What's Wrong With SEX?

(part four)

Are transvestites mentioned in the Bible? Is The Marriage License Issued By God Or The State? Should Brides Change Their Names? What Makes A Jewish Marriage Unique? What are the Sexual Differences Between Men And Women? Does Embryonic and Fetal Development parallel the Festivals? -- Eyes And Ears Opened on Trumpets, The Blood Of Atonement, Lungs Develop On The Feast Of Sukkot, and Baby Will Survive If Born On The Eighth Day? Is Birth Is A Type Of The Resurrection?

Transvestites In The Bible?

Next, Moses said, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment; for all that do so are abomination unto the Eternal thy God" (Deut.22:5; Ant. 4:8:43). The word for "man" here is "geber" (Strong's #1397) meaning "valiant man or warrior) showing that women should not be in the military. Women must not be soldiers like men, or even wear men's clothing and vice versa. In the worship of Venus, it was customary for women to appear before the goddess in armor. This scripture refers to cultic TRANSVESTITISM of men and women deliberately dressing up as the opposite sex in worshipping heathen gods. Incidentally, regarding women in the military, Numbers 1:2-3 says "every male" and "from twenty years old and upward" -- not 18-year-olds. But the Bible doesn't teach the concept that only men can wear pants and that women must only wear dresses. The word "skirt" appears twelve times in the KJV Bible, and each time refers to the skirt of a man. Forexample, Zechariah 8:23 says, "the skirt of him that is a Jew." The high priest's clothing was a beautiful dress. Women also wore robe-like garments. Thus it is not unbiblical for women to wear pants or for Scotchmen to dress in kilts. But fashion designers of women's clothing insist on padding women's shoulders to make them look masculine. They design "unisex" styles of clothing and haircuts instead of making the sexes look different.

In 1 Corinthians 11:14-15 Paul said, "Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering." The same word for "covering" is translated "vesture" in Hebrews 1:12. It means an article of clothing. A woman's hair is her natural covering in addition to a veil if she is married. Too many women cut their hair short or stack a tiered hair-doo on top of their heads instead of letting their hair hang down around their shoulders. However, women in mourning weren't wrong to cut their hair (Deut. 21:10-14; Isa.3:24; 15:2 Jer.3:29; Amos 8:10).

Should Women Wear Make-Up?

The use of MAKE-UP and COSMETICS in painting the face and eyes is only done by prostitutes in the Bible. There are no biblical examples of a virtuous woman using MAKE-UP. This use of MAKE-UP is a unique and exclusive characteristic of a harlot. MAKE-UP is deceptive. It is an attempt to change the appearance to something more beautiful than it really is. MAKE-UP is a lie and "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" (Ex.20:16).

First John 2:15-17 says, "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world." "COSMETICS" comes from the Greek "kosmos" meaning "the world." "Be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed, by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God" (Rom.12:2). Using MAKE-UP is conforming to a worldly custom.

Furthermore, COSMETICS are worn by women in order to be admired by the general public and by men in particular -- not by their husbands in private. The purpose is to cause men to lust after them -- not cause their husbands to love them. EYEPAINT makes the eyes look larger than they really are, thus replacing the beauty God gave the woman (Ez.16:14) with "thine own beauty" (Ez.16:15). Solomon said, "Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids. For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread" (Pr.6:25-26).

Stibium vases and stibium pencils (producing a brown-black line to accent the eyelids, eyelashes and eyebrows) have been found in Egypt as early as 3,500 B.C. (Encyc. Brit., art. "cosmetics"). Egypt is a type of sin (Heb.11:25-26; Rev.11:8). See Nefertiti's eyebrows and eyelids and lipstick on the bust below.


"The wife of Ischomachus had painted her face with a certain cosmetique in order to make her skin look fairer than it was; and with another mixture had endeavored to increase the natural bloom of her cheeks; and also had put on higher shoes than ordinary, to make her look taller than she really was." (Xen. Oecon. 10)

"Stimmi is called by most persons platyophthalmon, it being extensively employed in the calliblepharic preparations of females, for the purpose of dilating the eyes." (Pliny Nat. Hist. 33:34)

"One with needle held obliquely, adds to his eyebrows, touched with moisened soot; and raising the lids, paints his quivering eyes." (Juv. Sat. 2:93)
"I am standing here idle, painted over with white lead to entice the men." (Aristoph. Eccles. 878)

"If this white lead should be washed off, you'll see the wrinkles in her face quite plainly." Aristoph. Plut. 1064

"May many an evil fall upon her, in the shades below, who foolishly falsifies her looks." (Propert. 2, eleg. 14)

The perverted emperor Nero used COSMETICS. So did Herod of Palestine, who in the words of Josephus, was "so shameless as to colour his hair ... (thinking) that would make him young again" (Wars 1:24:7).

According to the apocryphal Book of Enoch 8:1-2, a fallen angel called Azazyel led mankind into rebellion against God just prior to the flood. He taught women "the use of PAINT, the BEAUTIFYING of the EYEBROWS ... and of all sorts of DYES" so that "fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways" (cp. Gen. 6:11-12). As a result, the Lord had the angel Raphael "Bind Azazyel hand and foot" and "cast him into darkness" (10:6). This Azazel was Satan the Devil (Lev.16; Rev.20:1-3; 1 Pet.3:18-20).

In 2 Kings 9:30 we read that "when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she PAINTED her face ("eyes" #5869 of Strong's), and tired (or "attired") her head, and looked through a window." Jezebel was known for her many "whoredoms" and "witchcrafts" (2 Ki.9:22). God used this woman as a type of the great false church (Rev.2:20). She tries to change her evil appearance in order to win the worship of men. She prophetically represents a church-state union being tolerated by Christians who then participate in the false religion -- a spiritual "fornication" -- a political-religious alliance (Rev.17:2). "The mother of harlots and abominations of the earth" (17:5) appears beautiful, but is ugly and false. The word "PAINTED" comes from Strong's #6320, "puwk" meaning "to paint; dye (specifically STIBIUM for the eyes)."

In Jeremiah 4:30 we read about Israel and Judah playing the harlot. God asks his people, "And when thou art spoiled, what wilt thou do? Though thou clothest thyself with crimson (The color of a harlot -- "scarlet color" -- Rev.17:4), though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though thou rentest (distort) thy face ("eyes" #5869) with PAINTING (or "ENLARGEST thine EYES with PAINT"), in vain shalt thou make thyself fair; thy lovers will despise thee, they will seek thy life." The word for "PAINTING" is again "puwk" or STIBIUM. This scripture not only condemns political-religious alliances with foreign nations, but also condemns immoral sexual relations and prostitution. Both are prophesied.

In Ezekiel 23:40, Israel and Judah committed adultery and "sent for men to come from far ... for whom thou didst wash thyself, PAINTEDST thy EYES, and deckedst thyself with ornaments." The Hebrew word for "PAINTEDST" is Strong's number 3583, "kachal," meaning "to paint (with STIBIUM)."

Isaiah 3:16 says, "the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes (or "deceiving eyes"), walking and mincing as they go." These "daughters of Zion" are described as being filthy (Isa.4:4). Yes, "The show of their countenance doth witness against them, and they declare their sin like Sodom; they hide it not" (Isa.3:9).

According to Adam Clarke, in his comments on Isaiah 3:16, we read, "Though the colouring of the eyes with STIBIUM be not particularly here expressed, yet I suppose it to be implied" (vol.4, p.35). This is because the Hebrew word for "wanton" is "shakar" meaning "to cheat ... deal falsely, lie" (#8266, Strong's) which is very close to "sakar" (#8265) which is probably related to the word for STIBIUM -- the mineral which was commonly used in COLOURING the eyes. The meaning is "false eyes." The only difference between "shakar" and "sakar" in Hebrew is the position of a vowel point. The original classical Hebrew had no vowel points. The Masoretes added vowel points in the 6th century A.D. (Halley's Bible Handbook, p.409) and pointed this word as though it were "sakar." Whether or not they were correct, the meaning of "sakar" and "shakar" must be similar because originally the Hebrew had no vowel points at all. "Sakar has a close affinity with the noun "sikra" which Babylonian Jewish rabbis used for STIBIUM. The Chaldee paraphrase of Isaiah 3:16 is "with eyes dressed with STIBIUM." Reuben Alcalay's Complete Hebrew-English Dictionary, page 2713, defines "sagar" as "to ogle, wink, glance coquettishly, PAINT the eyes."

We shouldn't pollute our bodies, which are temples of God's Holy Spirit (1 Cor.3:16-17; 6:19-20). One basic ingredient of EYE SHADOW is CARMINE, a natural substance made of ground COCHINEAL BUGS, some 70,000 insects to the pound (200 million Guinea Pigs, by John G. Fuller, N.Y., 1972, Putnam's Sons, p.250). Dangerous doses of MERCURY in many hair lotions and facial make-ups are absorbed through the skin and stored in the kidneys (p.249). In the past, women used STIBIUM (ANTIMONY) to paint their eyes, a substance about as harmful as arsenic or lead (Journal of the American Medical Assoc., June 23, 1934, article, "Cosmetics -- Past and Present" by J.G. Downing).

Leviticus 19:28 commands, "Ye shall not ...print any marks (of MAKE-UP) upon you: I am the Eternal." "Shall the thing formed say to him thatformed it, Why hast thou made me thus?" (Rom.9:20). "As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves (with MAKE-UP) according to the former lusts" (1 Pet.1:14). "If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy" (1 Cor.3:17). "Abstain from all appearance of evil" (1 Th.5:22). MAKE-UP comes from prostitutes. "For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness" (1 Th.4:7)., "for the Eternal seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Eternal looketh on the heart" (1 Sam.16:7), unlike "them who glory in appearance, and not in heart" (2 Cor.5:12). Yes, "glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's" (1 Cor.6:20). Eph.5:25-27 says, "Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it (of MAKE-UP) ... a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish." No spots of MAKE-UP on her.

In Song of Solomon 3:6, the "powders of the merchant" are not face powders, but incense powders. The "pillars" of smoke" are the fragrance of burning incense from these powders.

But critics argue that Job named his daughter "Keren-happuch" (Job 42:14) meaning "horn (of) the ANTIMONY or EYEPAINT" or "MAS-CARA" (Jerusalem Bible). Egyptians kept their STIBIUM (ANTIMONY) in a small ornamental horn (see Hastings Dict. of the Bible, art. "eye"). This was a very beautiful ornament with carved designs on it. Just because Job named his daughter "Horn of antimony" doesn't mean he approved of cosmetics, or that his daughter wore make-up. Remember that he named her at birth. Instead, it merely means that the container itself was beautiful, so Job named his daughter after something beautiful. Babies don't wear make-up.

In 1770 the state of Pennsylvania passed a law that a marriage could be nullified if the wife had, in courtship, deceived and misled her prospective husband by altering her appearance with MAKE-UP (p.13, Truth About Make-up, by H.W. Armstrong).

The Marriage License --
Issued By God Or The State?

Marriage is a right that falls within the First Amendment right to freedom of religion. A couple doesn't need a "MARRIAGE LICENSE." When a couple obtains a "MARRIAGE LICENSE," their tax liability increases. To even apply for a "LICENSE" to get married from the State is wrong. If the State can grant a privilege with a LICENSE, it can also revoke that LICENSE at will. Also, the children become property of the State. Couples don't need the permission of the State to marry. But if a "MARRIAGE LICENSE" is unnecessary to a lawful marriage, why are we led to believe that the LICENSE is mandatory? A LICENSE is merely a permit or privilege to do what otherwise would be unlawful. But "marriage is honorable" (Heb.13:4) and not evil or unlawful.

The truth is that church and state are not really separated. Churches have been granted certain economic privileges by the State, and so their ministers are afraid to perform any marriage of "questionable legality" lest this action jeopardize the church's privileges.

"If the MARRIAGE LICENSE is voluntary, then the applicants have volunteered their marriage under the State's, rather than God's, sovereignty," said Robert Bennett. "A LICENSED MARRIAGE is identical to a licensed corporation. Both exist by virtue of a State action. Because the State grants existence to the corporate entity, the State has a lawful claim upon all profit or gain arising from the corporation. What is the profit or gain arising from the marriage corporation? Children.

It could very well be the MARRIAGE LICENSE which we ask the State to grant us that empowers the State to assume the role of manager, educator, transporter, coach, physician psychiatrist, and entertainer of our kids. ( -- partly reprinted from the Watchman)

A MARRIAGE LICENSE makes the State, not God, the third party to the
marriage contract. Since the contract cannot be broken without the consent of the third party and the laws of inheritance are applicable in State-sanctioned marriages, the State has a vested interest in any offspring of that marriage; the children become a "resource" of the State. The courts have determined that all children born to State-licensed marriages are by implication wards of the State that granted the LICENSE. When a couple secures a MARRIAGE LICENSE from the State, they become a corporate entity granting their inalienable God-given rights to that State, giving it legal jurisdiction over the education, discipline, medical treatment, and religious training of their children. When the parents' beliefs or moral values conflict with those of the State, the State is given power to dictate in all areas where the children, or the marriage itself, are concerned. Our rights come from God, not the State. We are not subject to any anti-Bible guidelines of the State. The State has presumed to choose for parents if their children will be home-schooled or attend public school, whether or not they receive immunization shots, are drafted into the military and even whether or not parents are competent to keep their children and spank them.

When a marriage is properly performed by a priest (or minister or rabbi), it is held valid even though no LICENSE has been obtained: Landry vs. Bellanger, 120 La. 962, 45 South. 956, 14 Ann. Cas. 952, 15 L.R.A. (N.S.) 463, with note-collecting cases which seem to establish the general rule as stated that the requirement of a LICENSE is directory and the marriage is valid without it ... Marriages were not solemnized by priests until the time of Innocent III. (from Roger N. Elvick and Bouvier's Law Dict., 1914 ed.) The power to regulate does not confer the right to LICENSE (The City of Burlington v. Bumgardner; 42 Iowa 673).

Should Brides Change Their Names?

Brides should take their husband's names because "the whole family in heaven and earth is named" after God the Father (Eph.3:15). In Isaiah 1:4 we read that "seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by THY NAME, to take away our reproach." The man is a type of God the Father. The woman is a type of our mother the church. Yes "thou shalt be called by a NEW NAME which the mouth of th Eternal shall name" (Isa.62:2; cp. Rev.2:17). "And this is HIS name whereby HE shall be called, The Lord Our Righteousness" (Jer. 23:6). "And this is the name by which SHE shall be called, The Lord Our Righteousness" (Jer. 33:16).

A Jewish Marriage

In ancient Israel there was no dating. Either the father chose a bride for his son (Ju. 14:1-10; John 6:44), or the father's servant chose (Gen.24), or the son himself chose (Gen.29:15-30). "You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you" (John 15:16). Choosing was based on "family background," "stock," or "pedigree" and learning (Yoma 71a). The man took with him a large sum of money (Gen. 24:53), a betrothal contract and a skin of wine. The man approached the girl's father and older brothers. A betrothal contract (SHITRE ERUSIN or KETUBAH) was laid out and a "BRIDE-PRICE" (MOHAR -- Gen.31:14-16; Ex.22:17; Ruth 4:5; 1 Sam. 18:25; Gen.34:12; Judges 1:12; Joshua 15:16-17) was discussed. The KETUBAH states the bride price, the promises of the groom, and the rights of the bride. The groom promises to work for her, to honor, support and maintain her in truth, to provide food, clothing, and necessities, and to live together with her as husband and wife. The Ketubah was the unalienable right of the bride and must be executed and signed prior to the wedding ceremony. As 2 Corinthians 1:20 says, "For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen." The BRIDE PRICE was to compensate the father for the loss of his daughter. The minimum BRIDE PRICE was 50 pieces of silver (Deut.22:29). The father was not allowed to touch the principal, but was entitled to the interest on the money for life. Laban violated this law (Gen.31:15). If the man was permanently injured, or died, or wrongly divorced his wife, the principal was the property of the woman. Otherwise she was not allowed to touch it. In that day and society, women were not able to support themselves and had to rely on either father or husband. If the PRICE was high enough and the father approved, the maiden was called in. The young man would set a CUP of WINE in front of a woman as the proposal (Luke 22:17-18; Mark 14:23-25; Matt.26:27-29). If she approved (Jer. 2:2-3), both she and the groom drank the wine as a toast. "Can you drink the CUP I am going to drink?" (Matt.20:22) James and John replied, "We can" (20:22). The price was so high that Christ asked the Father, "If thou be willing, remove this cup from me" (Luke 22:42). Later in the marriage ceremony, two CUPS of WINE are shared. The cup of joy is thus doubled. The cup of sacrifice is halved. Both bride and groom signed after the groom paid the BRIDE PRICE to her father. Christ paid with his life on PASSOVER. The cup of wine sealed the covenant. When she accepted, she was "BOUGHT with a PRICE" (1 Cor.6:20; 7:23; 1 Pet. 1:18-19). Incidentally, a "dowry" was given to the bride by her father. Rebekah was given a nurse and damsels (Gen.24:59-61) and Caleb gave his daughter a field with water springs (Judges 1:5). The bride might wait a whole year for his return (Life And Times 1:353f). This is called the BETROTHAL PERIOD (Deut.20:7; 22:23) -- a time to MAKE "HERSELF READY" (Rev.19:7; Ex.19:10-11; Esther 2:12). She is WASHED in the cloud and in the sea (1 Cor.10:2) and WASHED before betrothal (Ex.19:10) pictured by the DAYS OF UNLEAVENED BREAD. "I sware unto thee, and entered into a covenant with thee ... and thou becamest Mine. Then WASHED I thee with water" (Ez.16:8-9). She has to have enough faith in his promise to PREPARE -- a dress, perfume, female attendants. When the bride agrees, the groom or his family give additional GIFTS to the bride separate and distinct from the BRIDE PRICE (Gen.24:53; 34:12). Today this is usually a ring. Moses and Aaron (FRIENDS OF THE BRIDE) negotiated a bride price (10 plagues) with Pharaoh to purchase Israel. Pharaoh gave her a DOWRY as she left of "jewels of silver and jewels of gold" (Ex.3:22). The Eternal came on the NIGHT MUCH OBSERVED and stole his bride. On PENTECOST, Christians were given the HOLY SPIRIT (John 14:26; 15:26-27; Acts 2:38; 2 Cor.1:21) -- a GIFT separate from CHRIST'S DEATH. The bride accepted the betrothal contract (OLD COVENANT) on PENTECOST (Jer.2:2; Hosea 2:19-20). The groom's proposal was, "Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession" (Ex.19:5). The bride responded, "We will do everything the Eternal has said" (Ex.19:7-8). The bridegroom SPREAD HIS SKIRT over the bride also to indicate the marital commitment (Ruth 3:9; Ez.16:8). Israel stood under the mount (Ex.19:17). Mount Sinai had become a CHUPAH (canopy). He promised to RETURN. During betrothal, you are legally married, but mate just as Christ does not yet physically dwell with Christians. The woman was to always wear a veil from then on when she went out so other young men would realize she was "engaged." The contract was now a legal agreement between the two. You had to get a divorce from a rabbi after an engagement it was so serious. Luke 1:27 mentions that Mary and Joseph were "ESPOUSED" (BETROTHED). In those days if the bride ceased to be a virgin for any reason during the BETROTHAL PERIOD (between PENTECOST and TRUMPETS) she could be considered an adulterous woman and be given a bill of divorcement (Deut.24:1-4) or even be stoned to death (Deut.22). The son would now go to "PREPARE A PLACE" (John 14:2-3; Song 1:4; Joel 2:16) (CHUPAH or CHEDER) for her -- stocked with seven days' supplies of food and water. The groom doesn't know the date of his own wedding, because his father had to give him permission after inspecting the room. Thus "No man knows except my father" (Mark 13:32). "Therefore, be ye also ready. For in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh" (Matt.24:44).

But she had her oil lamp ready in case he came late at night (Matt.25:1-13). She had to be ready to travel at a moment's notice. Finally a messenger (one of the two witnesses for the wedding) would come and announce the SECOND COMING of the bridegroom with a shout (Josh.6:5; 1 Th.4:16). That shout would be, "BEHOLD, the BRIDEGROOM COMETH" (Jer.7:34; Rev.18:23). Music and blowing a shofar accompany the announcement. This is the FEAST OF TRUMPETS. He would wait outside and not enter HER HOUSE just as when Christ returns he won't actually land on EARTH. Instead the bride meets him in the air (1 Th. 4:13-17). (First he comes back FOR his bride, then he comes back WITH his bride [Zech.14:5]). She and her bridesmaids would be ready with their lamps. It was a joyful procession (Jer.7:34; 16:9; 25:10). She is carried in an APERION (chair on poles). Bride and groom both wear crowns. "The voice of joy, the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voice of them that shall say, praise the Lord of hosts for the Lord is good; for his mercy endureth forever" (Jer.33:11). There was literal truth to the Hebrew expression "TO TAKE" a wife (Gen.4:19; 12:19). Rebekah said "I WILL GO" (Gen.24:58). The groom would take her and all of her friends and bridesmaids to his father's house where all the wedding guests would celebrate the "marriage supper" (Rev.19:9; Luke 14:24) which took place in the evening (Matt.25:1-13; Luke 12:35-38). At a traditional Jewish wedding, everybody says to the groom, "BLESSED is he who COMES in the NAME of the LORD" (Matt.23:37; Gen.24:31). He comes first to the canopy (HUPPAH symbolizing Mt. Sinai above the Israelites) and waits for her (Deut.33:2). Two close "FRIENDS of the BRIDEGROOM" (John 3:28-29; Ex.19:17 -- Elijah & Moses) functioned as the two witnesses required for the Jewish wedding. The KETUBAH had to be signed by both but Moses broke the two tablets rather than sign. One assisted the bride, the other assisted the groom. During the ceremony, known as KEDUSHIN, the same CONTRACT is brought forth called a KETUBAH. This marriage CONTRACT was witnessed by the friends of the bridegroom and turned over to the parents of the bride. It contained the promises that the groom pledged to his wife. For instance, "Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession" (Ex.19:5). The bride responds, "We will do everything the Eternal has said" (Ex.19:7-8). This will be the Ketubah (NEW COVENANT) -- the same exact contract as the betrothal agreement (OLD COVENANT) which is now read aloud and signed. The phrases "till death do us part" or "as long as we both shall live" should not be part of an OATH because one spouse may commit fraud, be unfaithful ("no other gods besides me" -- Ex.20:3) or turn to evil. "I will betroth thee unto me FOREVER" (Hos.2:19) should be balanced by God giving Israel "a BILL of DIVORCE (Jer.3:8; Isa.50:1). When this happened, Israel received the "money" promised her in the KETUVAH in case of divorce, namely immumerable descendants, fruitfulness, kings, fatness of the earth, etcetera. But God stayed married to Judah so that Jesus wouldn't be born out of wedlock. When he was crucified, that marriage was also dissolved (Rom.7). Jesus is now free to marry again. God chides Israelites for not being faithful to "the wife of your marriage COV-ENANT" (Mal.2:14). God says, "I passed by, and ... saw that you were old enough for love.... I gave you my solemn OATH and entered into a COVENANT with you ... and you became mine" (Ezek.16:8; Ez.16:59 to 17:1). Proverbs 2:17 warns of a woman "who has left the partner of her youth and ignored the COVENANT she made BEFORE GOD." (See also Tobit 7:12-15) Apparently NOT ALL VOWS should be avoided (Matt.5:34). The marriage COVENANT is a REPLICA of the Sinai OLD COVENANT (Jer.31:32; Hos.2:16). Following the ceremony, the bride and groom entered the CHUPAH or CHEDER (bridal chamber) and "the DOOR was SHUT" (Matt.25:10). Before the party could begin, the friend of the groom stood near the door of the bridal chamber, waiting to hear from the groom that consummation had taken place. He was the one who initially took the blood-stained linen of this wedding night kept by the bride's parents to prove her virginity (Deut.22:13-21). The "FRIEND OF THE BRIDEGROOM, who standeth (at the door) and heareth him (say he consummated sex) rejoiceth greatly because of the bridegroom's voice; this my joy, therefore, is fulfilled" (John 3:29). Then the friend announces to the assembled guests that consummation has taken place (on the first night -- Gen.29:23) and then the guests start to celebrate. On the wedding day, the bridegroom is seen as a king and the bride as a queen. During the consummation of the marriage, Messiah will be crowned king over all the earth and his bride will rule with him (Isa.62:3-7) The honeymoon lasted SEVEN DAYS (Gen.29:27; Judges 14:12; Dan.9:24-27) inside this room during which the bride is hidden. The Song of Solomon illustrates the love between God and Israel (Mishnah Taanit 4:8). After the seven days she comes out with her veil removed. Then the WEDDING FEAST or MARRIAGE SUPPER begins. Only invited guests of the father of the groom will be present (Rev.19:7-16; 20:4; Luke 12:35-38; Matt.8:11). Unbelievers will attend a separate banquet where birds will eat their flesh (Rev.19:17-18). Two marriage suppers: one is to eat the marriage banquet, the other to be eaten by vultures. Isaiah 26:20-21 says, "Come, my people, enter thou into thy (bridal) CHAMBERS (cheder), and shut thy doors about thee; HIDE THYSELF as it were for a moment (SEVEN YEARS -- the "DAYS OF AWE"), until the indignation is overpast. For, behold, the Eternal cometh out of his place (bridal chamber?) to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity" (Ps.27:5; Joel 2:1-11; Zeph.1:14-17). "In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, Which is like a bridegroom coming out of his CHAMBER" (chuppah) (Ps.19:4-5). "Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints" (Jude 14)."Let the bridegroom go forth from his CHAMBER, and the bride out of her CLOSET" (Joel 2:16). Outside, joyous celebrations lasted a week until the two emerged from the CHEDER or CHUPPAH with the bride unveiled for the first time to begin the actual wedding feast or"marriage supper" (Joel 2:16; Luke 12:35-37; Rev. 19:6-18). Weddings were held at night anciently. ATONEMENT pictures this time when Israel will be in Great Tribulation surrounded by enemies and then repent and turn to God and he will fight for her (Zech.12:8-14; 13:1; 9:16-17 Joel 2:12-32; 3:16-21). "And I will pour out on the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look on me whom they have pierced and they shall mourn as one who mourneth for his only son and shall be in bitterness for him as one that is in bitterness for his first born" (Zech.12:10; John 19:37; Rev.1:7; Isa.53). This is the fulfillment of YOM KIPPUR. It is easy to see how a week-long celebration could run out of wine, as in the wedding at Cana (John 2:3). Riddles (Judges 14:12-14), love songs (Ps.78:63; Isa.5:1; Ez.33:32) and a joyous spirit marked the feast (Matt.9:15; Mark 2:19; Luke 5:34). TABERNACLES pictures the wedding feast by the wedding party and invited guests for seven days with joy. Then the couple moves into their own home (Israel travels to the Promised Land) to start a family typified by the LAST GREAT DAY. Hearing the gospel message is a wedding proposal.

Sexual Differences Between Men And Women

Men and women were not created equal. They are opposites and therefore attract. They are complementary and therefore match. They are different and therefore call forth different strengths in eachother. They are the GIVER and the RECEIVER, the CREATOR and the SUSTAINER, the QUIET and the VERBAL, the THOUGHTFUL (mind) and the SYMPATHETIC (emotions). They are the COURAGEOUS and the CAUTIOUS, the LONER and the GREGARIOUS, the one who HOLDS BACK EMOTION and the one who EXUDES EMOTION. The more opposite men and women are, the better the marriage will be. Each values what the other considers relatively unimportant. Men and women are different physically, mentally, and sexually. They are not equal. This is why a failure to understand the sexual differences between men and women is a source of continual marital problems.

Yet men and women round out eachother. They develop eachother into more complete people. The wife is a "help meet" to complete the man just where he needs it. Otherwise "It is not good that the man (or woman) should be alone" (Gen.2:18). But with her (his) help, he (she) is "very good" (Gen.1:31).

The man and woman each work at cross-purposes to the other, each trying to fulfill the needs he or she feels -- not the needs the mate feels. MEN want SEX. WOMEN want ROMANTIC AFFECTION. Women show love and affection to men but men don't want much affection, they want sex. Men make SEXUAL advances to their wives but women don't want much SEX, they want AFFECTION. Wives shower their husbands with LOVE and AFFECTION because they want it so much themselves. Husbands smother their wives with SEXUAL advances, because husbands need SEX so much themselves. Each becomes confused when at best their mate responds with mild pleasure and at worst becomes annoyed, irritated or frigid (pp.27-39, Harley's His Needs, Her Needs).

Men complain bitterly about "not enough SEX" from the wife. The wife counters with "All he wants is my body; he never just wants to be AFFECTIONATE."

Before a woman can voluntarily desire SEX with a man, she must know that he CARES about her and LOVES her. Men must realize that when it comes to SEX and AFFECTION, you can't have one without the other. He must hug her and show her AFFECTION first. He must hold her hand and give her flowers. He must open the door for her, phone her from work; have long conversations with her; kiss her often; send her cards and letters; take her out to dinner; etcetera. Some men might view this as sexual foreplay, but it isn't. Instead, it is an atmosphere that must be created. LOVE your wife (Col.3:19; 1 Cor.7:3; Eph.5:25-33) and honor her (1 Pet.3:7).If the husband tries to get SEX from his wife without showing her any AFFECTION first, she will feel like a cheap prostitute who is being raped and she will come to hate her husband. In such a situation, a woman should separate from her husband until he learns to show her AFFECTION first. The husband will call it "sexual blackmail" but it may be the only way to save the marriage. Sad to say, most affairs start because of a lack of AFFECTION (for the wife) and lack of SEX (for the husband). It is quite a vicious circle. She doesn't get enough AFFECTION, so she shuts him off SEXUALLY. He doesn't get enough SEX, so the last thing he feels like being is AFFECTIONATE (pp.27-39, Harley).

Before a woman can become one with a man physically, she must feel one with him in spirit. ROMANCE must come before SEX. The reason wives get turned off to their husbands after the marriage is because the husband is no longer treating the wife the way he used to when they were just going together. "Familiarity breeds contempt" and "the grass is always greener." He moves on to new conquests. Perhaps its time for the wife to play hard-to-get. "Stolen waters are sweet" (Pr.9:17). The husband must again steal his wife's heart with SWEET WORDS and AFFECTION. On the other hand, when a husband does love his wife, she should not withhold sex from him. The typical wife doesn't understand her husband's great need for sex. He is not an animal. He just has different needs from her. (Taken mostly from pp.27-39 of Harley's His Needs, Her Needs). A wife's breasts are meant to satisfy her husband (Pr.5:18-19). Paul condemned asceticism (Col.2:16). In 1 Corinthians 7:3-5 Paul obliges both spouses to be ready at any time for marital intercourse. First Corinthians 7:9 forbids self-imposed celibacy, but, by the same token, a man is required to love his wife (Eph.5:25-33).

Men are primarily excited by VISUAL stimulation. Men are turned on by feminine NUDITY and peek-a-boo shows. Women, by contrast, are much less visually oriented than men. They are stimulated primarily by the sense of TOUCH and ROMANTIC WORDS. The husband therefore wants his wife to appear NAKED in a LIGHTED room. His wife wants him to CARESS her in the DARK (p.115, Dobson's What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women).

Women are much more discriminating in their sexual interests. They less commonly become excited by observing a good looking charmer or a photograph. Rather, their desire is focused on an individual they ADMIRE or RESPECT. A woman yields to a man who has the CHARACTER and PERSONALITY she likes. SEX for men is more a physical thing; sex for women is a deeply EMOTIONAL experience. Masculine self-esteem is more motivated by a desire to "CONQUER" a woman than in becoming the object of her romantic LOVE. Hence, the common complaint among women that they are used as "sex objects" by men and are "raped."

Unless a woman feels a certain CLOSENESS to her husband at a particular time -- unless she believes he RESPECTS her as a person -- she may be unable to enjoy a SEXUALencounter with him. A man can come home from work in a bad mood, spend the evening slaving over his desk or in the garage, watch the news in silence, and finally climb into bed for SEX with his wife. The fact that he and his wife have had no TENDER moments in the entire evening does not significantly affect his performance. He sees her in a revealing nightgown and that is enough to "turn him on." But his wife is not so easily moved. She waited for him all day, and when he came home and hardly even greeted her, she felt disappointment and rejection. His continuing COOLNESS and self-preoccupation put a lid on her desires; therefore she may find it impossible to respond to him later in the evening. When a woman makes LOVE in the absence of ROMANTIC CLOSENESS, she feels like a prostitute. Instead of participating in a mutually exciting interchange between lovers, she feels used. In a sense, her husband has exploited her body to gratify himself. Thus she may either refuse to submit to his request, or else will yield with reluctance and resentment. This is a continual source of agitation to women (p.116, Dobson). The vast number of men who are involved in bored, tired marriages -- who find themselves locked out of the bedroom -- should begin showing their wives AFFECTION and ROMANCE. Wives must feel that their husbands deeply care about them. It provides the foundation for a woman's self-esteem, her joy in living, and her SEXUAL responsiveness (p.117, Dobson).

While a man needs little or no preparation for SEX, a woman often needs HOURS of EMOTIONAL or MENTAL preparation. Harsh or abusive treatment can easily remove her desire for SEXUAL intimacy for days at a time. Women feel like prostitutes when they're forced to make love while feeling resentment toward their husbands (p.11, Smalley's If Only He Knew).

A woman makes herself BEAUTIFUL in order to attract a man but then when they marry, she immediately puts on WEIGHT and blows up like a blimp. She has caught her man so no longer needs to diet. This of course is fraud. The man marries a woman who is physically attractive and expects her to stay that way after the marriage. In such situations, men should temporarily separate until their wives agree to reduce. Men should file for legal separation which will remain in effect till she reduces in weight. Such women want men to uphold their end of the bargain by EARNING A GOOD LIVING, putting their WIVES FIRST and SHOWING AFFECTION. But these women do not uphold their end by REMAINING BEAUTIFUL. A woman's appearance is very important to a man. She must continue to stay fit and fix her hair and dress beautifully long after the marriage ceremony (pp.100-113, Harley). If a man's wife looks bad, he won't look at her much. Her appearance will turn him off. But if his wife looks good, he will look at her often. She will turn him on and arouse him SEXUALLY.

Women, on the other hand, do not regard a man's appearance as a critical factor. His personality traits such as SENSITIVITY, LOYALTY, KINDNESS, GENEROSITY and CARING NATURE are what she looks for primarily. His KIND WORDS and GENTLE TOUCH stimulate her. Women tend to ignore whether a man is handsome or homely.

People often judge a man's success and ability by how beautiful his wife is. When a man has an unattractive wife, the world decides that he couldn't get anybody better and probably deserves her. He has little to offer and attracts little in return in the eyes of the world. When a man has an attractive wife, it says he has the appeal and talent that deserves her (pp.100-113, Harley).

Most men find it nearly impossible to appreciate a woman for her inner qualities alone. A man needs his wife to be BEAUTIFUL. Women accuse men of being shallow and looking only skin-deep. Yet this is how God designed men so that men require less from women than women require of men. Men can love women while women are yet sinners. Women cannot love men while men are yet sinners. Men are types of Christ. "God commendeth his LOVE toward us in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us" (Rom.5:8). "We (as the BRIDE of Christ) love him, because he FIRST LOVED us" (1 John 4:19). Christ isn't shallow. He doesn't look only skin-deep. Christ just looks at his church assembly, the woman, and loves her. A man just looks at a beautiful woman and loves her. Women criticize men for being superficial. But if men were not this way, women would have to work to keep men's love after the initial reaction wears off. By physically keeping in shape and trying to obey her husband, the wife or church must still do "works." Christ's love is not unconditional as so many preachers teach. Women must exercise and do their best to not sin against their husbands. But the initial "SEX APPEAL" is freely given by men as well as continuing favor and grace for minor mistakes.

An attractive appearance will heighten a woman's morale. Women must keep in shape by balancing their intake of calories with the proper amount of exercise. Furthermore, a woman should only try to look attractive to her husband -- not flirt with other men. She should HIDE her appearance from other men. But many wives do the exact opposite. They dress in the latest revealing styles while away at their career jobs, then come home and put on old jeans and T-shirts, pull their hair back in a knot and abandon their cheerful personalities. A man is usually less discriminating about those to whom he is physically attracted -- as long as they are physically attractive (taken mostly from pp.100-113 of Harley).

Women need men to TALK to them. Women need CONVERSATION. Women often ask, "Why isn't my husband talking to me?" Men do not have this same need for CONVERSATION that women have. Women enjoy conversation for its own sake. Men only talk about practical matters like fixing their cars. Women talk about their feelings and their personal concerns. A woman likes to be phoned by her boyfriend. This shows her how much he loves her and thinks of her. But when a man only talks about himself, women find him a bore. Conversation that satisfies a woman's need must focus on how she feels, the events of her day, people she met. She wants VERBAL ATTENTION -- someone who cares deeply about her and for her. The man's affection for her manifests itself in CONVERSATION. It is important to phone home every night when the job takes you out of town. Travelling salesmen, airline positions, commercial fishermen and sailors wreak havoc on marriages. When the husband returns, the wife needs a day or two to reestablish the communication and CLOSENESS that was LOST. Get to know eachother more thoroughly -- about fifteen hours a week. EAT TOGETHER, WALK TOGETHER, EXERCISE TOGETHER. When two people get married, each partner has a right to expect the same LOVING CARE and CONCERN that prevailed during courtship to continue after the wedding. Unfortunately, it is very common for both or one spouse to do a complete flip-flop in actions or attitudes (pp.55-71, Harley).

Spouses are taken for granted. Marriage becomes humdrum and disillusioning. The "fantastic conversations" of the courtship fade into a disappointing marriage. Each partner married the other one because he or she thought the pleasing things the other one was doing during courtship would CONTINUE for the rest of his or her life. This was the bargain.

Money or a career serves a marriage; a marriage should never serve a career. In many failed marriages, the couple abandoned their RELATIONSHIP to build a FORTUNE. In the end they had a FORTUNE but no marriage RELATIONSHIP. The great American scramble for more MATERIALISM as you move up the ladder of success is the deadliest enemy of the family and the marriage. Which is more important, the RELATIONSHIP between the man and woman or the STANDARD OF LIVING? Many couples have the mistaken idea that they will be happy if they can just earn a little more. This is the "DECEITFULNESS of RICHES." In many cases exactly the reverse happens. They reach a "higher standard of living" at a terrible price. A person must forfeit his TIME in order to get MONEY. A person has only so much TIME. Although many do not realize it, there are PRECIOUS FEW HOURS of quality FREE TIME in a person's life. We can trade it for MONEY or we can enjoy it with family. Husbands and wives lose the bonding that intimate conversation brings. If she is to feel united with him, he must talk to her (pp.55-71, Harley).

Women just want to TALK in the same way that men want SEX. Each finds the activity enjoyable in its own right. Women need CONVERSATION like men need SEX. Men see conversation as a means to an end and not as an end in itself. Women view conversation as a means of creating a romantic atmosphere which contributes to their happiness. A warm atmosphere. Don't ask your wife what she would like to talk about. That doesn't sound romantic. Instead, ask what she thinks and feels about something. Talk about mutual interests.

Women who monopolize the conversation cause men to become silent. Women should let their husbands "have the floor" for half the time if they want it. Women have a habit of interrupting men. If the conversation includes topics that interest him, he will easily have the ability to fill his half of the time. Develop interest in eachother's favorite topics of conversation. Use conversation to understand your spouse -- his or her motivations, attitudes, interests and feelings.

Women want men to tell them everything -- to be totally honest and open with their wives. Wives want to know what their husbands are thinking. If a husband does not keep up honest and open conversation with his wife, he undermines her trust and security in him. To feel secure, a wife must trust her husband to tell her the honest truth about his innermost thoughts. Your wife should know you better than anyone else in the world. The Bible describes this as two becoming one, not only physically, but also mentally. They share eachother's thoughts. But many men are afraid to open up to their wives for fear of appearing weak, stupid, or sinful. Men want to avoid trouble. He is afraid that either he will hurt his wife's feelings or she will hurt his feelings if she knows the truth. She would criticize him if she knew the truth. For these reasons he wants to "protect his privacy." To the degree that a wife CRITICISES a man who is OPEN, that is the same degree to which the woman must FORFEIT the man's OPENNESS. Responsibilities are proportional to rights. A woman cannot expect total openness from her husband when she ridicules his failures and mistakes. A man cannot expect sympathy and understanding for his sins when he is always keeping his wife in the dark. Women want to be able to read men's minds (Taken largely from pp.55-71 of Harley, His Needs, Her Needs).

Men experience SEXUAL AROUSAL and CLIMAX with RELATIVE EASE. Women are exactly the OPPOSITE. They rarely experience arousal or climax because it takes them SO MUCH LONGER than men. Men are FINISHED before women have hardly STARTED. Thus many women endure sex as a duty or avoid it altogether. Many sexual conflicts are resolved when a husband and wife learn what actually happens when they have sexual intercourse.

"Let the husband render unto the wife her due benevolence (conjugal rights); and likewise also, the wife unto the husband. The wife hath not power (rights) of her own body, but the husband; and likewise also the husband hath not power (rights) of his own body, but the wife. Defraud ye not one the other" (1 Cor.7:3-5). When a man looks at a naked woman, he becomes sexually aroused. The man's penis becomes erect by visual stimulation. A woman chooses to become sexually aroused when a particular man is AFFECTIONATE, TENDER, WARM, and KIND. A man's looks are not the most important issue to a woman. Women notice men's EYES only because they reveal the man's ATTITUDE (Matt.6:22-23). Women notice men's VOICES only because the mouth speaks what the HEART is full of (Matt.12:34-35). A TENDER touch and GENTLE treatment mean more than a trim physique. (pp.40-54, Harley).

Regarding which is the BEST POSITION for sexual intercourse, we know that the erect penis varies between twenty and forty degrees to the vertical which happens to exactly correspond with the angle of the vagina if the man and woman are facing eachother in a LOVING EMBRACE. Furthermore, this position brings the clitoris and penis into contact with eachother when both partners are face to face. Both man and woman are sexually stimulated -- not just the man (pp.7, 56-57 of Reuben's Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex). Other positions are awkward and only stimulate the man.

Once a woman decides the man is CARING and she is willing to be sexually aroused, the man is able to physically stimulate her breasts and clitoris and vagina. The very same sexual stimulation given to an unreceptive woman does not arouse her sexually at all. It irritates her. When intercourse begins, a woman needs to sustain strong stimulation to her clitoris and vaginal opening. Women learn to create this more intensive stimulation by contracting their pubococcygeus (PCG) muscle, which TIGHTENS the VAGINA on the INSERTED PENIS and by thrusting their pelvises rapidly and assuming a position that increases pressure on the clitoris and resistance to the penis in the vaginal opening. A few minutes of this PHYSICAL STIMULATION brings her to a sexual plateau. Men have usually already reached this plateau. Men need far less stimulation than women to reach the plateau.

So the man ejaculates prematurely and climaxes TOO SOON from the wife's point of view. As she thrusts quickly to stimulate herself to the plateau, the stimulation becomes too great for him. He experiences a climax and loses his erection BEFORE she can reach a plateau or climax. Although he may continue intercourse, his penis is not hard enough to give his wife the stimulation she needs. On the other hand, if a man tries to hold back a climax, he may find himself falling from the plateau stage, back to arousal, and his penis softens. For many men, maintaining the plateau stage without rising to a climax or receding to arousal is a CHALLENGE.

When having intercourse, the man must hold the plateau about TEN MINUTES, the time his wife needs to reach the plateau. Then she may need another FIVE MINUTES to experience a climax. Men commonly climax before their wives have enough stimulation to enjoy the plateau or reach climax or orgasm (pp.40-54, Harley).

Women who feel tired after a long hard day or women with less energy often choose to not climax because it is not worth the effort it takes. But even exhausted men almost always choose to climax because it takes little additional effort.

After the man and woman climax, the woman can reach ANOTHER CLIMAX if she wants to but many men are totally UNINTERESTED in sex within a minute after climax. They roll over and go to sleep. But the woman may have a deep desire for some AFFECTION up to an hour after intercourse. Many honeymoons have been destroyed by men who do not recognize the difference between the husband and wife in this regard. A man should be ready to bring his wife to a sexual climax through DIGITAL STIMULATION if she chooses, or he should continue showing her AFFECTION for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Don't let this warm and meaningful time for conversation escape you. "Sexual incompatibility" is merely another way of saying that the couple lacks education of how to please eachother. Most men and women are merely unaware of the differences. You can't enjoy your end of a marriage if your spouse doesn't enjoy her end. If you care about your spouse, you won't use or deny her or him out of selfishness or ignorance (Luke 6:31) (pp.40-54, Harley's His Needs, Her Needs).

Most men can become excited MORE QUICKLY than women. The climax of excitement and pleasure known as orgasm in women and ejaculation in men must be reached by both parties. But thousands of women will end this day in frustration because their IMPATIENT husbands raced through intercourse. And then when the moment of supreme pleasure is over, the men will be overcome with sleep and their wives will be left hanging (p.117, Dobson).

A woman's sexual drive tends to be related to her MENSTRUAL CYCLE, while a man's drive is fairly CONSTANT. The hormone testosterone is a major factor in stimulating a man's sexual desire (p.11, Smalley's If Only He Knew). It is well known that the monthly cycle has a marked influence on the psychological life of a woman (p.39, Neuer). Many women stand in amazement at how REGULARLY their husbands desire sexual intercourse. But women need to understand that men experience an accumulating physiological pressure which demands release. Two seminal vesicles (small sacs containing semen) gradually fill to capacity; as maximum level is reached, hormonal influences sensitize the man to all sexual stimuli. Wives should try to satisfy their husband's sexual needs (p.118, Dobson).

The Eyes And Ears Are Opened By Trumpets

The twenty-sixth week since menstruation finds the pregnancy at the Feast of Trumpets stage (actually it is 25 weeks plus five days, but the pregnancy books show the breakdown in even weekly segments so we must look at the "twenty-six" week segment for the Feast of Trumpets.)

We read that "The sensory cells and nerves of the inner EAR are probably fully developed by the end of the sixth month of prenatal life, so the newborn infant is equipped to begin to learn AUDITORY reactions as soon as the sound is properly transmitted to the inner EAR" (p.105, Biography Of The Unborn). "The EYES and internal EARS ... (are not functional) before the end of the sixth month" (pp.101-102, ibid.). Yes, "there is little evidence that the human fetus reacts to SOUND before the seventh month of development. But there is some evidence that during the last two months of intra-uterine life the fetus can be startled by SOUNDS transmitted to it through the walls of the uterus and the mother's abdomen" (p.104, ibid.). It takes several months after birth for the infant to learn the complex reflex movements of the various EYE muscles that are necessary for controlling binocu-

lar vision, but his EYES and brain are ready for this learning process by the seventh month of prenatal life" (p.103, ibid.). "The EYELIDS open during the seventh month" (p.700, Biology For Christian Schools). "The EYES are closed until the seventh month, but after that we can be fairly sure that the fetus perceives light as a reddish shimmer" (p.135, A Child Is Born by Lennart Nilsson). Yes, "around this time the foetal EYELIDS reopen" (p.69, Your Baby Before Birth). "At about week 26 the baby's EYELIDS unfuse and reopen. The EYES are completely formed now and perceive light. In addition, the baby can actually HEAR, SMELL and TASTE, and it has been responsive to TOUCH for some time ... its sucking and swallowing skills develop further, helping to prepare for life outside the uterus" (p.70, The Well Pregnancy Book by Mike and Nancy Samuels). "26 weeks: Your baby may move about when it hears loud NOISES" (p.56, The Midwife's Pregnancy and Childbirth Book by McCarthy and Van Der Meer). "By the end of the sixth month the fetus is prepared for this part of independent life (SUCKING and SWALLOWING)" (p.108, Biography Of The Unborn). "Seventh month ... TASTE buds have developed" (p.2, How does your baby grow? by Lederle Laboratories). "By the seventh lunar month, the EYE is sensitive to light ... The internal, middle, and external components of the EAR are well developed by mid-pregnancy. The fetus apparently HEARS some sounds in utero as early as the 24th to 26th week of gestation ... by the seventh month of gestation, the fetus is responsive to variations in the TASTE of ingested substances" (pp.166-167, Williams Obstetrics). "Sixth month ... The EYES are open and will soon be sensitive to light ... Your baby can now HEAR sounds" (p.2, How does your baby grow?). "The nostrils are plugged shut from the third through sixth months by an overgrowth of skin cells. When the NOSTRILS are opened in the seventh month, amniotic fluid probably flows into the nasal cavities and bathes the olfactory lining" (p.106, Biography Of The Unborn).

The fetus is figuratively "awakened" from its "sleep" on the Feast of Trumpets just as many Christians who sleep in their graves will be resurrected to life on this day. The trumpet will SOUND and the dead in Christ will rise first (1 Cor.15:52). In another sense, many Christians will be spiritually asleep in the end-time until the second coming of Christ at the last trump. He is pictured as returning to ten virgins -- all of whom are sleeping (Matt.25:5). When he comes on the Feast of Trumpets, they will awaken. By destroying the fetus at this stage, an abortionist typifies Satan's effort to cause Christians to fall away in the end time.

The Blood Of Atonement

In the second week of the seventh month, the BLOOD has matured to the point of being able to carry oxygen via the hemoglobin independently by respiration and circulation (p.26, The Seven Feasts Of Israel, Levitt). At twenty-eight weeks "Erythropoiesis in spleen ends; bone marrow becomes major sight" of BLOOD production (p.253, Human Reproduction by Page, Villee & Villee). "At 26 to 28 weeks, CAPILLARY networks proliferate close to the developing alveoli" (p.261, ibid.). "RED BLOOD CELL production shifts entirely to the bone marrow" in the seventh lunar month (25-28 weeks) (p.71, The Well Pregnancy Book). A chart on page 151 of Williams Obstetrics, 17th edition, illustrates the fact that BLOOD production shifts from the liver to the bone marrow in the seventh month.

Aaron offered one goat as a sin offering and brought its BLOOD within the veil (Lev.16:15). At no other time in the year did BLOOD come inside the veil or upon the mercy seat. Similarly, this is the first time in fetal development when BLOOD production is in the bone.

Lungs Develop On The Feast Of Booths

Actually the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles is one day before the twenty-eighth week is completed, but the books on pregnancy only go by regular weekly intervals -- not daily development -- so we must look at the 28th week of pregnancy for Tabernacles.

"The LUNGS themselves are poorly developed before the seventh month of fetal life.... By the seventh month of prenatal life enough AIR SACS have developed to provide the growing fetus with the oxygen needed for life. The muscles of the chest wall and diaphragm necessary for INHALING and EXHALING are fully functional. When the reflex nerve arcs necessary for controlling their rhythmic contraction and relaxation mature within the brain, the fetus is ready to start regular BREATHING" (pp.113-114, Biography Of The Unborn). "Twenty-eight week fetus. At about this stage the LUNG has matured to the extent of usually allowing for some aerobic exchange, but it is a very hazardous time to be born. The major cause of death from this period of development till adulthood is prematurity, being born too soon. The major reason for death in the premature is respiratory insufficiency.... The LUNGS become increasingly capable of aerobic oxygen exchange in late fetal life" (p.43, Prenatal Life And The Pregnant Woman). On page 253 of Human Reproduction, we read that on the twenty-eighth week the "LUNGS (are) capable of breathing air." Charts on pages 159 and 161 of Williams Obstetrics demonstrate significant changes in theRESPIRATORY system at about 28 weeks.

Of course, just as humans live in temporary booths or huts for seven days (Lev.23:39), the time will come when resurrected Christians will live inside of human beings as SPIRIT. The fetus now can breathe in AIR (pneuma or ruach means AIR or SPIRIT). Just as the Holy Spirit lives inside of true Christians now, so also true Christians made immortal will live inside of converted humans in the millenium. From this point on the child is living in a temporary dwelling (the womb) that it will no longer need.

Baby Will Survive If Born On The Eighth Day

Normally babies are in their mother's wombs for 266 days from fertilization till delivery. But since fertilization occurs on the fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle, doctors add fourteen days to 266 to get 280 DAYS from the last menstrual period to the birth date. This is FORTY WEEKS or nine calendar months. It is an unusual coincidence that 280 DAYS (10 x 28) is a multiple of 28. Further, the moon was originally created with a precise 28-day sidereal orbit around the earth to match the woman's menstrual cycle of 28 days. Today, however, it takes the moon about 27 1/3 days to orbit 360 degrees.

But by the twenty-eighth or twenty-ninth week (the Last Great Day is the 28th week plus six days), the baby will survive birth. "At twenty-eight weeks the fetus is VIABLE, which means that, according to legal definition, it is capable of a separate and INDEPENDENT existence, and if prematurely born, has its first chance of SURVIVAL. Occasionally babies delivered before the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy do Survive with very highly specialized expert medical and nursing care and attention, but they are very few and very lucky" (p.71, Pregnancy by Bourne and Danforth). According to The Complete Pregnancy Workbook by Sloane, Benedict and Mintzer, by the 29th week "Development has progressed enough so that nearly half of fetuses can, if born this early, SURVIVE with intensive care" (p.122). At 28 weeks "the development of the fetus is virtually completed, and some premature babies are BORN no older than this one. The extra time in the womb gives it added strength and health and time to acquire from its mother precious, though short-term, immunity to a number of diseases" (p.16, Life Before Birth by Time Inc.). "At approximately seven months the fetus is FULLY DEVELOPED" (p.114, Pregnancy, Birth And The Newborn Baby). It is assumed that by this point (28 weeks) the baby is 'CONSCIOUS,' based on brain development" (p.56, The Midwife's Pregnancy And Childbirth Book by McCartney and VanDerMeer). "In the U.K., according to legal definition, the foetus becomes 'VIABLE' at 28 weeks" (p.76, Your Baby Before Birth, McCubbin). Yes, "the seven-month fetus is frequently able to survive premature birth.... in the seventh-month fetus the nervous system seems to be sufficiently developed to meet these demands of INDEPENDENT life" (p.109, Biography Of The Unborn). Babies turn head-down inside the uterus "after about 28 weeks, and stay that way until birth" (p.86, Pregnancy Day By Day by Kitzinger and Bailey).

Just as a Christian is no longer living in a temporary shelter or hut on the Last Great Day, so also the baby is no longer living in the womb on the 22nd day of the seventh month. The Christian has been "born again" (John 3:3) just as the baby has been born once. This is the meaning of the Last Great Day. Thus we see that the mother (church) is a sort of womb (boothe) for the baby (Christian). Birth (immortality) doesn't therefore automatically make the baby (Christian) a mature adult (totally God-like) all at once. Even after immortality there comes a maturing process just as a baby grows into adulthood as a mature human. Many premature babies don't survive just as many Christians will not survive birth into immortality. This is the second death and those Christians who refuse to grow and mature will be "still births."

Birth Is A Type Of The Resurrection

The labor pains of birth are a type and prophecy of the great tribulation on Christians just before Christ returns. Just before Christians are resurrected to life, they must endure the persecution against the true church (Micah 4:9-10; 1 Th.5:3; John 16:21; Rev.12:2). The pain will increase to the point of blood -- or martyrdoms. The woman will be torn apart by schism and division as the resurrection takes place.

Under labor contractions, the amnion sac bulges and bursts "breaking the water." After about fourteen hours, the baby has been pushed out of the mother's uterus and the umbilical cord is cut. With a pat on the baby's rump, it begins to breathe. A small amount of blood accompanies the afterbirth, but the uterus usually heals quickly.

Incidentally, we know that Esau was a "premature" baby because he "came out red, all over like an hairy garment" (Gen.25:25). We know that around the 28th week "The foetus's skin is red and completely covered by its protective greasy coating, or vernix" (p.76, Your Baby Before Birth). "By six months of age specialized structures in the baby's skin are formed ... There is a fine growth of hair on the head and sometimes over the back and shoulders" (p.113, Pregnancy, Birth And The Newborn Baby). By the seventh month a "Protective blanket of downy hair and cheesy substance called 'vernix' cover body" (p.20, The Maternity Sourcebook by Lesko). In the seventh month, "The fine hair that once covered the whole body now becomes limited to the back and shoulders" (p.71, The Well Pregnancy Book). "Seventh month -- Fine downy hair covers your baby's body" (How does your baby grow? by Lederle laboratories). "During the seventh month the skin, which is red and wrinkled, is covered with a white substance called a vernix, or vernix caseosa which protects the skin. The vernix is a mixture of epithelial cells, lanugo hairs, and secretions" (p.148, art. "Fetus," Funk & Wagnalls New Encyc.). But Jacob was born at the same time and was normal. So we can conclude that Esau stopped developing at about week 28, but was born later than the twenty-eighth week. He was "premature" in the sense of development.

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