND to their IDENTITY (Isa. 25:7; 42:19; 43:8). MANASSEH means "FORGET" (Gen. 41:51). Joseph would be the "custodian of the STONE of Israel" (Stone of Scone) (Gen. 49:24). "His seed shall be in many WATERS" (Num. 24:7) just as Britannia "ruled the waves." "Israel then shall dwell in SAFETY ALONE" (Deut. 33:28) surrounded by a "MOAT" -- the English Channel -- from the rest of Europe. America is isolated between two OCEANS. Israel would be the "CHIEF of the nations" (Jer. 31:7) and "ABOVE ALL nations" (Deut. 26:19) just like Britian and the United States. The British did 'INHERIT the GENTILES" (Isa. 54:3) in AFRICA and INDIA primarily and "Jacob shall possess ... (ESAU'S) possessions" (Obad. 17) when in 1917 it took Trans-Jordan, Palestine and Iraq from Turkey.

God told Abraham that "in thy seed shall all families of the earth be BLESSED" (Gen. 28:14) because of the Industrial Revolution, the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, irrigation, abolition of slavery, sati and thuggi, distribution of food and medicine, and the distribution of the Bible worldwide. Israel was prophesied to be "a LIGHT to the nations" (Isa. 42:6), so Thomas Edison invented the LIGHT BULB. Other inventors were inspired to create the LOOM, the FORGE, the PRINTING PRESS, DYNAMITE, ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS, the RADIO and TELEVISION, the BATTERY, the TELEPHONE, the AUTOMOBILE and the AIRPLANE. America is the "arsenal of Democracy" and the "World's Policeman." "The remnant of Jacob shall be among the nations ... like a LION among the beasts of the forest, like a YOUNG LION among the flocks of sheep, who, if he go through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and NONE can DELIVER" (Micah 5:8). "They that strive with thee shall perish ... they that war against thee shall be as nothing" (Isa. 41:12). "I will contend with him that contendeth with thee" (Isa. 49:25).

Why did the fulfillment of prophecy take so long? Israel had to be punished "SEVEN TIMES" for her sins (Lev. 26:28). In 745 B.C., Tiglath-Pileser (called "Pul" in the Bible -- 2 Kings 15:19; 1 Chr. 5:26), the king of ASSYRIA, began the first invasion against Israel in the reign of Menahem (2 Ki. 15:19-20). From 745 B.C. we add 2520 YEARS (7x360) to get 1775 plus one is 1776 A.D., the very year the American Declaration of Independence was signed and Americans no longer paid tribute. (When crossing from B.C. to A.D. dates it is necessary to add a year to the figure since there is no year "0.") From 721 to 718 B.C. Shalmaneser, whose commander-in-chief was SARGON, beseiged Samaria three years in the reign of Hoshea (2 Ki. 17:3-5). Samaria was conquered in 718 B.C. "SEVEN TIMES" later Jefferson bought the "LOUISIANA PURCHASE" in 1803 A.D. at just under 4 cents per acre and we got our "promised land" back. In 604 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar's Babylonian Chaldean army took tribute from Jerusalem. Jehoiakim was taken captive (cp. Jer. 25:1 & Dan. 1:1-2). 2520 YEARS later on November 2, 1917, the Balfour Declaration gave Jews authority for "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." On December 9th 1917, British General Allenby liberated Jerusalem from the Turks. It was the 24th day of tyhe ninth month of the Jewish calendar. Jews lost their authority over Jerusalem for "SEVEN TIMES" punishment (Lev. 26:28). But "the coast (of Palestine) shall be for the remnant of JUDAH" (Zeph. 2:7). Other Israelite colonies in northern Europe are the French royal family of BOURBON which came from REUBEN. These RIPUARIAN Franks (Langer's World History, p.143) are "unstable" or sexually immoral (Gen. 49:4). The LEVONI in Scandinavia from LEVI (Ptolemy 2:10). The customs of the DRUIDS were virtually identical to the customs of the LEVITES. Some LEVITE names are Gershom, Gershwin, Cohen, Cowan, Kahn, Kahane, Levy Levine, Lewis, etcetera. The JUTES and DANES were JEWS and DANITES (p.54 Vetus Chronicon Holsatiae). The DANOI of Greece became the Tuatha de DANAAN of N. Ireland. Many policemen, politicians and judges in America are of N. Irish descent because "DAN shall judge his people" (Gen. 49:16). The SABALINGOI of Holland from ZEBULUN (Ptolemy 2:10:63) dwell "at the haven of the sea" (Gen. 49:13). Holland's Rotterdam port is the largest in Europe. They "suck the abundance of the seas" (Deut. 33:19) using windmills, dykes and pumps, reclaiming lowlands from the ocean. SAMNITES on the west coast of France from SIMEON (Ptolemy 2:7). The SCIRI of Finland from ISSACHAR (Pliny 4:13). In World War 2, Mannerheim of FINLAND rallied his people to arms with the call that they fought under the banner of ISSACHAR. The GUTAE in Sweden from GAD (Ptolemy 2:10). The AORSI on the Baltic from ASHER (Ptolemy 3:5). William Camden's Britannica, 1808, records the early English histories as stating that "the merchants of ASHER worked the tin mines of Cornwall, not as slaves, but as masters and exporters." BELGIUM and SOUTH AFRICA yield "royal delights" (Gen. 49:20) of gold, platinum and diamonds because they are ASHER. EPHTHALITE Huns of Sweden are from NAPHTHALI. Procopius calls Sweden THULE (Brit. 26:197a). SWEDEN'S Nobel Prizes are the "goodly words" (Gen. 49:21). The USIPETES who crossed the Rhine into Gaul (Caesar's Gallic Wars 4:1) came from JOSEPH. The BANOCHAEMAE from BENJAMIN migrated into Germany (Ptolemy 2:10), Norway and Iceland as Vikings "devouring prey" (Gen. 49:27). Norsemen would plunder the countryside then "divide the spoil at the stake" (Gen. 49:27). William the Conqueror arrived in England with a WOLF on his banner -- the insignia of BENJAMIN (Gen. 49:27).

The THRONE of BRITAIN is the oldest in Europe and has preserved the same coronation service as far as records go back from Egferth in 785 A.D. That is for 1215 years. Why so long? Because God said to David, "thy THRONE shall be established FOREVER" (2 Sam. 7:16). Genesis 49:10 says, "The SCEPTER shall NOT DEPART from Judah ... until Shiloh ("Peace") come." The Messiah is the "Prince of Shiloh" (Peace) (Isa. 9:6) and hasn't come back yet, so we still get our presidents from Judah. "Thy brethren shall praise" thee and "thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies" (Gen. 49:8). "Nearly one third (of America's presidents) came of Ulster (N. Irish) stock" (Nat. Geog. Aug. 1964, p.261). The kings of Scotland, England and most of Europe also came from N. Ireland. What is Ulster's heraldry? A RED HAND circled by a RED CORD (cp. Gen. 38:28). The British coronation service is identical to the Bible: anointing with oil (1 Ki. 1:34), crown of pure gold (Ps. 21:3), sitting on or "at his PILLAR" (stone) (2 Chr. 23:13), presented with a Bible (Deut. 17:14), given bracelets of St. George (2 Sam. 1:10), the shout, "GOD SAVE THE KING" (1 Sam. 10:24) and an oath (2 Chr. 23:16). This is proof the British are the HOUSE of ISRAEL. Sir Gardner Wilkinson says, "The Jews of the East to this day often have red hair and blue eyes, with a nose of delicate form and nearly straight, and are quite unlike their brethren of Europe, and the children in modern Jerusalem have the pink and white complexions of Europeans. It is the Syrians who have the large nose that strikes us as the peculiarity of Western Israelites. This prominent feature was always a characteristic of the Syrians, but not of the ancient nor of the modern Jews of Judea." (Wilkinson's Egyptians, vol. 2 p. 198).

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